Let them be little

Let them be little


Minnesota, here we come!!!

i should NOT be sitting down on the computer right now, I have lots to do! We are leaving this evening for our long long road trip to MN. I am really excited, and SO happy for Craig right now. He is sooooooooooo happy to be going "home"! I know that feeling because I lived away from my home for 4 years! Its so fun to go back.

I wanted to give a little update on my sweet little girl. We had both and E.C.I. appointment this week, and an appointment with a Geneticist. Her ECI was great! They did an official evaluation and she had great scores. She scored 4 months in a lot of things. I am SO proud of her. They said she is motivated, and I know she gets that from her Daddy. Her feisty spirit is what i keep saying is a "Schmidt thing". I am thankful for her motivation! She is so funny. They will be coming out to work with her mostly right now on her gross motor skills. We figured that was what the main thing would be right now. DS kids have that lower tone to their muscles, and although she is strong, there are some things that need to be worked on. Later on as she continues to develop and and grow, they might see more areas that need some attention, but since she is so small it is hard to tell. one step at a time right?

Her other appt was good, too. The doctor was really encouraged with how well she is doing and growing. She had no real concerns. I wasnt sure what an appointment with a Geneticist would do for us, but it was encouraging. She is there for encouragement to parents with special needs children. I am thankful for just one more recourse for questions and support. Annabelle now weighs 11.5lbs. She is in the 50-75% for length, I dont remember how long she is, sorry. I have to go look at it. BUT, i am so proud of my growing little butter ball! YAY for good reports this week.

PLEASE keep our little family in your prayers today and tomorrow especially. We have a very long drive ahead of us. I am hoping Annabelle does well. Leaving at night to let her sleep as much as she can seems to be the best thing for HER, but might be harder for mommy and daddy to stay alert and awake. Please pray for our safety, and our health. My sister has MONO, and is with Annabelle and me every day! I have been feeling a little funny the last week or so, but maybe its all in my head since I know that there is something going around. Please pray for our immune systems to work over time!!!!! We want to so enjoy this vacation.

ok, i have GOBS of things to do! gotta go do them!



Annabelle and I just got back last night from a little trip to see family in the "Big D". It was such a blessing to be surrounded by family and friends, and people who love and adore my little preciousness!!! This week, we are preparing for a LONG road trip "home" to Minnesota. I am getting really excited about it, but also super nervous and anxious. i get like that when i know i will be out of my "comfort zone." I know SHE will do great, its me who gets all weird. We are driving, and i am not sure how a 3 month old will do in a car seat for that long. I just look forward to actually GETTING there! im so excited to see friends and family when we are there. and i am very happy that Craig will be so happy to be there. he works so hard every day and deserves a long vacation. I am so thankful for him and all his hard work. Annabelle and I are lucky girls.

So, I have been thinking about "Schedule". I have never had a baby, or been around many babies. so, of course, all of this is a learning process. i have been around a LOT of 3 year olds, so I feel that stage of life MIGHT come a little easier, but its THIS stage of life that I need advice and a little guidance. I have been thinking so much about how i want to TEACH now so that i dont have to CORRECT later. Does that make sense? I am thinking about a baby schedule now, because of how much more alert she is. She is not a "newborn" anymore who needs no schedule. She doesnt just sleep and eat anymore. She needs play, stimulation, interaction. I have been thinking of this because I had people ask me what kind of schedule she is on. I have just been letting HER make her own schedule during the day. I thought that was ok, but now i am questioning it. I let her eat when she wants to, nap when she wants to, and snuggle or play when she wants to. It has gone great in my opinion. our days seem well balanced and run smoothly. BUT, is it time that I have SET naptimes? SET eating times? how does that work? I dont want to eventually regret not making more of a schedule, and then fight to make one. Do i start now? anyways, i have been encouraged to read about it. so, maybe i will. I just feel like reading about things like that, just makes me feel like I am doing something wrong. Babies are all different. wont it just be more frustrating for me and for her if i force certain things into our day? I dont know.

