Let them be little

Let them be little



Well,like I've said...I love Sundays! Here is our Sunday in a few pics...totally out of order
a 2 mile GORGEOUS walk in the park...

Annabelle modeling my newest creation, a felt flower i made and sewed to a hat that i did not make. she wasnt too happy to model.

Annabelle and daddy playing in the park. are u kidding me with her cuteness!!??

and...a little crafting in front of the Vikings game...

and its awesome. babe is a little cranky and daddy just made a roast for supper so im gonna go. i made it 31 days of blogging for DS awareness! If youre finding this post without reading our birth story first, then you wont understand me much...HERE is our story. And it continues and its BEAUTIFUL. I would never change a thing!


saturday night's alright...

i'm sneaking on here in the midst of a casual dinner of chili dogs and mac&cheese to make sure i get my post in for the day...
our saturday evening...
The TEXAS RANGERS game is on. They are winning.
Annabelle is asleep in her swing.
My sister and her BF are here.
AND its the second night this weekend for us to be hanging out with our great friends, rachel and josh!
but, we love them, and are thankful they are in our life.


Happy Halloweekend...

i just love my little lady bug.


that's better

Thanks for going away, hot weather. I have my windows open today and an awesome breeze blowing through the house. I love it. :)


so 'regular'

When we were walking into the Buddy Walk event, I was looking around at all the people and trying to figure out what this event was all about. I noticed 2 couples (looked like high schoolers)holding hands, walking towards us. As we got closer, I saw that all four of them had Down Syndrome. I thought it was SO CUTE! They were just hangin out, like any other typical teenage couple would. I loved it. I think that was one of my favorite parts of the day. Then today, I came across THIS video.

"Because we want to protect them so much, we are typically the first ones to treat them poorly by subconsciously denying them their rights to have a normal life."



Not so sure I am happy with the forecast for tomorrow. Not sure i am so happy about the last week we have had of hot weather. I want to wear scarves. Tomorrow's high for my town is 90. Thats gross. I'm so over it. I want some FALL!!!


I love my family

Craig is in the living room dancing (to 80's music) in front of Annabelle sitting in her swing. He would kill me if he knew this was my post today. She is so entertained. so am i. :D I am SO blessed. I would never change a thing. I am soaking it all in.


I'm a LUCKY girl

Today was a fabulous day at the Buddy Walk. It was so awesome to be a part of it, and see a huge turnout. I loved watching the other families. All of us there LOVING a sweet someone. I feel so lucky right now, and today. That I have someone so special in my life. What a privilege! I am also so thankful for my family who was there to support Craig and me BECAUSE they are also in love with Annabelle.

some of my faves from today...


oh, buddy buddy buddy

Today has been a super long day, and i am surprised to even be finding time to post. WHILE, I am playing a game of cards with some family. so, i gotta be quick.

Had a garage sale today. sold some things. things i thought were junk are now someone's treasure. i like garage sales.

we also went to take some Fallish pictures of my sweet little lady bug....

These are two of my absolute favorites from today! i am pretty sure she is the cutest thing i have ever seen.

I have been really super thankful to have my mother in law here. its a blessing to spend time with her and share some laughs. and of course I LOVE how much she adores my sweet baby girl.

Tomorrow is Buddy Walk, and I am pretty excited about it. I hope I can give lots of hugs. To people I don't know, but know that I adore!

Ok....my turn to shuffle and deal....


so, i skipped a day.

I was SO tired after Craig and I got home from a great date last night, that I decided to just go to bed early. I had forgotten all about blogging, as it is not at the forefront of my mind. ha. BUT, i did think about it as I was falling asleep and debated getting up to say a little something. I had no desire to pull myself out of my warm bed. But, I will try to continue this 31 for 21 challenge.

