My sweet Husband!

I have been so blessed with the sweetest man of all time! He is so wonderful ALL the time, but has been especially wonderful during my pregnancy. He is so understanding, supportive, and patient. Im thankful for his patience because I have done a little bit of whining and and my emotions are never predictable. :) He makes everything better. I really think I am so so lucky to have someone like him. I cant be thankful enough. And I can not express in words my love for him.
I dont want to embarass him, but, He was so adorable the other night, and painted my toenails. It has gotten hard and uncomfotable for me to find a way to do them myself, so he stepped in. It was pretty funny. They actually turned out quite nicely! :)
anyways, just wanted to give some well deserved attention to my man instead of me right now. He is so fantastic!!!


About 3 weeks to go! I cant even believe it! This "nesting" I have heard so much about has hit, and i dont think it is just because i have a new home to set up! I have a million things running through my mind that I want to get done. One being to clean the bird bath so that the kitties have some birdies to look at through the window, and wont feel left out when baby comes home. ha.

I have some pics to post of the nursery process! We finally set up the crib today, and I think it looks so adorable. OH, and this past weekend was a success in the baby shopping. There was a big consignment garage sale that took place at a church, and Craig was gracious enough to take me on Friday! We got her a jumperoo and some cozy little warm booties. Then, on saturday, they had a 1/2 off sale. So, i made it as early as I could so I could get some deals. Which was about 10:30 am! HA! I tried waking up when Craig left for work, but I couldnt make it. BUT, I still got some pretty sweet deals. A high chair for $10, which has wheels, and wheels were my main requirement when it came to a high chair. I also got an adorable car seat cover, a close and secure sleeper, and 2 fitted crib sheets! I was pretty proud of myself. I am ALL ABOUT this second hand baby stuff. They use things for such a short time, that it is so hard to spend full price on certain things. I still really want a baby swing, and need a stroller. I am going to be searching for great deals on Craig's List for a while! :)

CLOSET: OH the cuteness!!!

I worked on sorting clothes by size, and this was the mess:
Belly pics in my new kitchen!!

AND....The sweet sweet CRIB!! I love it!


New House!

Whew!!! The last few days have been quite busy! I am very thankful how the Lord worked out our move so smoothly! We are officially out of the old house, and into the new one. I like it so much so far. The space is a little tighter, which made me nervous, but it is working out quite nicely. Its just a little more cozy.

I tried not to push myself with this move, and had many eyes around to make me sit down when they knew I needed to! I have a hard time when I get an idea in my mind of something that needs to be done, and not doing it. Like this morning, I wanted to set up the guest room/office so bad, but in order to do that, boxes needed to be moved, and a bed put together. I just had to do it. I made sure i didn't strain or push myself too hard. But, I got reprimanded when Craig got home. ;) I will do my best to continue to "take it easy" with all these ideas of ways to set up the house running through my mind! Its so fun though!

So, we had a last and final ultrasound this morning! Annabelle is measuring GREAT, and looks healthy! That makes me so happy to hear. She is 5lbs 6oz. She is also not breech anymore which was a little bit of a relief. 4 more weeks! I can not wait to hold her. OH, and speaking of setting a new house up, i FINALLY get to unload all her things and make her room ready for her arrival!

Last week, my mom and my sister had Spring break since they both work for the school district. It was fun for me to pretend I was on "vacation" too since it was my first week away from work. We had a lot of fun together. Lisa snapped a few pictures of me while we were out....


Today, i begin my new career as a Stay at Home MOM!!! :) Im very very excited about it! I got to sleep in this morning, which I plan on doing as much as I possibly can before Annabelle comes. We are also supposed to be moving, possibly by the end of the week. So, this first week off will be busy! I have LOTS of packing and cleaning to do. I have been feeling a little uncomfortable lately, so,i really want to stay busy to keep my mind off of it. The past few days I have been nauseous and had a continuous headache. Im not sure if that is just what is normal around this time of pregnancy. I tried painting my toenails last night, which did end up being a success, but it was a little tough. ha.

Anyways, I am ready to get settled somewhere and finally set up this little girl's room!!! I will let you know how it all goes!


34 weeks

not too much to update on. things are still going well for the most part. baby has been super active the last few days. craig and i have been feeling distinct bumps on the outside of the belly, and we have fun trying to guess what it is. the head? bottom? foot? elbow? she is definitely getting bigger, and its a little uncomfortable at times that she doesn't have a whole lot of room to move like she wants to!! we are hoping that she is in "position" soon. my doctor said by 36 weeks they want to see her head down in the pelvic area. that's normal right? I'm not sure what position she is in today, but i think i have been feeling feetsies up by my ribs. :)

I have 3 days of work left!! wooooo hooooo. I'm pretty excited about that. My kids in my class have been SO sweet. some have brought in gifts for the baby. One i got today was a gift card for a website called: www.JanieandJack.com I had never heard of it before, but its pretty cute. i have a couple things picked out. I am SO appreciative to the parents that are thinking of me! so sweet. I will miss my kids, but am pretty excited to be with my own!