One thing is, I know she is ready to sleep in her own room. I plan on making that work when we get back from our vacation. maybe its more me who hasnt been ready to let her sleep in there yet. She sleeps SO good at night, that I wonder if she is in there by herself, that I will just sleep through something that she might need. I want to be a laid back mom, but also very active in direction and guidance. I hope I can find a good balance of that. Any advice or good books to read, PLEASE let me know.

Something else I have been thinking of...Friends. Lifelong Friends. There are people in my life, and people i see in Craig's life who we consider lifelong friends. These are people we may not talk to for a while, but still hold so dear to our hearts. There are those in my life who I have lost so much touch with. BUT, still consider to be a best friend. I have been thinking about how amazing it is to have these kinds of people in our lives. When something rocks our world, something maybe tragic or just plain sad, we are always 'there' for each other. we may not have talked in a few months, or even years, but will always be someone to cry with, or laugh with, and share craziness of life with. I love these relationships. Just because you dont talk to someone every day, or see someone in a few years, doesnt mean you arent super duper close with them. There is something that connects you to certain people in life. I have such a deep love and care for these people and want them to know that if there is EVER anything I can do for them, if there is a time I can just BE there, I will! and I know the same is for them.



an order of 275 pictures, a few 5x7s, a couple 8x10s is on its way to my house. i NEED pictures I can hold in my hand, not just look at through a computer screen. i NEED framed pictures of my beauty hanging in our home. i NEED more money in my bank account to purchase insane amounts of pictures, and adorable frames to place them in! it will happen. :)


pigtails, bows, fireworks and blue bell

last week was a busy one for us. Annabelle took her first road trip. We went to visit my great uncle and aunt about 4 hours away. It was a fantastic trip! Annabelle did so great in the car, slept most of the time. I wondered if at this small, they even realize when they are not in their own environment. Nope, she was as comfortable and easy going as she always is. She LOVES people and is so super social. I love it. she met some of my cousins who are in like 7th grade. They loved her!!! I am SO blessed with the family I have. I have always known it, but now that I have a little one of my own, I just appreciate my family and my roots SO much! I love it!

So, the road trip home, which should take about 4 hours, took us around 6 or 7 I think. We took some detours along the way. We went a different direction to take us to Brenham, TX, home of the Blue Bell Creamery! I crave their Bubble Gum ice cream, and NEVER find it anywhere any more. They did NOT have it even at the creamery, but we enjoyed a tour and a scoop anyways. Annabelle did great for that too. OH, we also went to a museum with my uncle, and there is a "music room". I decided that was Annabelle's favorite room. They had a jukebox. I put on "Summertime" by Janis Joplin, and 'Belle was engaged! It was so cute. She likes music. We danced around for a bit, looking at all the music memorabilia, and a replica of Janis Joplin's old car!

Fourth of July was super fun this year. I remember last year was boring, so this year needed to redeem that! We had some friends over, and my parents and sister. We live so close to the park, so after stuffing our faces, we just walked there for fireworks. my punkin was awake the whole time, and spent most of the evening snuggled in the strong arms of her daddy. He was pretty anti-social, but for good cause. he was LOVING his time with her! We wondered how she would react to the fireworks. well, she didnt really. she looked at them a little, and got still when she heard some go off. but, didnt really seem too super interested. I stood by her and covered her ears the whole time, just so it wouldnt be so loud!

As far as new developments for our little girl...Tummy time is going SO good! she is really workin it out and trying hard to keep that heavy head up. (do i say this in every post?) I sat her in her BUMBO seat yesterday, and it took her a minute to realize that hanging her head down wasnt as fun as looking up at the toys i placed in front of her. she still seems to struggle a bit raising her head while on tummy and sitting up, but it will come. We also enjoy some conversation with her. i giggle so much when she just makes noises like she is really telling us something. sometimes, she sounds so happy about something, and she just wants to tell us about it. other times, she really wants to let us know just how frustrated she is. i am loving it. I say things like, "yeah, really?" "then what happend" "did you like that?" "well, tell me more" "do you love it" ha, i love it. Her sweet noises and smiles. she is growin up!

Here are some pics of the last week or so...
a couple of a vineyard we ended up in a few days ago. one of what 'belle looked like MOST of the road trip, just a snoozin. and the other one is my sweet sweet great uncle soaking in his time with her.