Let them be little

Let them be little


Here's to Minnesota

we are in the car on the way back to the Lone Star state. We've only been in the car for about 45 min and I'm already bored. That's a bad sign. The tripTO somewhere is always a little easier because of the anticipation for the upcoming fun. The trip back is more of a bummer and a lot less exciting. It means your vacation is done. Sad. We had planned on leaving yesterday morning, but decided to stay an extra day, knock about 4 hours off our trip, and hit the Mall of America. It's probably the only mall I actually like to go to. I'm not much of a mall person. But I could go to MOA every day. The mall was nutso, being the day after Christmas, and beginning of some semi annual sales. But, I still enjoyed it. Then, we got to meet up with some great friends one last time for supper and chit chat. I said it before, but I LOVE my "Minnesota friends".

On hospitality: When Craig and I come to Minnesota, we stay with some really great people. A family who Craig grew up with. They are seriously incredible people and I never really want to leave their house. The love and hospitality they give us is too wonderful for me to even explain. I want to be like that. I want to have my home be a place where people can come and feel cozy,loved,fed&watered, WELCOME, and content. I really pray that my home can be a safe place for people to feel like the door is ALWAYS open! Always. I hope I can possibly show the kind of hospitality that I have been shown by Madre and Padre B. Seriously, I'm so appreciative. (is that the right word?) Anyway, THANK YOU! I want to be like u when I "grow up". Or now I guess since I kind of am grown up. ;)

So, although I'm not ready to go back and get into routine of every day like, I'm still thankful. Thankful to be where we are and be surrounded by people who love us. I am excited to see what the Lord has for Craig, Annabelle and me in 2011. The Lord continues to bless my sweet little family in ways I never imagined. I have no doubt that what He has for us us GOOD!

Welp. Annabelle is snoozin and Craig and I are listening to some talk radio, drinking the last cup of Caribou coffee we will have for a while. (Texas, u need a caribou or two.) Here's to you, Minnesota! And here's to all of my wonderful friends and family in MN. Please know how much I love and appreciate you!


Merry Christmas!

It's true, this Christmas definitely shaped up to be one of my favorites in all my 27 years. The week has gone by way too fast, and I am so not ready for it to be over. I am incredibly thankful and SO blessed by the people I have been spending time with. I love them all!

A few years ago, 3 I think, I wrote a blog on an old site I had about my Christmas of firsts. A Christmas that followed an incredibly awesome and incredibly stressful year. But, I wrote in reflection on all the amazing FIRSTS of that Christmas day. I have been searching for my old blog for like 20 minutes and couldnt find it. But, i just found it, so i am reminising. It was written in 2006. Here is the list of firsts from 2006:
A Christmas for 'firsts'...
First Christmas in 23 years away from my family.
First Christmas married
First Chrstmas with Craig
First WHITE Christmas.(very poofy white...i love it)
First Christmas with someone else's family
First different Christmas of MANY!

This year I have a different list of FIRSTS.
First Christmas in Minnesota. (yes, I know. we lived here for over 3 years, and this is the first we have spent it here.)
First Christmas with a child.
First Christmas with JUST the immediate Schmidt family.

I am sure there are more firsts. But, anyways.

I am LOVING this moment. I am sitting in the cozy log cabin the Schmidt parents call home, watching snow fall on these ginormously tall trees. It's gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Hang, on, Ill take a pic out the window and try to get it on here...

I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. I mean overwhelmed because I dont know how to express my Thankfulness to Jesus, or to the people in my life.

Annabelle is the greatest gift Craig and I have ever recieved. i never even thought up asking for something so amazing. I never pictured having a child would be as incredible as it is.

Poor babe seems to be coming down with a little cold or something. she had a rough night of sleep and has been a little more sensitive, so we are praying it doesnt get worse. she has not been sick since leaving the hospital, so if she is, it will be a learning curve for all 3 of us. GOSH I love her! and again, SO thankful to be surrounded with people who also love her.

and...I have a new found love for scrunchies.


Craig and I have been in Minnesota with our sweet little Annabelle since Friday and I have loved every moment of it! Even though my life is super low key, I still was feeling like I needed a vacation. And I for sureknow that Craig needed one. I feel so blessed with the friends and family we have here. Every time I am back here to visit, I feel like we never left. It's just so great to be here.

Right now I am chillin on the couch at our friends house up north, watching The Holiday . Sippin red wine and snuggling my babe! She has been so great on this trip. I couldn't even ask her to be any better. I am so blessed. She is just incredible.

I have every thing I could ever want or ever ask for for christmas


Not yet a seamstress.

My black Friday deal was a sewing machine, which I was able to cross off of my "Dear Santa" list. Still pretty excited about learning to make creative cuties. Yesterday, I got the itch to try it out and make some Christmas presents. I am pretty excited about my new project, and want to share it with you, but it will have to wait till after Christmas cause I dont want to ruin the surprise for some who may be readers.

Anyways, this little project is probably not supposed to take like three hours for just one of them! I ran in to issue after issue trying to figure out my machine and the right way to make this little thing. I was getting so frustrated, maybe saying some words I shouldn't, but laughing at the same time. Craig is so cute. He came in after hearing me a few times, and tried to be so encouraging.