This week has been weird. I have been OVERLY tired, and just want to go back to sleep every morning. Craig and I have both been feeling a little off physically, him with some sinus things, and me with headaches and sore throat. so something must be going around. But, this morning I woke up feeling awesome. Bright eyed and bushy tailed. I went to sleep feeling that way too. :)

Its funny how we can feel this 'good' when we are dealing with some personal things. I have lately been dealing with some personal issues and some fears and insecurities. things I NEED to be praying about and trusting God with. In defense of these feelings, I throw up a wall of excuses and avoid dealing with the issues.
When God needs to "work on us", it sorta sucks. He has to often remind us to continue trusting Him daily, and He has to often take things out of our lives that are not of Him. Does that make sense? Anyway, its not a super duper fun process, but it is for our best. But, when He does get our attention, and we talk to Him about what He is doing, it just feels SO much better! I know as I continue to learn more and more about parenting, I will learn more about our Heavenly Father and the way He "works". He knows what is best for us. I read this this morning:

"But as parents, we don't always say "Yes" to our kids. Neither does God. Does God know that you love Him even when he says No?"

Anyway, Here is some more Down Syndrome info, from Wikipedia this time...


English physician John Langdon Down first characterized Down syndrome as a distinct form of mental disability in 1862, and in a more widely published report in 1866.[76] Due to his perception that children with Down syndrome shared physical facial similarities (epicanthal folds) with those of Blumenbach's Mongolian race, Down used the term mongoloid, derived from prevailing ethnic theory.[77] Attitudes about Down syndrome were very much tied to racism and colonialism until as recently as the 1970s.

By the 20th century, Down syndrome had become the most recognizable form of mental disability. Most individuals with Down syndrome were institutionalized, few of the associated medical problems were treated, and most died in infancy or early adult life. With the rise of the eugenics movement, 33 of the (then) 48 U.S. states and several countries began programs of forced sterilization of individuals with Down syndrome and comparable degrees of disability. The ultimate expression of this type of public policy was "Action T4" in Nazi Germany, a program of systematic murder. Court challenges, scientific advances and public revulsion led to discontinuation or repeal of such sterilization programs during the decades after World War II.

Until the middle of the 20th century, the cause of Down syndrome remained unknown. However, the presence in all races, the association with older maternal age, and the rarity of recurrence had been noticed. Standard medical texts assumed it was caused by a combination of inheritable factors which had not been identified. Other theories focused on injuries sustained during birth.[78]

With the discovery of karyotype techniques in the 1950s, it became possible to identify abnormalities of chromosomal number or shape. In 1959, Jérôme Lejeune discovered that Down syndrome resulted from an extra chromosome.[79][80] The extra chromosome was subsequently labeled as the 21st, and the condition as trisomy 21.

In 1961, eighteen geneticists wrote to the editor of The Lancet suggesting that Mongolian idiocy had "misleading connotations," had become "an embarrassing term," and should be changed.[81] The Lancet supported Down's Syndrome. The World Health Organization (WHO) officially dropped references to mongolism in 1965 after a request by the Mongolian delegate.[82] However, almost 40 years later, the term ‘mongolism’ still appears in leading medical texts such as General and Systematic Pathology, 4th Edition, 2004, edited by Professor Sir James Underwood. Advocacy groups adapted and parents groups welcomed the elimination of the Mongoloid label that had been a burden to their children. The first parents group in the United States, the Mongoloid Development Council, changed its name to the National Association for Down Syndrome in 1972.[83]

In 1975, the United States National Institutes of Health convened a conference to standardize the nomenclature of malformations. They recommended eliminating the possessive form: "The possessive use of an eponym should be discontinued, since the author neither had nor owned the disorder."[84] Although both the possessive and non-possessive forms are used in the general population, Down syndrome is the accepted term among professionals in the USA, Canada and other countries; Down's syndrome is still used in the United Kingdom and other areas.[85]
[edit] Society and culture"

I am SO THANKFUL how far we have come with knowledge and awareness.


Caramel Chocolates

Craig came home from the grocery store the other day with a bag of Dove caramel filled chocolates. SO delish! One of my favorite thngs about Dove is the little sayings inside the packages. Craig,on the other hand, was opening them and quickly crumbling that little foil wrapping. I gave him a hard time about it of course and reopened them to read them. One of them said, "Set your goals high, but not your expectations." That's my favorite one so far.

