It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even believe it, I am so excited! :) I was thrilled when I heard. Craig got it on video, but I think it might be sort of embarassing. ha. The ultrasound took about 2 hours! Really not what I expected. I knew this would be the big ultrasound, that they do to check out EVERYTHING about baby. but, i did not expect it to take so long. we got some pictures, but to be honest, i was very dissapointed with pics. They printed them out on copy paper and they are super duper dark. Kind of a bummer because you cant really see much. o well. 22 weeks and I will see HER!!!
Now im off to enjoy my weekend and maybe buy girl-peanut something special.


Just a quick update as I am thinking of it!
This past weekend was so great with the girls. I miss them already. and a little vacation from work was SO NICE and SO needed! We had a great time, and I am so thankful!

ALSO......We are pretty sure that Craig felt Peanut kick the other night. I have been feeling some movement lately, which is so so neat! On sunday night, baby was really active I think. I had Craig put his hand there just in case, and moments later, he got a kick on his hand! He was pretty excited. I thought you might enjoy that fun news. Baby is getting bigger and bigger and that means momma is too. Seems to be just pokin out!

SO excited for Friday's ultrasound!!!!! Will update as soon as possible, but some of you might get a phone call first. Lets hope Peanut's in the right position to be seen!!


Maternity Jeans.

I found a pair of cute maternity jeans a few weeks ago for 7 bucks! I should have gotten a few pairs. I wore them to church today, and they made me feel bigger for some reason. So, we took some pics of the belly. Growing pretty quickly these days. Belly seems smaller in the morning when I wake up, and then towards the middle and end of the day, it grows. These pictures were taken after I got home from church today, mid-day. 16 weeks, 5 days. PS-if you click on the pictures they get lots bigger.

ALSO, I wanted to share a strange craving. Jalepenos!!! I want them on nachos, on burritos, on eggs, on anything they will go with. SO weird. I am talking the pickled ones, sliced, in a jar. I dont know when pregnancy cravings come, or if this has anything at all to do with the pregnancy, but i find it funny. It is not a food I usually eat. I wonder if peanut will come our liking spicy food. And heartburn has been something I have had starting the past week or so, and the jalepenos are sure to not help! Ha!

So, Tina and Brittanie come in 3 sleeps! I am pretty excited about it. I am praying I stay healthy for the time that they are here! I got some pretty bad headaches this past week, which cause nausea for me. They lasted about 2, almost 3 days. There is SO much floating around at school and parents just dont think it a big enough deal to stay home a day with them. There was a little girl that came down with chicken pox this past week. I was very very concerned when I heard about it because I have never had them. I was almost in tears because I worried so much. But, I am not as concerned now. The Lord will take care of me and peanut. He is involved with every intimate detail. The little girl that has the pox was SUPPOSED to come into the classroom next door to mine this week, which means I would have had a LOT of contact with her. But, for some reason, she never got moved up to that classroom, but just remained in her old class. The Lord knew.

I can not promise that I will update until next week, as it will be a busy week for me! :)


Boy or Girl?

The subject of the sex has been on my mind a whole lot lately. I have friends and co-workers telling me all of their ideas and guesses. I would say right now that MOST people are thinking boy. I wont say right now what I think. But, we have 2 1/2 weeks to find out! I am really hoping that peanut is in the right position and all that! I am anxious.
The month of November brings some exciting times! A week and Tina and Brittanie will be here. I am excited to hang out with them for a few days.
Then, the big seeing the baby day.
THEN, Thanksgiving! I get Thanksgiving Day and the day after off, so that will be nice. A 4 day weekend.
Tomorrow marks 16 weeks....4 weeks and we are half way there! I watched some baby videos this week of what happens to your baby immediately after delivery. It made me a little teary to watch them, thinking about how REAL all of this is! I have been a little emotional lately. I hear that goes with pregnancy. A little irritable too to be honest. Work has been one of the last places I want to spend my time. I have so much of my personal life on my mind all the time.

OH, I DID read today that peanut may be able to hear us now. That is kinda fun. so, now we can really start talking to him/her!!!