Life with Three

I am often asked how life with three is.  How the transition has been for the four of us who were a family before sweet Skylar joined us.  So, I wanted to give a little post about my thoughts on these questions.  I want to look back on this post one day and remember how I felt.

SO FAR, it's been really great.  Actually a little better than I might have expected.  That for sure does NOT mean that I don't have moments that are really tough. But overall, the transition from two to three kids has been wonderful.  The hardest thing so far is getting out of the house.  And I am pretty much forced to get out of the house at least three times a week to take Annabelle to school.  My mornings are very very busy those days.  I have FOUR people to get ready.  All fed, changed, and presentable.  It's tough.  Annabelle is late to school probably 90% of the time.  But, it's preschool and her teacher is so sweet and understanding.  Whew!  Besides school, MOPS and my parent's house, I have not been anywhere by myself with all three kids yet.  Actually, I don't know when I will.  How can I run errands with all three?  I haven't quite figured that out yet.  I usually save errands or shopping for days when Annabelle is at school so that I only have to take two with me.  It is hard to be so outnumbered! And, thank God for drive thru Starbucks and drive thru Chick Fil A!

The kids have also adjusted really really well.  They are very sweet to their baby sister.  Someone actually asked me this morning how the kids were doing with her, and I realized that Sky is now a part of their lives so much, that they seem to think she has been there forever.  They "help" me out as much as a two and four year old can.  They grab me diapers, blankets, clothes and they know when she needs her paci.  It is super cute when Carter puts her paci in her mouth.  He says, "I did it!" almost every time.

Skylar has also learned very quickly how to nap through a LOT of noise!  Seems like my house is never really quiet, and she is a pro at staying asleep.  I am learning how to be a momma to three young kids, and learning something new every day.  Is dinner time all the way to bed time crazy in every home, or just mine?  It's a little crazier now, but I am managing.  Craig has come home to a disaster AND a burned dinner a couple times in the last six weeks.  I told Craig that I wish he could come home to a wonderfully clean home, dinner on the table, and precious well behaved kids every single day.  But, most days don't look like that in our home.  I am trying. And learning.  And growing.  And SO BUSY. And SO tired.  :)

Skylar is such a great baby so far.  I have no complaints.  I mean, I would love to sleep more at night, but maybe I will be able to sleep in like 18 years.  Or in heaven.  I am so so thankful for a great baby.  The Lord has really blessed this little family, and is continuing to bless us as we are transitioning into a family of FIVE.

Look at my two cuties.  This was on picture day for Annabelle.  Isn't she beautiful?!?!

I really cherish the mornings that we get to just stay at home.  I can enjoy my coffee and POSSIBLY enjoy it while it is still hot.  I might even get to eat a hot breakfast.  And I love that I get to sit and hold Sky while I watch these two play...

Carter and Annabelle love to hold her.  It lasts maybe under a minute, but they love it.

This picture was taken sometime in the middle of the night or early early morning.  She had a full belly at this point, and just stared at me and smiled.  I was so so tired, but had a hard time putting her back down to go to sleep.  So, I soaked up the moment a little.  :)

They love to be by her.

Do you not just love this super cute picture of her in her pumpkin hat!?!  Her first Halloween!

I didn't even ask them to pose like this by the tree.  They just did.  And I happened to capture the most adorable Halloween pictures....

And I wanted to match my little Pipi~
And Craig got to match his little Pirate!

Life of a nursing Mom...feeding the babe in a dressing room while shopping.

LOVE that she still falls asleep on my shoulder.

So I do have a confession...
I didn't take Annabelle to school yesterday.  Wanna know why? Because it was RAINING!  I know, I know, sounds so silly.  And in the moment, I felt really silly.  It was cold and raining, and I wondered if it was worth it to get all four of us out of the house and most likely soaked.  I decided, no, it wasn't worth it.  And, we were actually all ready to go and getting in the car when I made the decision.  I should have planned ahead and asked for help from one of my family members, but I didn't. :/  I could have worked it out if I thought of it. 

TWO things I have learned since having Skylar....
1.  Don't feel bad for the decisions you make that may seem silly at the time, but are actually BETTER for you and your family.  
2. ASK FOR HELP, and ACCEPT help when it is offered.  I often have such a hard time accepting OR asking for help, but I have gotten SO much better at it since having her.  It is almost like something changed the moment she was born and I just knew I needed to be more ok with others stepping in.  

Anyways, so that's a little bit about our life now with three kiddos.  I love being a mommy to them, and I really do think that I had the best kids I could have ever asked for.  Life is far from perfect, and is often hard, but I do still love it.  I mean, COFFEE helps!  :)