Let them be little

Let them be little


Good News

The yearly blood draw for Annabelle has always made me feel very anxious.  Not only because I hate to watch her cry while they take blood from her arm, but because I fear what the results will be.  I don't even know everything they test for her, but still get worried that something will come back not quite right.  I actually avoided this last blood draw for almost a year.  Not really on purpose,  it just happened that way.

A couple weeks ago, Annabelle spent the night in the hospital with a yucky respiratory infection.  It was so sad to see her feeling so sick.  She had to be on oxygen overnight and slowly weaned off.  It reminded me so much of almost four years ago watching them wean her off of oxygen and other things while in the NICU.  We knew what to watch for and what her 'numbers' should be.  After all of that was over and done with, we really knew we HAD to get those labs done and stop putting it off.  Last Monday, I took her in to finally get them done and two days later got a call from her pediatrician saying that everything looked great and normal.  YAY!

Annabelle is a generally healthy kid for the most part, and spunky and vibrant.  When she isn't feeling well, you know it.  She just isn't herself.  I am so so thankful for her health, and so so grateful for the good news about her blood work.  I am, however, SO OVER these yucky winter illnesses.  Like runny noses, coughs, sore throats, etc...  It seems to have lasted ALL winter in this house.  As soon as one of us feels better, another feels yucky.  It's been a cycle.  And Annabelle and Carter constantly have yucky noses.  :/  BLEH!

Some pics from the last month or so...

I am very much looking forward to warmer weather and spring time.  It helps with the yucky sicknesses, and also helps with our overall mood around here.  I plan to spend a lot of time with these two kiddos outside and at the park.  Maybe exploring new places we have never been.  Can't wait.

As far as pregnancy, I am feeling a lot better physically.   I seem to have a little bit more energy, am not feeling as nauseous, smells aren't bothering me as bad, etc... Mentally I am also feeling better about things.  Getting more and more excited to add one more to our little family.  This week I FINALLY have my first doctor appointment.  I am hoping to hear a sweet heartbeat and hoping that this appointment will put my mind at ease about some things.  :)  When I was pregnant with Carter, I did a little Q&A every now and then.  I might try to do that on the blog again as something to look back on...

How far along? 12 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 2-3 lbs.
 Maternity clothes? yes, already!  yikes!  Maternity jeans, and the belly band that allows me to keep my other jeans unbuttoned.  :0  
Stretch marks? No
Best moment this week: nothing to do with pregnancy, but the good news we got about Annabelle. 
Miss anything: yes...being able to fit in my clothes without being uncomfortable, and RUNNING.
Movement: No.  Totally looking forward to it.
Food cravings: Not really cravings I don't think.  I just want to eat everything that is so bad for me.  :/
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not too bad anymore. 
Have you started to show yet: Yes.  Getting harder to hide that bump.  I popped out really fast.
  Gender: No idea, and I have no feeling of what it may be either way.
Labor Signs: No.
  Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? On. Most likely won't come off.  Never did with other two pregnancies.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Both. 
Looking forward to: Spring time weather and to NOT work anymore.  :)


BABY Number Three!

A few things I wanted to avoid in my third pregnancy:
     -Being 'big' pregnant through another Texas summer.
     -Being in the same house
     -Being pregnant with my sister again. (ONLY to allow her to have her own pregnancy and enjoy HER time. I loved being pregnant with her last time, which was unplanned, but very awesome that it happened.)
     -Not being mentally or physically ready to take on another pregnancy or another baby.

God had other plans.  Much to our surprise, God has blessed us with our third pregnancy.  At our first January MOPS meeting this year, I was sitting with a group of girls discussing the year ahead.  I said these words, " My goal is to not have another baby this year.  Not in 2014."  A couple short weeks later, I peed on a stick and got a clear as day PLUS sign.  I had been waiting and waiting for my period to appear any day, and it just wasn't coming.  It was a Sunday afternoon after church, and Craig and I were eating Little Cesar's pizza at the kitchen table.  We jokingly started talking about how I was missing my period, but that there was no way I could be pregnant.  I started to actually really really stress out about it.  Almost to tears.  So, Craig said he would run and grab a test just to ease my mind about it.  As soon as he got back, I went in the bathroom to take the test.  After I saw the plus sign, I just sat down and had to breathe a minute.  I was sort of in shock.  I expected it to be negative, and to get on with my day.  I came in the living room, and started crying and showed Craig the stick.  He held me while I was the one to have a little panic attack.  He was totally calm and kept telling me it would be ok, all with a big smile on his face.  He was also shocked, but held it together so much better than I was.  I took a deep breath, went for a nice run/walk by myself, and came back feeling much better.

The next morning, I called my dad right away.  I needed to talk to him and have him come pray with me while I spilled my heart, and my raw feelings about the whole thing.  My dad is always encouraging and can always give me direction towards the Lord.  He was overjoyed when I told him the news, of course.  And he was even more excited that He was, for once, the first one in our family to know something.  :)  I told him how I felt so bad about my reaction to the news.  When I found out I was pregnant with Annabelle and Carter, I was SO EXCITED.   This time, because it was a surprise, I didn't have those same feelings.  I felt guilty about that.  I kept saying, "I'm not ready for this.  Our family is not ready for this."  BUT, God is ready for this and knows exactly what our family needs.  I have bonded with this little one already because of that.  I know that this child is what we need, and that we need him or her right at this time.  That makes me so thankful and has totally changed the way I feel about the whole thing.  It only took a couple of days for me to get over that shock, and then really cherish what was happening.

There were a few things I had planned for 2014.  Things that I really wanted to do and accomplish.  Some of them personal things.  The news of another pregnancy totally changed that, and some of those goals will be pushed back a while.  That's ok.  I'm having another child! So, all of that is ok.

After Annabelle was born, I KNEW we would have more kids.  I always thought three. (total)  ALWAYS.  As soon as Carter was born, I still felt that someone was missing.  It is strange that I felt this way, but I did for a long time after he was born.  I knew we weren't finished.  Our family wasn't totally complete yet.  It was a feeling I could never shake.  Even on the most stressful and overwhelming days with two kids, I knew that another one would some day be in this mix of chaos.  So, although this baby is a surprise RIGHT NOW, it's not a surprise that we are adding to our sweet little family.

I desire to really enjoy this pregnancy.  Really soak it all up and not hope to speed through it.  I don't necessarily LOVE being pregnant, so it makes me a very anxious person for 9 months.  But, I hope to really enjoy the little things that pregnancy can bring.  Ya know, like nicer boobs and strong nails!!  Ha ha, just kidding.  Kind of.  But, really.  If you pray for us, THAT is what I ask you to pray for.  For joy, peace and contentment through all of this.  Seems like it has actually been a bit stressful in different ways, and I don't want that.  I have been SO tired lately.  Tired sometimes to the point of tears.  I am looking forward to the second trimester, when things like that seem to diminish at least a little bit.

OH, and I am also kind of thankful that I will be pregnant through another summer.  The reason is because I can wear skirts and tank tops and be totally comfortable.  I HATE wearing pants when I am pregnant, so God knew what He was doing there.  Also, my sister and I being pregnant together is a blessing.  She, of course, was not upset to hear it was happening again.  Also, this house isn't so bad.  I hoped for a bigger house when our family grew some more, but this will work.  It has worked so far, and will continue to. We are cozy here, but cozy is nice.  And, since I totally don't feel mentally or physically ready for all of this, I am forced to totally rely on the Lord for strength and to actually accept the help from other people when they offer.

Will update as often as I can about how pregnancy is going.  It's all been such a whirlwind that I haven't even been to my first doctor's appointment.  Yipes.