Let them be little

Let them be little



(Picture taken yesterday. We rode on a little train. My mouth is blue from cotton candy, and Annabelle has a cranky face, because that is what she was. But, we had a great time.) If you read this blog, you know that sometimes I refer to Kelle Hampton's blog posts. I read her blog often. It encourages and inspires me, and her little girls are adorable! She wrote a post about doing a May challenge of reading two books to her kiddos every evening in May. She said, "There's something very motivating about these challenges which work a bit like dominoes, prompting other good ideas and establishing new focused intentions for our family." A while back, I found a list of prayers and scriptures titled, "Covering Your Husband in Prayer for 31 Days". I printed it out, and it was lost in papers and forgotten. I came across this list shortly before reading Kelle's post. So, I committed to praying through this list every day in May. 31 Days, perfect. You may be thinking, "You need a challenge to pray for your husband?!?!" Ha, well, yes. In a way. I do pray for Craig daily, but there are certain things FOR or ABOUT Craig that do not come to mind every day to pray for. This list has brought things to my mind that I may not have thought of before. AND, there are scriptures with the prayers, which is even more awesome. I am excited to see how the Lord may work through this. And it is a challenge that is forcing me to spend time with Jesus every day. Cause prayer IS hanging out with Jesus talking to Him. :) SO, if there is someone in your life you feel the need to deeply pray for, HERE is the list. It's super good for more than just husbands.
Pregnancy Update: -26 weeks! -Been craving Raspberry flavor like crazy. Raspberry sno-cones, Jam, Tea, whatever!! I even got a coke with raspberry in it at Sonic the other day. Yumm. But, I don't think much of what I "crave" has anything to do with pregnancy anymore. It's a craving like any other time of life. -Super, obnoxiously tired most days. One day last week I was so tired that I wanted to cry. That sounds a little dramatic. But, its true. -Feeling big, and heavy. -Excited for another ultrasound at the end of this month. :) Craig and I were pretty sure what the name of this boy would be, but I've never been SET on it. So, any cool boy name suggestions are welcome. I can not think of ANY!! I just want the middle name to be EVANS, so whatever goes with that. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! :)

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