Happy Birthday, Annabelle!

Our beautiful first born is FIVE today!!!

 Right now, I am out of bed before my babies wake up to have some actual quiet time before my day begins. I'm reflecting right now onthat first morning with Annabelle, April 15, 2010. The force of such strong emotions still moves me. I never ever knew I could love so much. I never knew I could love in this way. This was a love I had never known existed prior to that morning, five years ago. 

Now, as I type this, I can hear her awake in her room joyfully playing with her precious younger brother, her best buddy. My heart is still bursting and growing and experiencing love that I never knew before.  

Annabelle is a spunky little fireball. She adores her daddy and shd loves her brother and sister. She loves tassels, all things FROZEN, tortillas, music, climbing, coloring, painting, dancing, running, her friend Justin, being outside, going for walks, talking (❤️), her cousins, Her four grandparents, stealing Skylars pacifiers, her purple puppy, making noise however she can, HEB trips with daddy, skirts and tutus, school, Mrs. Stewart,  and so much more! She loves her little world. She wakes up every morning just excited to start a new day. 

She both challenges us and blesses us and I don't know that I could be more thankful for our Annabelle!  God has entrusted her to Craig and I, and I often feel so unworthy that He chose me to be her mother. The mother of such a wonderful kid! 

Thank You, Jesus. 

Happy Fifth Birthday, Annabelle!!