So, carter went from crawling to full on walking just this past week. After my last post about his five big steps, I told Craig he would probably be a walker by the end of the month. Didn't take that long. He is walking all over the place and its adorable!! I have videos, but you will have to just see them on KEEK, Facebook or Instagram for now. I went to target today to buy him some shoes that actually fit, and he isn't too sure yet how to walk the same with shoes on. It's pretty cute. 
Anyways. We are proud! :) 



Just wanted to pop in to tell you that Carter took FIVE steps yesterday!!!  He has been trying to take some steps over the past two weeks or so, and we were so so excited when he took FIVE steps to get to his momma!  I'm proud.  :)

Happy July.
Will post pictures of my precious kiddos soon.