Just recently, I found out about Keek.  I created a profile, and post videos of my adorable children.  You can find me HERE.


Annabelle's room

It's been almost three years since we have moved into this house. I did not think we would be in here for three years, so wall decor and any kind of organization has taken me a while. Annabelle's room finally has a little more character and is a well lived in space. More about my awesome phone, it takes panoramic pictures. Here are some pics of her room...


Pics of the week

I got an awesome new phone for Christmas this year, and since then, I have taken a TON of pictures and gone Instagram crazy. It's pretty fantastic to have a phone that works as quickly and as quality as this one. I also got this blog app on here, so I can blog right from my phone. No more waiting to upload pics to the computer and taking a chunk of my afternoon just to write a blog post. THIS is why I have posted much more often. I hope to someday print some of this blog into a book, so I want all these picture memories documented.

Also, I have seriously thought about making this a private blog, open only to those I invite by email. I'm still really thinking about it. If you would like to continue to follow my blog, please sende your email address and I will gladly add you. You can find my email in the CONTACT tab above. ^

Enjoy some pics from the week....
(Check out that little boy who wants to crawl. Already on all fours!)


Daughter Date

A good friend of mine offered to watch Carter so that Annabelle and I could go on a date. This morning, I took her up on that offer and spent some time with my girl. Chick Fil A waffle fries, ice cream sundae and an indoor playscape. I love that girl.


A Day Trip to Llano

Saturday, some of my fam went to a small Texas town. Loving this state all the time! I love taking a pretty drive to small Texas towns, to swoon over antiques and boutiques, and enjoy this warm Texas winter. ;)


Mid week pics

I was playing around with my new phone and Annabelle thought it was pretty cool that she could see herself while we were taking some selfies. :) I love her expressions.

And in Carter news, he is doing the army crawl. He's growing up so fast. Love my kiddos!

I got a fleeting, very fleeting, case of baby #3 fever this morning. Then I realized how much I love not being pregnant at this time. I'm enjoying my two kiddos!!


70 Degrees in January

As much as I like the cold in winter, I appreciate the random days where we get a little break from it and get outside! Texas weather is so unpredictable! Next week is supposed to be 'freezing' but today we are making the most of it. We planned a little winter BBQ at our house tonight with some fun friends. And already have spent some time playing...

Enjoy the weekend, and a pic of this beautiful 5 month old boy!