Picture day!

This week we had picture day at school. Look how cute they are. It's hard to get good pics when you want them. so this is what I got before school. :)

He hangs out with me before school starts. And I love it. 

Annabelle putting her " makeup" on...


Just C.U.T.E.

My kids are cute. I like them a lot. I've said all this before, yes?

They went to their first costume party this past weekend with Craig and me. Annabelle was a fairy and Carter was a sailor. I could not find a costume for carter, and I totally refuse to pay $30-$40 on an outfit they will wear once or twice.  Not happenin'.  So, I found a sailor hat at a resale shop, and he wore a white polo and navy pants. The hat made the outfit anyway. See... 

This weekend was sweet with my awesome little family. The weather here has been SO amazing and I have been soaking it up.  We went to the park on Sunday to enjoy some outside time.  Here are a few pics...
Craig kneeling, talking to Carter.  Can you see them in the background?
There was an ice cream truck that came driving through the park and we HAD to get something.  This particular ice cream truck looked identical to the ones that were around when I was just a kid.  White van, playing music out of a rickety, fuzzy speaker and faded pictures of all the ice cream treats plastered on the side.  Kinda creepy.  Good thing everything comes packaged.  Somehow that makes me feel better about it.  Carter loved this Jolly Rancher bomb pop, even upside down...


Quick Post

When I was typing in the post title ^ above, it first said QUACK post.  That sounds about right.  ;)

So I can't believe, once again, that this much time has passed between postings.  Whoops.  AND, it is October. Down Syndrome awareness month.  In the past, October has had more postings than almost any other month, because I really do want this blog to give support, info and awareness to Down Syndrome.  Looks like I totally dropped the ball this October.  Maybe I can make up for it and post something, a little something, every day for the rest of the month.  I don't think much about sitting down to write a blog because my mind is always busy with something else.  I actually don't even take the time to read blogs anymore like I did before.  Life's just busy, y'all.  (said in the most southern twang you can immagine)

Right now, I am sitting on the couch, watching Annabelle steal Carter's paci right out of his mouth for the 4th time this morning.  He doesn't care right now, which is good, but Annabelle should not be walking around the house with a paci hanging out of her mouth.  They are doing what they do best when they play, and DESTROYING the house.  No, I'm not kidding.  It seems like every room they walk into gets messy the moment they enter.  They are like little tiny tornadoes.  For real. Love those little tornadoes.  I do.

BUDDY WALK is happening in just a couple weeks.  Or sooner?  I am losing track of this month.  It is speeding by.  We are having TEAM ANNABELLE again this year.  I am more excited for her to go this year.  Now that she is older, she will enjoy the activities much more.  Can't wait.  I love Buddy Walk.

Welp, gotta go wrangle those little tornadoes.  Happy Friday!