Let them be little

Let them be little


Plateaus and Peaks (and a few changes)

Annabelle.  I love this little girl in a way that I can not explain.  Tears well up in my eyes, and a lump forms in my throat when i really take the time to sit still and think about this crazy love I have for this little girl.  We are bonding in a mother-daughter sort of way.  We 'get' each other in a new way lately, and I am loving it.  We are the girls of the house, and it's like we know it, and know that we need each other because of that.  ;)

I recently read a blog post written by another mom with a daughter with Down Syndrome.  She said something about how the development of her daughter hits mountain tops and then plateaus.  I TOTALLY related to that because that is what we have also experienced in the last 3+ years raising Annabelle.  It seemed for a while, she was at that plateau stage.  Things get really tough sometimes because we can not communicate with her the way we wish we could.  She can not express her feelings and thoughts the way SHE wants to and it's tough for her.  We can really see that it is hard for her.  She gets frustrated.  She throws some pretty nasty fits at times.  I try so hard to be patient when I can see that she is just super frustrated.  Even though I am super frustrated, too.  But, we are learning about each other in these moments and learning how to communicate with each other even if it isn't totally in words. 

The past couple days, I have seen that Annabelle is reaching a little mountain top.  Craig and I have been looking at each other with that mutual, unspoken, "Awwwww, I'm so proud"!!  You know, that parent look?  Where you are both just so proud you want to cry a little?  1,2,3....rabbit trail.....kids change marriage.  In ways that are so so tough, and ways that are just amazingly bonding.  Ya know?

Potty is going ok.  She has done AWESOME the past few days.  Like, more awesome than I expected at this point.  She's really getting it, and I am so excited! :) 

Oh, we (Carter, Annabelle and I) are all going to school.  It all started when Craig and I made the decision to not put Annabelle back into public school this year.  For many reasons, but i am so glad we decided this.  BUT, I knew she had to be somewhere.  She needs a bit of a classroom.  Then, we realized that it would also benefit me to be out of the house as more of a part of this community we live in.  Long story short, I got a very part time preschool teaching job, AND get to be at the same school as Annabelle, AND as Carter.  We are at a small church preschool, around amazing women and some super sweet kiddos.  Annabelle's classroom is right around the corner from mine, and Carter is right down the hall.  I am teaching a class of 3 year olds, and it;s kid of fun to be back in the preschool saddle. Especially when it's SO part time.  I think this will be a good thing for all of us, and i am looking forward to the school year.  :)

Carter is doing amazing as well.  He is seriously growing like a weed, and impresses us all the time.  He is so super smart and also becoming very adventurous.  His newest thing is to climb.  Yikes.  He is also saying some things that sound like words.  Things like, "mamma", "dadda", "book", "ei ei ohh", "no no no", "bath" (with sign language) and it sound like he tries to say cracker and Belle.  Seriously.  so cute.  We are so in love with this boy.  SO in love!! 

We are all well.  I know I needed to update, and could possibly continue to write, but I promised my hus a little back rub.  Gotta do it.  ;)