Let them be little

Let them be little


Lazy hazy dayz of summer...

As July is coming to an end, the reality of what the Fall brings is starting to hit.  This summer has been a summer of change, and the Fall continues the trend in our family.  Annabelle will start Kindergarten in a few short weeks, and shortly after that, Carter will start two day Preschool. As excited as I am for some aspects of this change, I know it will be hard. It's tugging at my heart strings. And I will miss these lazy mornings, and "do whatever we want" days. Pray for us as we prepare for this change. This bittersweet change. 


Mom confession

There are many things that I said I would never do before I had kids. Now that I am a parent, so much of it I take back. There are lots of things I wouldn't mind confessing. Like this one... 
I said I would never use TV as a babysitter. In fact, I even judged those who did. I apologize to any parent I ever judged. I had no business. I didn't know what I was talking about. 

But, this is often how I am even able to take a shower. Baby girl down for a nap, and each kiddo with an iPad.  
Judge away. I am clean and have clothes on and even have makeup on. 
Thanks, babysitter iPad. 


LOTS by Little

The title pertains to this awesome house we now live in.  It is coming together.  I would say, 'little by little', but it was ALOT.  I finally have a couple before and after pics to share.
It's been a pretty crazy, and Craig and my dad put many many hours into making this house into what it is.  We had a deadline to getting out of our other house and another deadline to make the house not only livable, but presentable for a Fourth of July and housewarming party.  The last weeks of June were incredibly busy.  The move was busy.  All pretty awesome, too.  It's all still so unbelievable to me.  I am so so thankful for this home and this whole experience.

 THIS is the front of the house.  These two pics were the ones used online when we first saw the listing.  

 So cute.  I love it.  And, I love the front yard so much.

So, here we go.  I wanted to post some before, during and after pictures of this amazing process. 
SO, these next pics are pretty much just teasers.  I accidently uploaded them, but figured I would leave them and probably repost them when I do a post about the rest of the house.  This bedroom is the master.  For some strange reason, the original layout had the bathroom IN the bedroom.  Do you see how there is no wall or door to the bathroom?  Weird.  Also, you will notice a closet to the right. This was a second closet for the master.  There is also one in the bathroom. 
 Ripping out the closet.  
Closet ripped out, and a wall and door are framed to close off the bathroom. 
I will update this as soon as the master actually feels finished to me.  Right now, it mostly just needs to be painted.  And, there are still moving boxes that need to be put away, and eventually pictures to be hung.  Till then, I don't want to post the 'after' pics.

These next two pictures are also the pictures we saw in the listing.  The kitchen.  Notice the low ceilings, ugly paint colors, and ugly cabinet above cooktop.  

Process of raising the ceiling...

Ceiling ripped out.

The Ceiling with sheetrock.

AND, this was TODAY! Such a difference.  Walls have been painted, hideous hood vent and cabinet removed, ceiling raised and all popcorn from ceiling scraped and re-textured. Also, please notice the amazing new lights (ALL OF THEM) that my hunky electrician husband did.  (He did some pretty amazing electrical work throughout the whole house.)
Here's that man...

 View in dining room.  The little 'cubby' between the dining and the garage was a "laundry room".  It was miniature and inconvenient.  So, it changed.  See my dad?  He was getting ready to knock down that wall.  Where he is standing was the washing machine.  Behind him, was the dryer.  

No more wall!!!!  Wooooo hooooo!  (In the NEAR future, I hope to make that  little corner by the door a coffee/wet bar. )
To the right of that door is now our pantry.  NOT our dryer.  My dad just added shelving and a door. 

See that corner NOW?  Perfect spot for a precious coffee bar, don't you think?  

Check out this groovy panoramic I took with my iphone.  SUCH a different kitchen/dining room.  We have plans that Craig drew up to someday make this ENTIRE space the kitchen.  It will be pretty cool.  But, this is enough change for now.  ;)

The next two pics were also the pics that were in the listing.  This is one room.  Originally.  

Next to this bedroom was a hall closet.  A really big hall closet.  Craig had the brilliant idea to knock out the wall between the closet and bedroom, add a wall, and make TWO rooms.  Right there,they turned a three bedroom home into a four bedroom.  It was a BIG job. 

 The hall closet wall knocked out.

Here is the wall framed.  Basically smack dab in the middle of the original room.

New closet framed in Annabelle and Carter's room.

Wall added!!  This is Skylar's room.

And, TODAY.  Her precious, precious light pink, dainty, girly room. 

And another nifty panoramic

Annabelle and Carter's room.  With Walls! 

And, today! 

Cute, right?  (Beds still need to be put together.  These beds were Craig and his brother's beds when they were kids.  I painted and distressed them with chalk paint.  Will post another pic when they are put together.)
Crazy the difference, right.  It still amazes me.  Every room upstairs also got their ceilings scraped of popcorn and retextured.  They also got NEW carpet everywhere up stairs.  I LOVE our new carpet.  It isn't anything special, but it is very soft and there is something wonderful about brand new carpet.  I have turned into a crazy lady when it comes to this carpet. I don't want ANY shoes worn upstairs or ANY food or drinks.  I mean, even the kids bringing water up there.  Ha.  But, it's all turned out so beautiful.  The kids are cozy and fit so perfectly into their new rooms.  

 THIS is the original picture from the listing of the other room upstairs. The Playroom.  It is across the hall from the other two.  This room has been our absolute last priority in the whole house.  There just really isn't much to do here.  I have worked on taking that gross border off, and it's been a real pill.  So far, only half the room is done.  New ceilings, new carpet.  

This is our playroom/my craft room/ i don't know what else room in the future.  I am going to block off the area with the built in desk with a baby gate, and make it my craft nook. It's still a mess and in process.
The rest is play!  There will be a daybed up there for guests, or a 'couch', or for one of our kiddos to crash on if needed.  I got a daybed off craigslist for $20 and plan to paint it something cute. 

Whew.  There you have it.  And that is only some of it.  NOW, things will happen little by little.  The major things were done.  I will post more as things progress.  We still have a lot of cosmetic changes to make.  
I am loving making this place our own.  I needed a new nest.  It's wonderful.  I am learning about the little quirks of this place and figuring out how to make them work.  Seeing my family here brings an incredible amount of joy to me every day.  It is more perfect for us than I ever ever knew.  

PS. Some of the panoramic pics are a little wonky cause I guess I can't hold my phone straight.  My house doesn't really look like a fun house mirror.