"Happiness is where it is found, and seldom where it is sought.".

Here is the last couple weeks in pictures...

Carter's 6 month appointment.  He is 20 lbs, healthy and strong!  And I am forever grateful.

We had a couple of days last week where all three of us were not feeling great.  There was a lot of whining, a lot more TV than usual and a whole bunch of snuggles. 

The weather has been mostly incredible lately!  I can NOT stay inside when we have such gorgeous days.

A date night with Craig. 

She was probably feeling icky. But, even when she feels great, she snuggles her daddy SO tight.  She LOVES him so much.

We made a very sweet card for Craig for Valentine's.  And then, she had a bath. ;)

Hanging out with cousin, Justus.  Carter likes to grab faces.

I got away by myself to run.  THIS is where I get to run, and it will NEVER get old to me.  Looking at this pic just rejuvenates my soul.

And this was our Valentine's dinner.  Paper plates and SUPER delicious crab legs.  OH, and two whiny kiddos.  Not the most romantic, but that's our life now, right?

In love with this picture.  She needs a piano.  So, I am searching for a little one.  Let me know if you find one! 

Enjoying an awesome Sunday afternoon. 

My super silly kids, and super messy house.  The Norm.

For a few weeks, we have watched Carter go from pivoting on his belly, to army crawling to FAST army crawling, to trying so hard to sit up, to SITTING.  He is moving SO much.  He crawls over obstacles, whether that obstacle be his cousin or a toy.  He started sitting up just last week, and had it totally mastered in like two days.  He is growing up SO fast, I cannot keep up.  It seems like he just wants to get up and go for a run with me.  
Not yet, Carter man.  Please, stay my baby for a little bit longer.  Love, Momma

Look how sweet.  She felt a little sick here, and I rested with her on the couch for a while.  We listened to lullabies and snuggled under cozy blankets.  I HATE it when she is sick, but love her tenderness when she is. 

Ummm,cutest baby ever!  BABY.  Not a toddler yet.  He is my BABY.  ;)
Have a fabulous weekend.  I am going to do my best this weekend to celebrate the last hours of my twenties.  I turn 30 on Tuesday.  Yipes. 



Daddy came to play at Gymboree today...