Day 4...Potty Time

It's been a long four days and Annabelle has been a super star. She has been so patient and is persevering through the potty training.  We have spent most of our week in the bathroom. For real. Today, I put her potty seat in my bathroom for a change of scenery.

Day one consisted of about 11 accidents. A little less day two and three. And so far today, only two. And two potty victories. She is holding it for so much longer than ever, even at nap time. I have really wondered if she has been drinking enough and really just doesn't have to go, or if she is learning to control it a little more. Not sure. She is much more aware of what she is doing when she does have an accident, but would be ok with it if I left her in wet clothes. :/ 

So, a little bit about what we have been doing...
~Potty immediately in the morning. And use no diaper unless we go somewhere or for nap and bedtime. 
~I have an alarm set on my phone to go off every 20 minutes. Now even carter heads for the bathroom when he hears it.
~If we are playing outside, I bring the little training potty and she sits on it outside. (In the fenced privacy of our back yard of course.)
~She usually does not go when we are in the bathroom. She will sit for seriously about 10 minutes at a time. I know that seems like a lot. We read books, she listens to music, watches shows on my phone,etc. We are back within 20 minutes after leaving the bathroom any ways, so i figure if she didn't go the two or three times before, maybe maybe THIS time.
~ If I am in the middle of making dinner or something, she uses the little potty and has gone in it twice. 

Anyway. That has been our week. I am praying for patience and perseverance every day! It's been kinda hard. To sit in the bathroom all day with nothing happening and then two minutes out of the bathroom, an accident. I really hope and pray she gets it. That something clicks with her. She has not told me yet if she has to go, or told me that she had an accident. So, I'm really hoping for that communication with her. I'm also very hopeful to see her self help skills and some of these motor skills really develop.  Such as pulling her pants up and down without assistance. 

I have taken some cute potty pics the past couple days, but I'm not sure how Internet appropriate that is. Even if you can't see anything, I'm still not sure if that is considered 'over share'. So, I will leave you with this cute pic. M&ms mouth just after a potty victory. She gets to choose between skittles and m&ms. And I just let her grab a handful if she wants them cause I am just so excited if she ever goes!! :) I hope it just gets better and better and that she really is ready for this! 


Potty potty potty

This past weekend we celebrated my sweet boy turning ONE.  It was an awesome party, a joined party with his cousin, Justus, only 5 days younger.  Many of our sweet, sweet friends joined us as we remembered one year ago, and how fast time has past.  My sister has all the pics, of course, but I will post soon.  Maybe.  Hopefully.

And he got a super handsome haircut....
LAZY sunday afternoon

OK!  Major potty training post.  Stop reading now if you have no interest in personal info or in potty training talk... For real.....

Ok, on to something else.  Potty training.  I need some advice.  I have potty trained MANY children in my years of preschool/daycare experience. i have seen so many young children accomplish potty victories, and i can not help but take some credit for their accomplishments.  I was with some of these kids 40 plus hours a week and worked hard to see them accomplish this milestone.  So, now that I am beginning to potty train my OWN child, I am lost.  LOST.  I don't even know what to do.

When it comes to Annabelle, I have seen her surprise us in her accomplishments.  We hesitate to make certain goals, or work on certain milestones thinking, "she's just not ready for that ".  Then, she often surprises us and is TOTALLY ready for "THAT".  This potty training thing is something that I have been telling myself for probably about a year, that "she is just not ready for".  And, I still don't know. I am LOST when it comes to training my OWN child.  Give me yours for a week in a preschool class and we ill accomplish some major goals, but my own, what?!?!?

Today was our first official day of training.   We have sat on the potty many times, nothing has happened.  But, today, we threw the diaper for the entire day, and operated on JUST pants.  I went through probably 10 pairs of pants.  We were in the bathroom at LEAST every 20 minutes.  Sat for around 10-15 min at a time.  Still had THAT many accidents, yes.  Is she not ready?  What am I doing wrong?  I know it was the first day, but I was so tired by noon.  We spent most of our day in the bathroom.  sitting and reading, and singing and watching little shows on the iPhone, etc...