We are really looking forward to this coming weekend! Craig's mom is coming to town, which we are so excited about. It will be busy with a garage sale at our house and the Buddy Walk. I am really praying the weather is as nice as it has been! :)



I'm just gonna say it.
Prego is a spaghetti sauce.

we've all got our peeves, this is one of mine. When i get pregnant again someday, i hope im not called spaghetti sauce. :D


Today was Aannabelle's 6 month appointment. I dread these appointments cause I know that means shots. :( I hate to see my poor baby girl cry. Craig had to work, and my dad had the day off, so I brought him with me for support. she did calm down pretty quick this time, which is good. I am thinking that I had a harder time than she did. ha. we have been doing a little extra cuddling today, and will continue to.


not enough time.

there is often just not enough time in the day. this day went by way too fast, and i wish i could drink some coffee, and act like i have a few more hours to go. but, im super tired. boo.

Vikings beat the Cowboys! I like the Cowboys, and go for them most sundays. But, today, I was rootin for those Vikes. After last year, and how super close they were to the Super Bowl, I became a fan. Annabelle wore a yellow bow in her hair today and a purple shirt. I didnt actually do it on purpose, but later in the day, i said i did. :)

I am not sure if I shared this the other day or not. I was reading some facts online about Down Syndrome, and read something SO interesting.....

"Adults with Down Syndrome

The life expectancy for people with Down syndrome has increased substantially. In 1929, the average life span of a person with Down syndrome was nine years. Today, it is common for a person with Down syndrome to live to age fifty and beyond. In addition to living longer, people with Down syndrome are now living fuller, richer lives than ever before as family members and contributors to their community. Many people with Down syndrome form meaningful relationships and eventually marry. Now that people with Down syndrome are living longer, the needs of adults with Down syndrome are receiving greater attention. With assistance from family and caretakers, many adults with Down syndrome have developed the skills required to hold jobs and to live semi-independently." (quote taken from THIS website)

I almost started to cry. 9 years old!!! The average life expectancy?!?!? Thats just sad to me. Back then (1929), they did not know things we know now. It breaks my heart. I am SO THANKFUL for all the people who do research FOR parents like us who have children with special needs. In a week from today, we will be doing the Buddy Walk. The Buddy Walk is done all over the country. I am excited to know I will be a small, teeny weeny part of something that is changing the lives of Down Syndrome people all over. Knowing that there are people doing studies, researching and participating in bettering the lives of these sweeties makes me so happy. THANK YOU!!!! I cant wait to see other infants, children, teenagers and adults whose families have given them this amazing chance to really make the most of this life. As sad as it is, I have read numerous articles about the percentage of Down Syndrome prenatal diagnosis that end in abortion. You wont believe it, but its over 90%. When you hear the fact that 1 in 800 live births is a Down Syndrome birth, now you know WHY. They are selfishly not given a chance. When I look into the eyes of my precious and amazing little girl, I cant immagine NOT having her. (ok, rabbit trail)

I cant wait for this Buddy Walk to honor the people who are helping our children live till they are (average) "50 years and beyond" and not just to 9.


doin what i gotta do

im sitting in a busy parking lot right now in the backseat of my moms little car,while she and my sister are shopping. im smooshed up back here nursing my little babe. im not gonna lie,i get a little embarasssed and try to hide my face as people are walking by. sure,im covered up with my pink elephant hooter hider. but i still get shy. im also not gonna lie that sometimes i feel its very hard to be a breastfeeding mom,but other times its SO easy and SO convenient and SO sweet and SO rewarding. but its work. its something i have commited to do for Annabelle and hope to do it till her first birthday. like how i decided to write a post so that i can look down instead of up as people are walking by the car?

hey, gotta do what you gotta do where you gotta do it when you gotta do it!



Happy 6 month birthday to Annabelle Grace! Crazy how fast that went by. Best 6 months of my life. I am so in love with my little girl. I really think I have the coolest baby ever. so cool, that i might be intimidated by her coolness. ;)

SO, we want to get rid of our cats. we have since Annabelle was born. nothing wrong with them, we just dont want house pets right now. I love them, but they dont get as much attention now that we have something else occupying all that attention and love. I am not sure how you go about getting rid of your loved pets. I dont want to just drop them somewhere, i want to know they are going somewhere good, where people want them. anyway, if you have any suggestions, please let me know. OR, if you know someone who would want them, that would be even better.




