The Third

Been thinking a lot about my sweet third child, Skylar.  How different she is than the first two, how different we are as parents, and the dynamics of a family of five vs. two, three, or four.  She is not a 'baby' any more.  She is RAPIDLY growing out of her baby-ness (?) and IN to a toddler.  It's a mix of incredible JOY and sadness to see the youngest pass the milestones and stages of infanthood.

I have known that I just HAVE to write a post about all of this, as the memories of your kids at this age very quickly fade.  Skylar started walking on October 28.  Exactly 13 months and one week old.  She has not looked back since.  It's killin' me.  I can't get over how dang cute she looks toddling around the house.  The other day, she turned the corner into the kitchen, holding a little mini tin lunch box, and Craig and I just melted all over her.  Every time we see her walking, it is still so new to us.  She waddles.  And her cute high pony tail waves back and forth as she waddles.  Ya'll, she's so cute.  And she's growin up!

Poor third kid.  The third kid....Has less boundries and more freedom.  Has no schedule.  Like, NO schedule.  Is much more easy going, go with the flow.  They kind of just have to be, right?  Her big siblings have school, events, and do not nap.  Therefore, Skylar has to just go along with whatever is going on that day.  Annabelle is in school full time, and Carter goes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a short period of time.  I LOVE my time with Sky.  LOVE it.  I get to run errands, OR just come home and do mommy/homemaker projects and jobs during that time.

Today, I ran to Kohl's.  She does NOT like to be in the shopping cart any longer. I either have to hold her and push the cart, or let her toddle through racks as I try to look for deals.  Today, I spent a lot of time in the kid section.  Looking for the changing season and growing kid sized clothes.  Make sense?  Anyways, she would grab something from the bottom rack, and try to 'run' off.  It was so cute.  She just waddles a little quicker, almost losing her balance, while holding a size 3 month onesie.  I love it.  I'm soaking it up.

I could just write forever about how everything she does is so cute.  But, you get it.  Right?  She's growing up. It happens SO fast.  TOO fast.  Even though I know I will forget, I don't WANT to forget.

The only thing I want is....SLEEP.

(Will post pics or videos of the incredible cuteness of my kiddos SOON!) Glad you still read this.

For now... My cuties on Halloween



It's been such a long time since I have posted anything here, that now I am wondering if I still have any readers?  I have a lot to do this morning, but wanted to stop in and ask....Anyone still read this? Anyone interested in still reading this?  Cause I would like to try and write again when I can.  I miss using this space to reflect a little.  Let me know!