When I was  a teacher my advice was always just to put the kiddo in undies, and ditch the diaper.  COLD TURKEY was my take on it.  So, i tried what I had advised and it was so exhausting.  Again, it's only the first day, so I still have some optimism and still have some patience left.  I think Annabelle is smarter than I give her credit for sometimes.  I really do.  So, I am hopeful.  But, today seemed like a bust.  And I am tired.  I will take ANY advice.  HELP.  How do I help my sweet girl?

Anyways.  I am determined, so will keep working.  There is always Gin at the end of the day. J/K.  (only a little bit kidding).....;)



My sweet little baby is now a big one year old boy.  The year has gone by so fast, as every year seems to.  Having a son is better than I ever expected.  I LOVE my little family and the unique experience that I have had getting to know each of my little kiddos.

This is the last picture I remember taking before having Carter.  HUGE.  I remember how painful that belly was.  Looking at this picture makes me hurt. 
 And, then I get happy because I know he is about to come out...


Two of my most favorite pictures from that day.  Life is good and complete...

 He was handsome his first day of life.  Prettiest baby boy I've ever known. 
 Annabelle was excited when we came home with her new brother. 

 I didn't get much rest at the hospital because all I could do was stare at him...

 In my only two experiences, the first couple weeks at home with a new baby are my favorite.  I have this amazing sense of peace and joy that I can't explain.  Even through the exhaustion and through all of the other overwhelming emotions, I have pure joy.  I feel like every time I breathe, it's a breath of relief and happiness.  That is the best way I can explain it.  It's a couple weeks of getting to know this baby and how they fit in to your family.  Getting to know a stranger, in a sense.  But, the best stranger you have ever met.  God fills my heart with this crazy love.  A new love for a new person, and then an even deeper love for my husband.  It's a precious time, and it makes me want at least one more experience like this.  Having babies has been one of the greatest gifts.

Carter has grown up so much in just a year.  It's really crazy how much kids change in only a few months.  I am so proud of him.  We are continuing to get to know him and his silly, sweet personality.  Watching this sibling relationship makes my heart do jumping salts and summer jacks all day.  Being a mom to Carter and Annabelle and a wife to Craig is my purpose and calling, and I couldn't be more thankful to God for allowing me to have these roles.  I am a totally and completely imperfect mom and wife.  I make mistakes.  I get frustrated.  Some days, I feel like i really might be going insane.  (for real, though)  Sometimes I feel like a frazzled, crazy person.  But, I love it.  I love my life.  And I give all the thanks and glory to God for giving me this life.

I love you so much!


August? It's already August?

Once again, I have allowed a bunch of time to pass between posts.  Sitting down to write a blog post crosses my mind often, then I forget, get distracted, or just really don't have the time.  Sowwy. :/

We have had a great summer and I can not believe that it is already August.  School is starting soon for most people, and school supplies are all you see when you walk in to almost any store right now.  It all makes me SO excited because it means that it is almost FALL.  I have been craving fall since July 5th.  I want to see pumpkins, leaves, cool weather, scarecrows, hay, crock pot meals, football, etc.  I can't wait.

Carter started walking a few weeks ago, and he is a super walking pro now.  He is just determined to keep up with Annabelle.  He is an amazing almost one year old.  Such a gift!  Craig and I are totally smitten over this little toddler we have.  I think I mentioned a few posts back how much fun it is to watch this little sibling relationship develop.  It just keeps getting better.  They love each other and have so much fun laughing and playing together.  Sure, they battle over the same toys at times, and already seem to argue a bit, but they are precious together.

 I love this pic of Annabelle playing in the rain....

Look at this guy!

We have spent a lot of time in the back yard pool this summer.  The kiddos love it.

Oh, and he has figured out how to climb up the slide.  Danger. ;)
 Swimming at Aunt Rachel's apartments...

 My babies...

 4th of July

We aren't sure yet if Annabelle will be returning to school this sememster.  Craig and I are praying about it a lot.  But, I will do my best to update regularly!  

As for now, I want to leave you with this amazing blog post I read today.  I can relate in so many ways as I read the words of this momma...