Let them be little

Let them be little


Happy New Year!!!

24 weeks today! I cant belive that means there are only approx.16 weeks left. I just want to hold her.

Our trip out to Colorado was great! These days off have been SO needed! I think Peanut needed them too. She was so happy when we were in Colorado. The MOST active I have felt her. We sat and just watched my belly bounce, which was so awesome. I love to feel her move around. So, she likes Colorado and she likes the Schmidts! :)

I had a doctor's appointment today. Craig had to work and missed his very first appointment. :( So, I brought my mom and she got to hear the heartbeat. I had to schedule almost every appointment left. I go back in 4 weeks, and do the oh so wonderful glucose testing. Then, I have to meet with her every 2 weeks up until my 36thweek. THEN, i go in EVERY week until Peanut is born. crazy. It is getting so close!

I am really loooking forward to what 2010 has in store for Craig and me. There will be so many changes within just the first few months of the year.

I will be posting pictures soon. When I get around to actually taking belly pics. Have a wonderful NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!



so, after i just posted that last post, i came across this online devotion. amazing how the Lord can place something in your lap like this.....(click on the link)

22 weeks!

I am so sorry that it has been this long since i have posted. I have been meaning to! I wanted to post pics of this awesome belly, but havent been taking many. I need to get on top of these things!

The last couple weeks have been pretty stressful. This week wasnt as bad, but last week was not so fun. I am thinking my emotions are just on a different kind of level when I am pregnant. I have heard that you can be ridiculously emotional about silly things, and I guess I am just experiencing that a little. It is weird how my body works during the week, and then how it is on the weekend. I can tell a difference. My job leaves me pretty stressed for the majority of the time that I am there. My blood pressure rises and drops all day long. Sometimes rises so high that I think i might not breath. this sounds so silly, but last week this was the case. THEN, on the weekend, everything is just better. peaceful, quiet, no pressure, sort of care-free! I think my body does not know how to handle that kind of drastic change. Does this even make sense? It is just weird. I noticed this a long time ago, but more lately. I am thankful to have a job. very thankful for some of the precious kiddos I have. BUT, let me tell you, i am looking forward to the day that I dont have to go back.

3 more work days until I get to jump on a plane and go have a vacation!!!!!!!! I can not wait. I have almost 2 weeks of vacation time and i feel that it is coming at the MOST wonderful, needed time!! Thank you, Lord.

I also just wanted to talk a little bit about the Lord's faithfulness. There are things that Craig and I have been prayinf for for months. Thinking there was no answers at times. This past week, we have seen so many ways that the Lord is answering those prayers very specifically, and also seeing what a hope the future holds for our family. It is pretty neat to see His hand in the big things, but also in those small, intimate things. He is good and faithful. I am thankful.

I will try to post some pictures soon.


Belly Pictures!

I took some pictures of this unbelievable baby belly the other day. Just after the 20 week mark. I cant believe how its growing. I just wanted to share some of the pics. We are doing well. I am enjoying the weekend SO SO much! It has been so chilly here and i love that. Puts me in the Holiday, and BAKING kind of mood!
ENJOY the pictures. Oh, and the last one of my sweet kitty enjoying the first fire of the season.


Halfway There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry it has been a little while. I find this moment a great one to be writing as i sit in the stillness of my living room. Listening to the rain on the roof, and having my sweet kitty snuggle next to me. It is a cold cold day here in Texas. Cold for Texans anyway. Its about 42 and pouring rain. Gloomy. But, for some reason, I kind of love it today. Its cozy to put on a sweatshirt and my new leopard print slippers from Target and have those first "smells" of the heater. Anyone else know those smells? We also have enjoyed the wood burning fire place in our living room. Maybe we will tonight! Craig is not home, and I would not dare try to light a fire here without him. ha.

So, tomorrow marks 20 WEEKS! That means I am about halfway there! I have been feeling my little girl kick and move a lot in the past week. She has even nudged Craig's hand a few times! I LOVE feeling her. Its so neat. She was pretty active on Thanksgiving, and I assumed it was from all the goodies. I guess a good Pumpkin cheesecake will do that! :) I have been feeling really good too, which I am always very thankful for. My tummy is stretching and it feels a little hard to me. better than smooshy i guess.
Next week I am going back to the doctor for a follow-up ultrasound. They want to get some closer pictures and better shots of some of the organs. I am pretty excited to see the little peanut move around again.

So, the last few months I have been feeling like EVERYTHING is just a countdown to the next best thing. I am finding it very hard to be content in the every day. First it was coutdown to brit and tina being here, then the big ultrasound, then Thanksgiving break, etc....Now I am counting down the days until we leave for Colorado to see my awesome family. I am very excited about it. I also have the whole week off once we get back home from Colorado, so there is another countdown. I feel like I cant just settle in TODAY, but that the only thing that gets me through today is the BREAK I will get on the weekends, or for Christmas! Anyone else ever feel that? I desire to be content today, but can not find that contentment yet. But, alas, the Lord is my strength. I can NOT make it through a day, good or bad, without Him. That is the reality I need to settle in.

Hope yall are having a great week!!! Thanks for reading. :) Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving! We were trying to capture the baby bump!