Let them be little

Let them be little


Catch Up & Confessions.

 Let me overwhelm you with pictures to make up for not posting for like 3 weeks or something.  We've been busy.  A good kind of busy.  So, I will do my best to update you on life.  I do have to say first that I am very thankful for a healthy house right now.  We have had random illnesses since like the first week of October, and we were overwhelmed.  Everyone seems to be mostly well right now, which is awesome!  Craig could still use prayers for his sore back, though.  :/

I also have a confession.  I am allowing Annabelle to watch TV so that I can write some of this, and so that she is quiet enough to let Carter snooze a bit.  He is asleep on my lap and I am trying to reach over him to type this.  This post may be done in pieces all day.  That's my life, though. ;)  None of this is in any particular order..

A couple weeks ago, Craig's wonderful parents flew down to spend some time with our little family.  The time was short, but very sweet.  One thing I LOVE is that no matter how much time passes, Annabelle welcomes them with open arms.  She knows them well, and loves them to pieces.  She tries hard to say, "GRANDPA" which comes out, "PA"!  Super cute.  Here's a couple pics from their visit...

Reading with Nana.
Christmas pics.
Had to get bbq.  YUM!

 my handsome snowman!!!
 This girl could live on pizza or pasta.  But, she rips all the goodies off the pizza.  Silly kid. 

 Another confession.  I don't like posting pics of Annabelle with her paci because I don't want to be judged as a weak mom.  We still let her have it, at naptime and bedtime.  She often steals Carter's and tries to hide.  I think she will one day decide to just not have it anymore, and if she doesn't we will just take it away when we know it's time.  She, I'm trying to explain myself.  grrr.  I don't feel guitly about letting her have it at night.  I am just worried about what others think.  That's my confession for the day.  My kids are paci kids.  And I think it's cute.  :)  I love this picture of them winding down and ready for bed.  Both of them. 
 I mentioned that I was taking Annabelle to a Gymboree class.  She is loving it.  And I also love going because it makes her so happy.  My mom works really close, so it has worked out that she comes to hang out with Carter to allow me to be with Annabelle.  Yesterday, we tried a music class and she loved it almost as much as the play class.  I am learning some things about being her mom lately, and some of what I am learning is because of Gymboree. 

 Here goes another confession.  I don't like our in home therapy.  There, I said it out loud.  When Annabelle was really young, I liked it.  I saw that it was very very beneficial for her.  Her gross motor skills improved, her attention span improved, and she seemed to really thrive for a while.  We had a wonderful OT that was with us from the very beginning.  She has moved on to work in the school district, and we are sad.  :(  Then, we also have a Developmental Specialist who we love as well.  She still comes twice a month and Annabelle really loves her.  We did have a speech assistant, who was very sweet, but actually just sat and talked to me about life more than she interacted with my daughter.  That bugged me, so we gave her the boot. 
 We took a big break from anyone coming to our house once Carter was born. Now that we are back in to it, I just don't like it.  I don't want to plan my day around it any more, and I am honestly not seeing any benefit at this point. For a while, I just thought that I could do ANYTHING that they were doing with her, and I still do.  I want to help Annabelle, and not have to do therapy any more.  Maybe we just aren't getting exactly what we need through their program, I don't know.  She NEEDS speech.  That is the biggest thing that I see she needs.  Speech, social skills, following directions and self help skills are what we need to work on.  And I don't see any of that being met.  I am saying that because I see ALL of that being worked on through our simple play class at Gymboree.  That 45 minutes a week is really helping her learn through play.  So, would I be a bad mom if I totally quit our in home therapy?  I'm stuck in this decision and not sure what to do.   One thing I am learning about being Annabelle's parent, is that she is responding more to lessons when OTHER people are working with her (which is one good thing about our in home therapy).  But she is also responding more to these lessons when we are not at home.  Any advice from other DS mommas is totally welcome here.  I'm stuck. 

Moving on.  LOOK at this amazing picture.  Annabelle was very sassy about her little brother sharing the cart with her.  I know it's just the beginning....

 I LOVE LOVE this picture, because I see this image almost every day.  Craig gets home from work and BOTH kids are seriously so excited to see him.  It makes my eyes well up with happy tears just about every evening.  They really think that Craig hung the moon.  He scoops them both up and hangs out with them while I finish up supper...
 I also love this pic of Pops and his kiddos..
 check this out.  he tried to hold his own bottle.
 my cutie playing in leaves.  and carter chillin in the background.  I love Texas and that we can really go outside any time of the year.
 Mommy's first mate...
ok, one other thing i am loving about a healthy Annabelle is that there is definite evidence of a good time.  When she wasn't feeling well, I noticed that my house was a lot more clean.  Toys weren't EVERYWHERE.  Which is nice, don't get me wrong.  I do love a clean house.  But, it's not the norm around here.  And I missed it.  I would rather see Annabelle running around like the little tornado she is, than have a clean floor.  I took these pics this week that show evidence of a really great time.  And that is only PART of the house.  ;)

(She got into the oatmeal, and I still have no idea how she got it.  I thought it was on the counter.)

 Silly face.
 LOVE these moments with my guy.  He was just resting his head on my shoulder and it was awesome. 
 Annabelle decided to stay outside when I came in the other day.  It was nice enough for windows to be open, and she was thinking she was real hilarious being outside by herself...

 I've mentioned what a great dad Craig is, right?  Ya, check this out.  He is fixing her hair before bed. 
 Speaking of hair, we got a few inches trimmed off this week. 

 She was so patient and let Aunt Rachel chop chop.  She looks adorable, and since her hair was SO long, it's barely noticeable.  

We went to visit Daddy at work yesterday.  The kids loved seeing him in the middle of the day...

SO, saving the best for last here.  My big sister got married the day after Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!  Isn't she beautiful?  I am so happy for her.  Brian is great for her, and they match so well.  It was an awesome little wedding.  We made great memories...

And that is life lately.  I wouldn't want anything any other way.  O wait, yes I would.  I want to go to Minnesota.  LIke THIS weekend.  It hurts our hearts a little bit that we can not be there for Christmas happenings with Craig's family.  Yesterday morning I told Craig to just pray for a miracle.  Hey, it could happen right?  We are ok with being spontaneous.  I had it all planned out that we could leave tomorrow morning, and just drive drive drive.  But, looks like it's just in my dreams.  I wish we could win a little lottery tonight.  Just enough to make this happen.  We would really love to be there, and it makes me angry at distances and finances.  But, that's life I guess.  Maybe next year.

Have a great weekend!!!