Let them be little

Let them be little



The month of April has flown by, just like I expected.  It has been a VERY busy month, and our little family is going through some changes and transitions.  To assist my thoughts in to words, here are a few pictures from the past few weeks...

Carter's 8 month appointment.  Y'all, I waited about an hour before we actually saw our doctor.  He even got about a 40 minute nap in.  Surprisingly, I was very patient, but I am usually not that patient when I am made to wait that long.  ESPECIALLY with a baby.  It makes me want to leave a negative comment for this pediatrician.  But, other than that, the appointment was great.  Carter is still in about the 90th percentile for weight, and about 70th for height.  He is super busy these days, and in to anything he can get his hands on.  He has two bottom teeth poking through, and loves to eat finger foods now.  He is mostly happy and smiling, but has his share of whiney moments.  I LOVE LOVE this little boy so much. (Look how he holds his ear.  He does that when he is sleepy.  SO CUTE)

Our weather has been AMAZING this month!  Texas has a GORGEOUS Spring.  It totally makes up for the heat of the summer.  Texas really only has like 3 months of the year where it's just too hot to function, and even then, you can still go outside and have BBQ's and swim and play.  None of the weather makes me very upset here.  I say that now because it's been awesome! ;)
I just thought this picture was super cute.  She carried her little pail around, protecting the sidewalk chalk inside.

REAL ALE Anniversary party...
SUCH a blast!

We take silly selfies, and I am ok with it.  She is my best girl friend.  (so is my sister Rachel)

I want to go back!!!

I love it when I get pictures of my kids when other people are watching them.  My parents had them for a Saturday, and sent me pictures of them being the cute kids they are...

A couple weeks ago, it was hot enough for shorts and Popsicles.  A taste of summer...

Craig's best buddy, Eric came to Texas, and it was a blast!  We took Annabelle out for her 3rd birthday celebration, and somehow they got stuck with our babies for a minute.  ;)

This past week, Aunt Heidi and Nana came to Texas for a visit.  I had to take them to Gymboree, and Annabelle loved having them there.  She super loves her Aunt Heidi!  It's so cute.

We went for a walk around our neighborhood.  Annabelle pretty much hates the stroller these days, so I decided to let her walk.  It sort of slowed us down a bit, but she had a blast...

Heidi is so good with my kids.

This past Sunday, my parents and I did a 5k!  I ran it in 27:45, and was actually pretty happy with that time.  Not the fastest, but I did it! :)  I was intimidated when we started, because I could tell there were "real" runners around me.  I could tell by their clothes and their fancy GPS watches, and their awesome shoes.  I want THESE running shoes so bad, but I don't have that kind of cash to spend on running shoes right now. Someday I might, and I will look like a "real" runner. ;)  (I'll take them in a 7.5, thank you.)
After I finished, I turned around to walk the course back to my parents, and walk to the finish with them.  It was so fun, and makes me want to do another one, and someday do a 10k, and maybe just maybe a half marathon someday.  Maybe. ;) 

Pinterest gave me the idea to put sand in an under the bed box instead of an open sandbox.  With the amount of critters in our back yard, I wanted a lid on some play sand, and it has worked so well.  They love it! 

Ok, so Annabelle started school on Monday.  It was harder for me the first day than it was for her.  She did good.  She is only at school for four hours, which makes it a little easier, but it is every day.  Look how cute she is...
By Monday night, I was seriously thinking, "O my gosh, it's only MONDAY!"  I am so tired and the week really seems to be dragging.  I am ready for the weekend.  This is a big change for us.  There are some days that we don't even leave the house, and now we leave every single day.  I love our mornings, with coffee and play time and staying in our jammies.  Waking up to an actual alarm and not just the alarm of my kids, is a new thing for me too.  I know if something like this seems like such a change to me, it's got to also be for Annabelle.  I just wonder what she is thinking and how she is feeling.  She can't really tell me her thoughts, but her life is so different now.  (and it's only been three days)  She did not want to leave the house this morning.  She wanted to play with Carter.  I could totally tell, and I know I wasn't reading in to it.  She cried a lot today when I dropped her off and I had to hand her off to a teacher.  It is so so so hard to walk away from your child when they are crying.  She never does that for me where she cries and reaches for me.  I prayed for the Lord to give us peace this week. And trusted that He would.  He has.  I have some peace and I am not just sitting at home crying all week like I thought I would.  I really thought I was going to yank her out of school after the first day and never go back.  ;)  If you think of it, please keep our family in your prayers during this time in our lives.  It is different for all of us and may take some time to adjust.  I miss my girl. I am ready for the weekend, but even more ready for SUMMER.

Why I did this to myself all in the same week, I don't know, but here is another change.  I know it seems super late to be doing this, and it IS, but we finally moved Carter into his own room.  We have had many excuses over the last 8 months, as to why we never moved him.  But, we KNOW it is time.  Carter has never slept all the way through the night, so I am hoping that maybe this will help.  He has done SO great!  Much better than I thought he would.  The first night was the worst, but every night has gotten better.  These changes with my kids this week has been an emotional experience for me.  I am tired not only because I am up earlier, but also because I am feeling a little drained.  Annabelle going to school and Carter having his own room, means that they are growing up.  It has taken a little bit of me letting go.  I love every stage of these little lives so much, and sometimes I want to hold on to them so tight, that I don't move to the "next stage".  Does that even make sense?  I love these memories of my little ones.  And am looking forward to what the next milestone will be for them and also for Craig and me.  Look how peaceful this guy is....
I am so thankful for my life and the gifts that the Lord continues to give. We really miss our friends and family who live far away, but we are thankful for what is here in front of us.   I have a wonderful family, awesome friends, a church that we love and I really don't know what else i could ask for.  Thank you to those of you who checked up on us this week, wondering how Annabelle's first days were going.  It meant a lot to me.  Now I need to go make myself busy so that time passes quickly.  I want to go pick up my Annabelle!! 


Womp Womp....

The past two weeks have been BUSY and super duper amazing.  We have had guests in our home, parties, meetings, and we have all been on the go non stop.  Today, the last of our guests, NANA and Heidi, left our home, and I felt sad as soon as I walked into my empty home.  It's post "stay-cation" blues.  Womp womp.  I hate it when the party is over.  WE have all had such a blast the past two weeks.  Craig's best buddy, Eric, came to Texas and it was awesome!  Craig looked like he was on vacation, too.  :)  And it is ALWAYS a blessing when Craig's family is able to come down and spend time with us and our kiddos.  We miss them and love them so much!

Annabelle is starting school on Monday morning, and I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed.  In fact, I have been overwhelmed with the thought of her going to school for the last couple months.  But, now we are two days away, and I feel like I am going to throw up.  And cry.  A lot.  We will see how it goes. 

Will try to post some random pics of the last two weeks soon... 
For now, I am going to try and keep busy by cleaning up my house.  I hate the post party blues.  :/

Anyone else want to come visit us?



Took Annabelle for her last test before teachers work up some goals for her. These pics/this whole process is killin me....
I mean look at her. :)