Let them be little

Let them be little


30 weeks

How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain: gettin pretty close to 20 lbs. 
Maternity clothes? I still hate clothes. Tank tops, skirts or maternity jeans cut off to shorts are all I have been wearing. 
Stretch marks? no.
Sleep: My mom and dad watched Annabelle overnight this past weekend for my 6 year anniversary.  Craig and I stayed in our own bed, in our own house with nothing to wake us up except for the sun.  I realized since she was born, this is the first time I was able to do this.  I have spent the night away from Annabelle twice in the last 2 years, but both times had to get up early for something.  THIS felt like a real vacation.  STAYcation.  Craig and I had an awesome weekend staying out way past my bedtime with friends, and taking it easy.  It was pretty awesome.  And I only slept a little over an hour than I normally do, but it was still awesome.  We did miss Annabelle and had to go spend a little time with her before leaving her overnight a second time.  She did great.  She loves my parents, and feels super comfortable at their house.  She's a pretty easy going kid anyways so I wasn't worried at all. 
Best moment this week:  I guess I could have put some of that long answer into this category.  Yes, this past weekend celebrating our 6 year anniversary was the best moment this week.  I want to do it all over again.   

 This was taken when we were out and about for our anniversary. 

Miss Anything? I'd like to answer this saying, NOT being pregnant.  But, that's not true if I think about it.  Pregnancy is pretty cool and pretty exciting.  But, it is making me FEEL exhausted and SO CRANKY!  So, this week what I miss MOST is: Margaritas, an icy cold mug of Beer, and a glass of red wine with dinner. 
Movement:  Just this week, I realized that I feel much more of a bond with this little boy because of all the movement.  It's so awesome to feel him move around, and try to guess which body parts he is trying to jab through my stomach.  It does hurt sometimes, and I wonder how there is any more room for him to wiggle around or grow. 
Food cravings: No.  The "cravings" that I might have, I am not allowed to give into any more.  (I will explain more).  I do get hungry, but full pretty fast, which makes me feel so gross.  And it's no matter what I eat.  From salads to Taco Bell tacos.  Nothing makes me feel super satisfied.  Except cereal.  I could eat cereal every meal if it was ok.   
Anything making you queasy or sick: I guess like I said, yes, almost every meal.  I can NOT over eat.
Gender:  Sweet baby boy.
Labor Signs:
no.  Some Braxton Hicks, but I'm thankful no real signs. 
Symptoms: Ready to hear me complain?  I am a major complainer these days.  I've gotten really good at it.  Sore back, heavy front.  HATE bending over.  Sometimes I even hate sitting, or laying down, or just being.  I'm just overall feeling really big and heavy.
Belly Button in or out?  still in.  I have a deep belly button though.  Have I mentioned that?  I will be surprised if I ever see it flat.
Wedding rings on or off?  on. :)
Happy or Moody most of the time: I don't know how to answer that today.  I broke down in tears when I was making lunch for Annabelle today, just because Craig asked me if I needed anything.  I guess he could tell something was wrong.  Ooh, little did he know.  He's so sweet.  When he asked what was wrong, the only answer I could give was, "Everything".  Cause that's what I felt.  So, I guess emotional.  
 Looking forward to: Next week starts summer for my pregnant sister, Lisa.  SO, now we get to hang out and complain together a LOT more.  ;)  

SOOOOOO, we went for an ultrasound this week to check up on this little boy.  He is great!  He is healthy and looking wonderful.  (If you don't know about the ultrasounds WE do, I'll tell you.  When I was pregnant with Annabelle, they saw markers for DS, and we had to then, for the rest of pregnancy, see a special doctor to do our ultrasounds.  He walked us through everything the whole time, and it was super helpful.  Because of last time, our doctor decided it would be best for us to see him every time we needed an ultrasound done.  I was super happy about this because I really like him, AND because we can find out anything he sees, the moment he sees it.  Such a relief)  Anyways, this doctor asked me how my glucose test came back because he could see that the baby was measuring big.  Which, i guess is one of the symptoms of the gestational diabetes.  My glucose test came back fine, pretty close to the top, but still fine.  He then went on to tell me about how my diet should be right now, and I should be watching my sodium and sugar intake.  To which Craig's response was, "It's all the sno-cones."  Ha, he's right.  I've made bad choices with my diet and got a little kick in the butt about it.  I have known pretty much since the beginning that this baby was bigger than Annabelle was.  I can tell.  I feel heavy and huge.  Baby boy is only measuring about a week to two weeks ahead of time, and I was assured it's nothing to "worry" about.  But, to maybe be prepared to deliver a larger baby than the last.  Which I was prepared for anyways.  Annabelle was, and still is, a peanut.  SO, now I will lay off the sno-cones, and ice cream bars, and candies. I need to make better choices, I know that.  I am super thankful for a healthy looking boy.  

 Annabelle playing on her little animal laptop.  What a cutie.


 She makes my life so happy. 

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