My sister and I MIGHT run a 5k on saturday. Random for us. But, we have been jogging together lately, and I just love it. To get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine and the good company of my sister. I think we could do it. She doesnt know yet, but I think she would participate. :)

I just read a good article, and thought I would share it. Its a hard story to hear. Read it HERE.


Thanks, Target

I just got back from purchasing some temporary happiness at Target. :) shopping can be so therapeutic. yayy for cute new shoes, and a sweet husband to provide.



sigh...its 10:30, and im sitting down to get online with my yummy cup of decaf with cream. today was not my favorite of days, and i am ready for bed. dont have too much to say about it except that it happens. we all have these days. and today was one of those days where Annabelle and I both had "that" day. For both of us to have an off day on the same tuesday makes for a tired mommy.

On a happier note....I was given a large tote of ADORABLE clothes for Annabelle. This lady is incredibly generous. i tell you what, when Annabelle wears size 2T, she will be the cutest, best dressed little girl around. Such a blessing.

Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day...



I was at the dentist today, (I KNOW, AGAIN! It should be the last time for a while.) wearing my blue and yellow ribbon. The hygenist asked me what it was for, so i told her about DS awareness month, and my 6 month old daugher. Her reaction was awesome. She was like, "aww, thats SO COOL! My cousin has Down Syndrome and she is awesome!!!" It was so cute. I often often wonder how people will react when I say that. I have read some women's blogs about people having just rude reactions, mostly cause of stupidity or lack of knowledge. But, it has made me really think about how I will react if someone says something without thinking. I dont want to expect that to haappen, but not be too surprised by it if it does. i hope that makes sense. anyway, i was so encouraged today by the girl's reaction. she just told me how sweet her cousin was and how awesome DS kiddos are. she also had a few questions about our situation and stuff. pretty cute. :)

Annabelle enjoyed a little outing with my dad, and he said she just did great. she does love outings. i love taking her places.



i love sundays. today has been a good one. I made a few more bows,played with peanut, let peanut take a nap in my arms, had a really great run on the treadmill, watched some old movies, now watching football. a mix of some good laziness and some getting things done.

ill be honest, im a little surprised i have made it this long with the blogging. 10 days! :)

a cute poem i saw...
Special Angel

(Down Syndrome Birth)

by Sandy Eakle

As beautiful angels wings were
flying over the streets of gold,
the baby angels could only
watch since they weren't very old.

Then one day God stopped to
talk to a little one without wings,
just listen to the angels sing".

Confused yet excited the little
one said to the Lord,
"But I'm different from the others
God and not a miracle to behold".

"Oh, but yes you are," He said
with a hug and smile on his face.
"You're the greatest gift I can give
and a loving home you will grace".

You mean, tho I'm different and
will never be beautiful or smart
Someone will want me and give
me a place in their heart?"

"Gee God.....that person must be
special to be glad to have me,
Cause most folks would frown
and upset they would be."

God said, "your little heart was
filled with more love than most.
Cause I knew this family would
love you and hold you real close.

So go my little angel and take
the greatest gift I can bestow.
You're that "special" angel few
people have the honor to know."

by Sandy Eakle


New TuTu!

A sweet friend made Annabelle a super duper adorable tutu! It is SO cute, and I want her to wear it all the time! She is such a princess.

Thanks, Rachel! :)


Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Its my seester's birthday today. Annabelle and i just got back from surprising her at her school for lunch time. It was fun, and a successful surprise. which is good for me cause im bad at surprises. Lisa is a wonderful sister, one of my best friends, and such a fantastic aunt to my little girl. She just loves her.

Annabelle and I have been wearing our blue and yellow awareness ribbons. I will try to get a pick of her on here soon.

i dont have a lot to write today.
happy weekend. :)


.october 7.

