Let them be little

Let them be little


May is off to a good start.

Yes it is!  :)  We have had a super fun last couple days, and here are some pics to prove it....

Annabelle 'helped' me bake cookies the other day!  She was cute watching me mix, and she even poured some flour and sugar in the bowl. I put flour on our cheeks to make it look like we were really gettin in to it!  ;)

We also went to a fun splash pad the other day.  It was super fun!  I loved watching Annabelle run around and play in the water. 

OH, and you may be wondering if Annabelle has a little shiner.  Yes, she does.  She fell on Saturday morning and gave herself a nice black eye.  :(  It looks SO much better now than it did.  She's a sport. 

 Bath time with daddy!!! 

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  1. First of all...Annabelle is changing so much...looking so grown up! And cuter and cuter, for goodness sakes! OK, and I am completely in love with the dress she is wearing while you were baking. Please tell me you got it somewhere that I can get one for Immi too! And last...Evans is my grandpa's name! Love it :)