Which brings me to my next point...my awesome husby! He works SO hard and does such a great job on whatever he does. He really is amazing. I have heard him in the garage saying those same words that were coming out of my mouth. I have seen him frustrated when something isnt working out right or going as quickly as he though. It seriously happens to him too much. But, he pushes through those setbacks and keeps going. and because of it he is better at something and a little wiser. The Lord knew I needed someone like Craig for the rest of my life. I tend to be more of a giver-upper. I figure if something isnt working out quite right, maybe I am not supposed to do it. Good thing I have someone who tells me my shoddy sewing project looks nice, when really it looks like a 5 year old did it. I love him.


quick share

I am tired right now, and pretty frustrated. I have that feeling where tears well up in the corners of your eyes, and you get a little knot in your throat from swallowing the tears, hindering them from coming out. I want to go to bed and forget it, and wake up to a new day, but I almost felt even too annoyed to go to bed. So, I popped open my computer one more time, to allow my mind to basically turn off and ignore my current issues.

I changed my home page to THIS a few weeks ago. I will be honest and tell you I often skip over my home page too quickly thinking I will come back to it and read it. But, I become distracted. Annoyingly distracted. I dont like being distracted by useless computer time. Anyways, as I was trying to leave the page, this line caught my eye...

"What has a grip on your heart."

Immediately I knew that I needed to read it, because something, no somethingS, do have a grip on my heart. It helped to read it. Its just what I needed to hear. God knows what I need, and I am thankful He wanted me to spend some time with him before going to bed with semi-moist eyes.

Here's what I read...

What has a grip on your heart? Think about the things that trouble you. Perhaps you’re dealing with financial need, relational stress, difficult circumstances, or lingering illness. What are we supposed to do with all the challenging situations we face? Jesus’ words can seem like a pat answer to our very real dilemma because saying, “Do not let your heart be troubled” doesn’t change our feelings.

However, a more accurate interpretation is, “Be troubled no longer.” Jesus isn’t saying that we are to deny our feelings and put on a happy face, but rather that we’re not to let anxiety conquer us. Yes, we will experience trials, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can endure struggles with the peace of Christ.

But how do we move from overwhelming distress to undisturbed tranquility? Begin
by focusing immediately on the Lord, not on the circumstance, trusting Him to help you through it. Read the Scriptures so you can understand His perspective on the problem and search out His promises. Then believe God and do whatever He says, because you can never have His peace without obedience. And lastly, present your troubles to the Lord in prayer, not just with requests for their removal, but with thanks for His strength to endure them.

The next time you feel a rush of fear or anxiety, remember Jesus’ remedy: “Believe Me!” (vv. 1, 11). If you trust that He loves you and has a good purpose for allowing that difficulty in your life, you can thank Him no matter what you feel or what the outcome may be. Faith always ushers in His peace.

Copyright 2010 In Touch Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved. www.intouch.org. In Touch grants permission to print for personal use only.



Minnesota vs. Texas

So I lived in Minnesota for like 3 years. I experienced weather that I had not seen or even immagined. Snow was awesome for the first maybe 2 months, then after that I really hated it. But, I waited for that snow day where things were cancelled, and you had the perfect excuse to stay inside ALL day! I never got my snow day from work. THAT I waited for the most. But, I dont recall it ever happening. I mean, we would get what seemed like TONS of snow, but not 20 inches in a day! Which is what happened yesterday, so I am told. While the Twin Cities had a great excuse to stay inside, I was out having a garage sale, slowly taking layers off as the morning warmed up. I am a little jealous of all that snow. There is something SO PEACEFUL about all that snow. Its beautiful and when you step outside, it seems like the world has gotten quiet. Not an eerie quiet, and calming quiet. I also love when the sun shines on the snow, and it looks like someone sprinkled glitter all over everything. I am pretty excited to see this snow-in a little over a week! And, while the Twin Cities also gets to stay inside today, and not feel bad about being so lazy, I went for a jog. And saw someone playing outside in shorts. ( I feel its too chilly for shorts, but whatev.) That's the difference between my two states today. I am a little sad that the Vikings game was cancelled. I was looking forward to it. But, I understand, Minnesota.

Hope you all had a great week! Happy Sunday!


Happy Friday

Thankful for Friday. Craig has the day off, and it's also one week closer to our trip to MN. December is going to fly and I want to soak it all up!

The Vintage Pearl is doing ANOTHER giveaway. If you enter, you could be one of 5 to recieve a $50 gift card. Super fun!

Have a great weekend!!!



My little sister is ENGAGED! Yesterday afternoon, her sneaky boyfriend surprised her in a jewelery store with the PERFECT proposal. It was awesome. I feel really special that I got to be there to witness it and take a little video of it. I am so excited and happy for them. Her ring is AMAZING and perfect! (He restored an old ring of my great grandma's) It's really happening. Their engagement will be a short one, cause, ya know, why drag it out? HA! Craig and I had a quick engagement and I wouldn't have had it any other way. SO, for the next 4 months, all we will be thinking about and working on is LISA and wedding happenings. Will be busy. They plan to get married a week after Annabelle's first birthday! Crazy. I cant wait.

The latest with Annabelle: Craig and I think every day that this is the day she will crawl. She is so stinkin close. She is getting better and better on her hands and knees. Its awesome. I am so proud of her. YAY! :)

Well, as you know, Sundays are our family days, so I dont want to spend it all here. I LOVE Sundays! :)

What a great weekend.