I almost forgot to post today. I havent been online much today, and have been kinda busy so it just slipped my mind! but, i made it! :)

We had a good day today. I met up with an old friend from years ago who now has 2 kiddos of her own, one just about a month older than Annabelle. and such a cutie! So, Annabelle made a new friend, and we enjoyed some awesome sunshine. It was a great time!

Im listening to her on the monitor right now, hoping she will fall asleep. Sometimes she just plays and talks in her crib until she gets to sleep. Sometimes, i have to help out with that a little. We will see how this goes...

More about Down Syndrome:
(from National Association for Down Syndrome)

"It is important to remember that while children and adults with Down syndrome experience developmental delays, they also have many talents and gifts and should be given the opportunity and encouragement to develop them.

Most children with Down syndrome have mild to moderate impairments but it is important to note that they are more like other children than they are different. Early Intervention services should be provided shortly after birth. These services should include physical, speech and developmental therapies. Most children attend their neighborhood schools, some in regular classes and others in special education classes. Some children have more significant needs and require a more specialized program.

Some high school graduates with Down syndrome participate in post-secondary education. Many adults with Down syndrome are capable of working in the community, but some require a more structured environment."


.October 6.

I got a Pumpkin Spice latte today from Starbucks. I hear about them all the time, how wonderful they are. I think I tried one a couple years ago. I am not as big of a fan as I thought I would be. Im not one who gets lattes usually. I LOVE and adore just a cup of good coffee with half and half, no sugar. Or if I get espresso, I want to really taste it, so I dont get much in it to mess it all up. Its just not my idea of a nice treat. So, if you are like me at all, and want a nice treat, and something different from your regular cup of coffee, but not something too sweet and overbearing, I would suggest getting like half of the sweet syrup in your drink. I think that is what I will do if i ever want to try the oh so popular Pumpkin Spice latte again.

DOWN SYNDROME FACT:(from National Association for Down Syndrome website.)

Down syndrome is usually caused by an error in cell division called nondisjunction. It is not known why this occurs. However, it is known that the error occurs at conception and is not related to anything the mother did during pregnancy. It has been known for some time that the incidence of Down syndrome increases with advancing maternal age. However, 80% of children with Down syndrome are born to women under 35 years of age."


October 5- Day 5 of "31 for 21".

"Human beings are more alike than unalike and what is true anywhere is true everywhere." -Maya Angelou

I just watched the cutest video that The Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota posted on their facebook wall. More alike than different.
This gives me such big hopes and dreams for my baby girl. I will do anything to see her really thrive.

Annabelle and I have been a little spoiled the last 3 mornings. Craig's work van has been in the shop, therefore he has not had work. Its a bittersweet thing, cause we really like him here, but we also need him to work. I think the Lord is just giving him a break. And us a treat! :)



just got baack from the dentist. got a bit of work done. my mouth is so sore and numb. i hate the dentist.:( so over it.


Sunday, October 3

I love Sundays. For a while now, it has been Craig's only day off. SO, Annabelle and i soak it up! We both have such a love for him, and enjoy lots of time with him when we get it.

Today, we went on a little outing to run some errands. I always like having someone else with me when I have to run errands. It makes things a little bit easier with Punkin with me.

I went to get some blue and yellow ribbon to make some awareness ribbons for the month of October. My family will be wearing them (hopefully) every day this month. Blue and yellow are the colors for Down Syndrome Awareness. :) I also got some orange ribbon to make some Halloweeny bows AND to make some UT bows for one of our little friends, who's parents are big UT fans. :)

