Let them be little

Let them be little


Pregnancy-28 weeks

 I can't write this blog post without first being really honest.  I'm not particularly "enjoying" pregnancy today.  I feel sort of guilty saying that, but it feels kinda good to be honest about it.  I am praying that I take the last trimester (YES!  Last trimester!!!)  a day at a time.  I desire to enjoy the last couple months with JUST Annabelle.  I also desire to enjoy pregnancy and the amazing blessing and miracle that it is.  I wish I could answer all of these questions with happy faces, and say that everything is butterflies and sprinkles, but emotionally AND physically that is not my reality today. 

How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight gain: about 16 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Yes.  But, I hate most clothes right now.   I have a love/hate thing going with just being at home so I can walk around in underwear or super unflattering clothes.
Stretch marks? no. :)
Sleep: I'm so tired.  So tired all the time.  Sleep is ok.  I do wake up at least twice a night lately.  grrrrr.
Best moment this week: Mother's Day was super fun.  :)  Oh, so was the day before.  My sister treated my mom and I to pedicures (which is good because it is very tough to paint my own toenails.) And, we had a nice breakfast that morning, just the girls.  It was a really great weekend. 
Miss Anything? An un-pregnant body = being comfortable, sleeping on my stomach, not having heartburn, ibruprophen, drink treats, i miss energy, running, bending over.....i could go on for a while.
Movement:  yes.  I do LOVE feeling movement.  I think it's one of the greatest parts of pregnancy.
Food cravings:  no, no cravings.  and i get full so fast.  I picture my stomach being smooshed so much, that not much will fit. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: I woke up yesterday feeling very first trimester-ish.  Scents bothered me again, I had a terrible headache, and any kind of food made me feel gross.  AND, it was the day that I had to drink that nasty orange drink for the glucose test.  I was happy to crawl in bed last night. 
Gender:  Sweet baby boy.
Labor Signs:
no.  Some Braxton Hicks, but I'm thankful no real signs.  Baby needs to bake a while. 
Symptoms: .What did I not mention in the "Miss Anything?" section?  Uncomfortable.  Sore lower back.  Nothing fits over my hiney.  I hate bending over.  I'm cranky and needy. (good thing I have an incredible husband who dotes on my and has sympathy for my complaints.  He's amazing, and I am spoiled.  I wish he could be around me 24 hours a day. )
Belly Button in or out? in.  almost flat.
Wedding rings on or off?  on. :)
Happy or Moody most of the time:  uhhh, i don't know.  right now i am having a pity party, but I promise I'm not always walking around with a frown or a scowl. 
 Looking forward to: going to bed tonight.  :)  

Some pics from Mother's Day...

How could I not smile?  I am so blessed. 

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  1. You're cute!! I love the lace shirt! Hope today is a better day!