7 weeks to go....

I am enjoying a beautiful sunny Sunday with my man! I love having the windows open and letting the fresh air come through the house! its so nice!

I am almost 33 weeks, and took a couple pics yesterday of this growing belly. I am in a dress so you cant see the 'bump' real well.

My birthday was on Friday, and I took the day off from work! I dont know that i have ever taken my birthday off, and im so glad i did this year! i needed it. Craig had the day off too, so we spent some time in Austin, and had lunch with Tina. Then, we went to dinner with my family and came back to our house for cupcakes and hang out time. It was really great. I hate when its over. Yesterday, we extended my birthday time, and I spent most of the day with my sister and mom. we went and had a really fun lunch at Bucca di Beppo, and did a little baby shopping! We went to Babies R Us, which was the first time I went since being pregnant. I was really overwhelmed there, thinking I NEED so much more than I actually might. It is just such a huge store,and it made me think of all the things we just dont have yet. BUT, i am trying to just focus on the NEEDS we will have right away. there are a few big things yet that we will get. I am thankful for the shower last weekend and all the people who came! I am posting a few pics of the shower. it was hard to choose because there are so many good ones....
The pillow says: "a daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend" My mom gave it to me, which is just perfect! i love it.
Such a cute fruit salad my aunt made.
My sister Lisa made this for me. each letter is covered with a pattern. We are going to put hooks on the back and probably hang them on the wall in her room!

The cute cute table! before it was full of delicious brunch-type foods!!! :) The cake is made from diapers!


SNOW in Texas!

Its true. we got snow today, and it is still on the ground. I love it. Sunday was almost 70 degrees and sunny. I was wearing flip flops. Today, it is snowing the most GIANT chunks of snow ever! I have seen a lot of snow, i mean, living in Minnesota and all. But, the snowflakes here were the biggest i have ever seen. Of course, it wasnt below zero, so it was enjoyable to stand in it and let if fall on you. I had to take my little kiddos outside to play in it this morning. They probably have NEVER seen it, and it may be a while before they do again. anyways, here is a news video from my hometown....

OK, for BABY news! I am 32 weeks! :) I cant believe only 8 left. we had an ultrasound last week, and baby measured well. and she was over 3 pounds. still so tiny, even though sometimes, she feels so big rolling around in my belly. I also had a baby shower this past Saturday. I cant tell you what a blessing this shower was. Its amazing to see people from different parts of my life who care about me and my little one. We got some super duper cute things for her, and i can not even wait to see her wear some of the cute, very PINK outfits!!!!

I only have 2 weeks of work left after this one. that makes me pretty happy. We are moving soon, so i will use that time to pack and clean. crazy times!



2 days in a row again for posting! :)
i just got back from my appointments. They went well, i guess. I will find out the results of the glucose test in about 3 days or so. if i dont hear anything, then that is good news. I got to hear the heart beat, and it was good and strong. 14o's. Uterus is measuring like it should. Weight gain on track. So, everything looks pretty good. Peanut is kickin and movin right now as I write this. She is hungry I think. I havent been able to eat for the past 4.5 hrs. I guess that is just too long! :)

Here are the promised pictures....sorry if the bare belly ones are a little much. tell me if they are. I just think its so funny how my belly button is dissapearing! ha!


Close to 29 weeks!!!!

I am due for an update!! I dont have really much to update on. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, 2 actually. So, I decided a while ago to just take the whole day. cause, why not? i never take the day off. I have to do the Glucose testing to test for Gestational diabetes. I guess its something that we are just supposed to do. I also have a regular checkup. Hear the heartbeat, ya know, all that. THEN, my appointments will start to be every 2 weeks. That puts it a little more in reality how close this date is approaching when we will get to see our little Annabelle. I dont feel like my belly has grown a whole lot in the last couple weeks. Either that, or I am just getting used to it. I dont have a real recent picture to post, but will for sure try to get one up by the end of the week. Then, i can take your opinions too!
She is definitly a mover. Sometimes I feel her just pushing. not kicking or punching, just pushing her way out of the side of my belly. ha. its cute. if i feel at the right time, I can usually tell which side she is on. I really love feeling her.

I LOVE that it is February. I think I have decided it is my favorite month. January seems like such a waste of time. Nothing is happening. Its usually cold. There just isnt much to it. Except football. But, February! It holds my birthday, and Valentine's Day, my sister's birthday. I dont know, i just like it. The weather generally starts getting more spring like, in Texas that is. I am also looking forward to my shower, which is this month. I feel like it jsut might fly by. OH, and Craig and I are taking some Prepared Childbirth classes this month. I am interested to see how that goes.

I will try to get a picture posted of this belly as soon as i can. Hope you all are well!
11 weeks to go!!! yipes!