27 weeks! :)

This is the last official week of the 2nd trimester! It is getting so much closer to when we will get to see our sweet little girl! I have been so blessed that I have stayed well and have felt physically good! Also, since I have been back to work after Christmas, my class has been SO good! I have been thanking the Lord at random times during the day. The stress has not been what it was before. I am very thankful. I have been wondering when I should leave my job towards the end of the pregnancy. I dont even know what to expect, so I havent been sure what to say to my boss about it. So, that is something we are thinking and praying about. I am thinking I would love to be done beginning to mid march. Is that too soon? too late? I just dont know. I want to give them plenty of notice to find another teacher, though.

So, i finished the dresser! I found adorable knobs at Hobby Lobby. Here are the pics:
Dresser before! With Molly. :)

FINISHED!! I wanted to get all 6 big drawers with pink knobs. but, they only had 4. so, i got those white ones too. Do you like it?

And, here is Gabby. She has been LOVING this Texas weather. It feels like spring. we keep our windows open whenever we get the chance, and this is what she does all day! :)

Hope youre having a great week! And enjoy the WEEKEND!


Lovely Sunday Morning.

I could NOT sleep this morning, as much as I wanted to sleep in. But, I am ok with it, because it has been a nice morning. The sun is shining bright, and the Texas air is crisp. I did not have any coffee, so i drove down the road to Starbucks, and got a delicious cup. I think it was 7:30 or so. No one was in there, and no one was really driving around. It was nice. This morning just seems so peaceful. I made some cinnamon rolls (from a can) and turned on Charles Stanley.

Craig gets back in just a few hours and i can NOT wait! He has been gone for like 10 days! too many! I think that is maybe why I could not sleep. I am too excited to see him.

So, I made a registry on Target.com for a shower that we are having in February. I really really want a breast pump, but I am so unsure on what kind to get. Some of them are really expensive, and I think ones like that are more useful to working mothers. But, i do want an electric one. Does ANYONE have any suggestions? What should I be looking for in a pump? How much should I pay? I need help.

OH, the dresser is all finished. I just dont have any knobs for it yet. I wanted to get some new ones, and looked and looked for some yesterday but did not find any. I could just paint the ones that were on there, but I really wanted to find some cute, kind of girly ones. :) I will take pics of it as soon as its all complete!

Hope you are all having a great sunday. Im off to get my second cinnamon roll........ :)


2 days in a row!!!!!

I put this shirt on that I have not worn in a while and was a little amazed i guess. So, i took more pictures and decided to post them. (I am not sure why all this text is underlined. I cant get it off!) Anyways, 26 weeks tomorrow!!! Looking bigger every week? or is it just me? I feel like I really do have a soccer ball shoved in my shirt. It is making bending over harder and harder. I love it, though. I just wanted to say, too, that Craig called me when I got off of work today. When I answered and he started talking, Peanut kicked like 3 times in a row!!! It was so funny. it made me jump. I told craig it was because she knew i was talking to him, and she wanted me to tell him hello. She loves him already! :)
(Again, if you click on the picture, it makes it bigger. but, hopefully not too big where you can see all my flaws!)


Does that really say 14 weeks to go! ----->

Peanut has been so active today! I think it is because she must miss Craig. He has been in Minnesota since Friday. I wish I could be there with him and see the people that he is visiting. But, i am so glad that he has this opportunity to be there. A good vacation before peanut comes!
While he is gone, I am doing a small nursery project. We have decided to get a white crib, and found one we like at Target. I do not want to spend money on a changing table because I like to have things that I know I will use for a long time. Craig has a dresser that he has had since he was a kid. He even wrote his name on one of the drawers inside with a red crayon. The dresser has been all over the place, and you can tell. It is a little worn looking, and it has been basically hidden in our closet. I decided it was the perfect height for a changing table, so i am painting it white! I am going to search for some adorable antique hardware to put on it as well. I am so itching to set up this nursery! I have the crib sheet set, which i got last week, and I love it! I have some fun ideas of ways to decorate her room! Cant wait. I will try my best to take pictures of the process. I took a couple of the dresser before and will take some after.

I just wanted to share something that I was challanged with yesterday. I was watching Charles Stanley, and his message was about obedience. He mentioned how amazing Noah's faith and obedience was when he was told to build the ark. There was NO REASON for him to think he would even need an ark. or a boat of any kind. People made fun of him, and also did not understand why. But, he did it. He obeyed, without knowing what the outcome of his obedience would bring. I have such a hard time making decisions unless I see what will happen after the decision has been made. I was challanged by the decision Noah made to just simply OBEY! And, then, obviously God proved His faithfulness. I love it. I pray I can have faith and a heart of obedience like Noah.

SO, here are some pictures taken only a little over a week ago. at 24 weeks! I am 26 weeks this week!