My Seven Month Old, The Bounce House and 3/21

Carter is wasting no time when it comes to milestones.  It's pretty awesome to watch, and such a gift to Craig and me.  Carter is crawling all over the place, and sometimes really quickly.  He is pulling up on to furniture, and trying to maneuver around any obstacles. We keep saying how crazy it is that he is moving around so much.  He is super curious, and is just having a super good time. 

Just getting a book...(Annabelle broke this door off a couple days ago, that's why it's just hanging there.  Dad fixed it. :/)

Comin to check me out on the couch.

The tiger bounce house.  It's a story...
This past weekend, we went to a birthday party, and they had a bouncey house for the kiddos.  Annabelle has experienced a bounce house only once before, and did not like it.  She cried when she went in, so it lasted about three seconds.  This time, she loved it.  Annabelle is still very unstable on uneven surfaces and especially surfaces that bounce under her feet.  But, it did not stop her from trying.  She would fall, get back up, fall, get back up.  Super cute.  She did not want to get out to come eat, so we just let her stay put and kept a little bit of on eye on her to make sure she did not get trampled by the bigger bouncers. 
At one point, I looked over and she had somehow made her way all the way to the back corner.  She was just sitting there, and my heart kind of broke for her.  She was observing the other kids jumping and laughing and playing tag.  I was wondering if in her sweet little mind, she was hoping she could get up and chase them, too.  I looked through the net window and asked her if she wanted to get out and if she needed help.  She did not want either.  I went in to sit with her and just watch her.  She didn't want to have anything to do with me or the help I was trying to give.  She has that very independent spirit, which I embrace.    So, I just watched and did not offer any more help.  I felt so bad for her and wanted to see her get up and play, but she was totally happy and content doing what she was doing. 
This whole bounce house thing may not seem like a big deal, but to me it was.  My heart hurt for her.  But, she was not sad or did she seem to feel left out.  I felt those things.  I don't want to be a helicopter mom.  She needs the independence that she had in that bounce house.  She needs to be the one to choose to be content doing what she is doing, and she doesn't need me to be sad for her all the time.  Does that even make sense?  I have a little video of her in the bouncey house, and my eyes well up with tears when I watch it.  Because I am wondering what is going on in her mind.  Does she feel left out?  Is she sad that she is not/can't do what the other kids are doing?  Or is she really as amazingly content as she looks? I'm thinking she really was having a good time, I've got a couple more pics to prove it...

Somehow my little fam ended up being the only ones in the tiger.  I'm serious, it was tough to get Annabelle out.  See, she was having a good time.  ;)

This girl's joy has changed my life, y'all.  Changed it in so many ways. 
One reason that I was maybe a little over-sympathetic that day, is because we have some changes coming in the Annabelle department.  She turns three in less than a month.  WHAT?  When did this happen?  I remember when we first started ECI services for Annabelle, she was three MONTHS old.  They talked me through all the paper work and explained that their services end when she turns three years old.  I thought that was forever away, and, now here it is!  She can go to public school.  LIKE , SCHOOL SCHOOL.  I think I am having a mental breakdown this month.  For real.  She can even ride on a BUS.  A bus with a car seat just for her.  WHAT?!?  She can be away from me for four hours a day, five days a week.  This all seems crazy to me, and it's taking a while to sink in.  We have been up to the school twice for different assesments and testing.  Yesterday, my heart was heavy when we left.  She's my baby.  Of couse, I want whats best for her.  Most advice I have recieved about putting her in now has been to do it.  Do it because it will be awesome for her.  She will only have not even two months before summer anyways.  I am excited that she will recieve very beneficial services, but it's just killin me to think of being away from her that much.  Yipes. So, where we are now, is just praying about what is best for her.  We will continue to do the meetings and anymore testing, and see what April brings for this family.  Will update with any new, exciting news in this area.

Look at these sweet boys.  They love each other, love playing, and both loved sand!

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day.  It was a great reason to take our little family out for supper and a frozen yogurt treat...
I love this girl so much.

Sweetest little fellas I know...

Annabelle has been playing with Carter a lot more lately, and it is so awesome to watch. He doesn't leave her much of a choice though.  He follows her where she goes and I often hear him laughing with her. I love it.  Love love love it.

This picture cracks me up.  I tried so hard to get a good picture of them in the grocery cart, and this is the best one.  They looked so cute, too.  Both in green for St. Patty's Day! 
Annabelle wanted to see herself in my phone and when she did, I captured some amazing pics of the faces she was making.....

One of my favorites. Her "sass" face.

Just relaxin in the swing on a GORGEOUS day...

Cotton Candy ice cream in Fredericksburg...

Best part of making a cake, right?!?!

Still loving Gymboree.  And if we start school soon, we will not be able to go anymore.  :(  Oh, wait, maybe in the Summer!!  :)

Happy almost weekend! 


Catch UP post. Ketchup.

Since my last post, we have celebrated two birthdays, mine and Craig's.  We have welcomed SPRING in Texas, a beautiful Spring!  Annabelle had her first assessment for the PPCD class she will likely be attending.  Carter went from scooting, to army crawling, to REALLY crawling, and is in to everything he can get his hands on.  We have gotten over icky winter/spring colds and then gotten them again. Then we threw "routine" out the door for a couple of days to enjoy some of the Spring Break that my mom had.

 This little family has been having a great time, and have been keeping busy, either by spending lots of time at home, or whatever else we do.  ;) I don't know about any other moms, but there are days when I am laying my head on my pillow at night, and regret the things I did NOT do during that day.  Time is flying, and my kids are growing up quickly. I do my best to soak in every moment, of each little stage of life.

I am realizing so much lately how time is going by so quickly, as we are approaching Annabelle's THIRD birthday.  I am not even believing that she is almost THREE!!  Here in Texas, this means a few things for a child with special needs.  She will no longer receive ECI services, and is able to attend a Pre-K class at public Elementary.  My stomach turns in knots when I think of her going off to school.  In fact, I freak out a little bit.  More on that at a later date.  A few weeks ago, we went for her first assessment, which was a play based assessment.  Annabelle is smart, and showed off all a little bit of her amazing smart skills while she played in this super awesome classroom, where she would for sure never get bored.   I don't know much about how the teachers viewed it, because we have not had a follow up yet.  We are to go back soon, and I will find out more information on the kind of class she could be attending, and all the details of what the goals and services will be for her.  Again, more on this subject at a later time.  :)

WE are doing great, and enjoying time together and super enjoying the amazing weather we have been having.  We have much to be thankful for here.  :)

PICS to come sometime soon.  Can't make any promises, but will do my best!!