Let them be little

Let them be little


Look at this cute little ham.  I have so much fun with this girl.  Who couldn't?  ( I promise I fixed her hair.)

We tried to take a picture of ourselves while I was working on getting a belly pic for you/me.  Not sure why my camera decides to take SUPER CRUMMY pictures just when I want a good one.  But, here are a couple of 27 week belly pics...

I enjoy following some blogs of mommas that have children with DS kiddos.  I read this post by someone yesterday, and just LOVED it!  It isn't at all anything super sentimental or that makes me cry, which usually is the case.  Just some insight that I SO SO SO SO relate to.   I read it to Craig, and he really enjoyed it too.   Sometimes, I compare Annabelle with other DS kids around her age.  Not to extremes or anything, but I may see someone a little older than her, and 'hope' or expect her to do what they are doing when she gets to be that age.  Craig really encouraged me yesterday,  that I should stop doing that.  He's right. As much as I brag about Annabelle and her progress, and as PROUD as I am of her, I do hope so hard to see her reach certain heights.  I want to do my best to help her get to where she needs to/can be, but to get there because of Annabelle, and not because of someone else.  She's stinkin amazing. 


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