Let them be little

Let them be little


Bleh to JOY. :)

 This week did NOT start out very well.  Monday was a terrible day, and I went to bed with salty cheeks and a headache.  Bleh.  Everyone gets "those" days, right?  My pregnancy emotions added to the events, causing tears and whines.  I'll make it short...
Annabelle had her first dentist appointment.  She HATES to have her teeth brushed, so I assumed it would be sad for her.  It was.  Which was sad for me, too.  She screamed quite a bit.  A little stressful, ya know?  So, I took her for a little frozen yogurt date.  She (WE) deserved it.  After our date, I got into a little fender bender in the parking lot.  It was really no big deal, barely a bump, but unfortunately it was with someone very unkind.  The situation made my bubble burst, and I was in tears the whole way home.  The tears were for "everything", not just a small accident, or the dentist. Sometimes things are JUST tough.  Whew.  Tuesday was much better.  MUCH.  It's a good thing that God creates NEW days.

I read the most awesome devotion the other day.  And my devotion book is not about parenting or pregnancy or anything like that.  This just happened to be in the book, and encouraged me and touched me so much.  I love it.  So, I wanted to share. 

"Dear Lord,
   Thank you for how you are fashioning my baby's joints, shaping his face, smoothing his skin.  I marvel at the way you work, so patient in your artistry, so painstaking in your attention to detail.  Swaddled within the folds of my womb lies a baby I haven't seen or touched, yet I long to know him.  In my longing, help me to realize that you long for him too; that you are the one who knew him first; that he was conceived in your mind before he was ever conceived in my body, that he was set apart not to fulfill my will but yours.
   Help him to grow pliable to that will, Lord, responsive to every touch of your hand upon his life.  Shape within him a spirit so sensitive to spiritual things that he will be able to feel your breath when you whisper to his conscience, sense your shadow when you move across the circumstances of his life.
   Use this little boy to mold me, Lord.  Use his clinging fingers to make me more gentle and his sudden smile to make me more joyful.  Use his countless spills to make me more patient and his helpless cries to make me more compassionate.  Use him to mold me not only into more of a mother but more of a human being..."

-Mary C. Wells and Judy Gire
Robert G Wells and Ken Gire
Miracle of Life

"The great events of this world are not battles and elections and earthquakes and thunderbolts.  The great events are babies, for each child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged with humanity, but is still expecting goodwill to become incarnate in each human life."

-Edmond McDonald
Presbyterian Outlook

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