Yesterday was a busy day. market days was too busy for me and peanut, therefore I did not enjoy it like i thought i would. :( i feel bad about that, but its just the way it is i guess. There was a 'moment' yesterday. I was sitting on a bench slightly hidden from the mass crowd of people and shopping booths. I noticed a lady pushing what looked like a wheelchair thingy, (more like and adult stroller i guess). The sweet girl in the 'stroller' looked to be around 13-15 years old. She had down syndrome. I watched them(of course) trying not to make it obvious. The girl looked handicap and also like she had autism maybe. The woman walked over to me where I was sitting with one hand on Annabelle's stroller. She asked if she could sit next to me. Annabelle and the young girl were next to each other, looking at each other, while the woman and I were sitting to rest. I felt like it was a "God moment". I wanted to talk to the lady and ask her questions and really know what her daughter was all about. ( I am only assuming it was her daughter). I felt my throat start to close and tears well up behind my sunglasses, and I did not say anything. We sat there for plenty long enough for me to strike up a convo, but I didnt. I didnt know what to say, or how to say it. I wondered if she knew, or could tell that Annabelle also had Down Syndrome. ( I OFTEN wonder if strangers notice.) Anyways, she got up after a while and left. I felt like I let a moment pass. Maybe I did. Maybe God just allowed her to sit next to me so I could see that she still had a life. I got a little stressed out during the day, trying to maneuver the stroller through the crowd, and this woman is STILL doing that with a teenager. That thought frightens me. The "what if's". BUT, the Lord kept giving me hugs and letting me know that my future is IN HIS HANDS, and ITS GOOD. It is what is best for me and for Craig. Whatever it holds. The woman still had joy. She did not seem unhappy or stressed at all. I dont want to keep wondering what our future holds with having a child with special needs. I think the worry and anxiousness will just take away some joy. So, although i did not speak to the woman, the Lord still used the moment. Thank you, Jesus. :)

(whoa, the vulnerability in my honesty is too much! yikes.)

SOOOOO, I sold a few things at that sale. sold some bows, which now makes me know that people will actually buy my creations. yay!

Ok, im gonna go enjoy time with my little family. :) no football that either of us wanted to watch today, so we rented Date Night from Redbox. Will prob write more tomorrow! Thanks if you are reading!



i wanted to get this written while i have the chance today. im in the car (not driving) and its only 8:28 am and ive already been busy. i do like mornings. especially crisp october mornings. there has been a huge children/maternity consignment sale in gtown this week called Just Between Friends. its awesome. they only do it 2 times a year and i went last when i was pregnant. this time i decided to be a consignor and volunteer. i brought some things to sell but not sure if i sold anything yet. ANYWAY...super fun! today was half price day and it opened at 7. i had my eye on a Chicco umbrella stroller and a few other goodies so i woke up real early to stand in line and barge in when the doors opened. (up before the sun. banana,coffee and cash in hand. annabelle snuggled up next to me in my new Maya wrap.) I was goin staight for the stroller an so did another girl far ahead of me in line. :( i did not make it. sad. BUT i got a way cute little winter skirt and some snuggly winter pants for her. and a few infant toys and things. annabelle was a good sport to let me drag her along so early. it was fun. now im in the car on my way with Lisa and Mom to spend the day in Wimberly for market days. good saturday i'd say. the part of the sunrise i saw today was just gorgeous. so bright pink. i like morning. and starbucks pumpkin scones and coffee.

i want to try and say something about Down Syndrome every post this month. I am such a proud momma and my heart and life has changed so much since i heard Dr. Amy say those words..."I think Annabelle might have Down Syndrome." I would never take a single moment back or ever ask for things to be different. im so inlove. there is something i love about that distinct face u see in Down Syndrome and it melts my heart.



October has always been one of my favorite months! I love it. the weather's nice, its Fall, there's football, Halloween, Pumpkins. and I secretly like the colors orange and black together. you cant wear them together any other month of the year to avoid looking too "Halloweeny"! but, now, October becomes my favorite month even more. It is Down Syndrome Awareness month! I dont know how I will help, but i want to. for my daughter and her future and for the lives of sweet kids and adults with DS.

there IS something called 31 for 21. 4th Annual 31 for 21 Blog Challenge. The goal is to post one post a day to raise awareness about Down syndrome. It doesn't necessarily have to involve DS, but at least to post every day. You dont have to know someone that has DS to raise awarness, but, if you read this blog, then you all DO know a sweet little someone. If ANYONE would like to do it as well, here is the button below you can click on it and it will take you the the site to get your own button for your blog.

Grab This Button

So, I guess you will be hearing from me for the next 31 days. Happy October!