Don't give up on me!

I'm here!  I'm here!

This blog is due for an update, am I right?!?
With the amount of things going on in our lives the last couple of months, and with the amount of things that just go on in a normal day, I find it really hard to take time to write.  I often want to, then the moment passes.  But, here I am!  I was sick as a dog last night, I am assuming from food poisoning, so we are doing a whole ton of NOTHING today.  Giving me a little time to sit and write.  SO, let me catch you up!

Highlighting some of the happenings since MARCH seems like a good place to start.  Then, I will write much more about what is going on RIGHT NOW!!!  'Cause it's pretty dang exciting.

In January 2014, I signed up for a 10 mile race.  Probably about five days later, I found out I was pregnant.  They graciously extended my spot for the the 2015 race.  At the time, I didn't know how in the world I would be able to do that.  To train for 10 miles and actually run it when my sweet babe was only 6 months old!  BUT, I did it!  I ran with two of my greatest friends, and we had a blast.  It was a super hard finish, but I did it and it made me feel very accomplished.  Accomplishing a goal that is so important to you is one of the greatest feelings.  I'll probably do it again.  And there is talk of a half marathon, but I haven't convinced myself to do that quite yet.

Also in March, we began to really really pray about moving out of this house, and getting a HOME.  We began our search.

Annabelle turned FIVE.
AND, we put it an offer on a house that was on the market only hours.  Got accepted.  And began the waiting process.  April FLEW by!

Annabelle finished up school, and ended up having a very positive experience.  She had started at a new school in January, and it was a rocky start.  Maybe more for me.  She ended up adjusting, and doing great.  We had her final ARD for the school year, and found out all about how her KINDERGARTEN year is supposed to look.  I'm freakin'!  Kindergarten?!?!  I am ok with summer dragging by, but so far it is NOT!  She will be back in school before we know it.

May brought a LOT of rain for our area, and one day, a huge puddle in front of our driveway.  We had just gotten home from somewhere and Carter jumped out of the car, turned around, and said, "wow.  A puddle!"  He seemed so excited about this huge puddle.  So, I said, "Go jump in it".  He looked at me with a puzzled look and walked to the edge of the water.  He turned around to look at me again as if he might get in trouble if he actually jumped in.  I said, "Jump in it, Carter".  So he did, and Annabelle, also reluctant, followed.  They played in this puddle for a good while, and were soaked!  Soaked and dirty.  But, it brought SO much joy to them, and so much joy to me as I watched them be KIDS!  There is a time and place for stress as a mom I think.  But, often I let myself get stressed when it's totally not necessary.  Not everything about raising these kids is 'business'.  This moment with them changed my parenting a little bit more.  You know, we have many of those moments that cause your parenting to evolve in to what it is.  This was a big one for me.  I can't totally explain it.

Also in May, we took a road trip to Minnesota for our dear dear friend's wedding.  I was very nervous about the road trip with three kiddos, but it was actually amazing.  Craig and I were both shocked at how well our kids did for 18 hours in the car.  Of course, they each had their moments, but for the most part, it was awesome.  This past trip goes down as my most favorite trip to MN we have ever had.  The whole week was incredible.  Everything about it.  I loved it.  We saw so many people who we LOVE and really, truly enjoyed every single day.  I wish we could do it all over again.  For weeks before we left, I prayed and prayed for it to be a refreshing time full of joy, and it was.  God answered my prayers so specifically.  We needed a great trip after a very busy start to 2015.

NOW, here we are, already half way through JUNE!  What the heck?!?
So, yes, we got a HOME.  I'm not even sure how to begin to tell you what a gift this is to our family.  There are no words that could express how overjoyed, overwhelmed, and thankful we are for this.
We signed a ONE year lease to the house we live in now back in 2010, just a few weeks before Annabelle was born.  We assumed we would only be here for that one year.  Then, life happened.  And five years later, we are still here.  I have brought not just one, but three babies to this house.  We have grown and changed in this house.  A lot of life happened.
We have dreamed and talked for the past five years of a HOME.  Not just a house, but a HOME for our family. Craig and I were going through our garage a couple years ago, and came across some things that we had that we wished we could be using somewhere.  So we put them in a plastic bin, and labeled it , "SOMEDAY BOX". Since then, when we think of something we want, or start to talk about our dreams about a new home, we joke and say, "SOMEDAY BOX"!!  It's a little inside joke, and now you are in on it.  Ha!
We didn't think we would be able to leave this house for a while longer, but now we see God had different plans for our family.  Plans to allow us to use that box.  It's very surreal to both of us that this is happening right now.  We feel incredibly undeserving.
It's funny, when you pray for things, and then they happen, we are surprised?!?!?  God really is this good.  He really does answer prayers.  A LOT of time he answers them in ways we don't like, but sometimes He actually does answer them BEYOND what you would have dreamed or expected.

Ephesians 3:20 says,  "Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us"
We keep pinching ourselves, and saying, " It really is this good".

The house we got is our "lipstick and rouge" house.  It was totally live able before, but I am married to a man who has visions, and I also have a dad who has similar visions!  They can walk into a house and SEE so much potential for good change. I walk in to a house, and see it the way it is RIGHT NOW.  It's hard for me to see what they see.
We got the keys to the house on a Thursday.  By Saturday, walls were knocked down, and framing for new walls was put up.  There have been many many hours spent over there making it a totally new place!  Craig has been having a blast, and so has my dad.  They are WORN out also of course.  When I walk in the house today, I do NOT understand how in the world we are supposed to actually LIVE there in less than two weeks.  (we have to be out of our rent home at the end of June).
But, I am very excited.  I am excited to make a HOME.  Not just live in a house, but a place we can make our own.  I am excited to watch my kids play in the back yard.
Just the other day, I was standing in the back yard under one of the beautiful trees.  I had Sky in my arms, and Annabelle and carter were standing right next to me.  I said, "we could put a tire swing in this tree for y'all!"  Then I started crying.  I stood there with my three babies and felt overwhelmed with God's love and provision for us.  I think I will be pinching myself for months after we move in.  "Is this real life?" I keep asking.  It is.  This is real life.
Our new backyard.
Annabelle's 'summer cut'

 When the time comes, I will post a bunch of before and after pics, but for now, this is my dad ripping at the kitchen.  Ha!  It's all so crazy to me.
 I've said it before and I will say it again.  Craig is an incredible daddy and I know I am blessed.  I had a 10k to run on Sunday, so Craig took ALL three kiddos to the grocery store by himself.  I got this picture while I was running.  My heart bursts, y'all.  

ENJOY SUMMER!!!  I am pretty positive we will!

PS...I am seeing that the videos i posted are not actually playing or playing with sound.  I am trying to fix it.