Keep the Memories.

Today has been a productive day, and a mid afternoon ECI appointment is putting a little bump in it here. Messing up the house in order to GET projects finished is just part of it. Now, I have to clean up some of that mess to allow a guest into our home, so that she won't think Irene made it up to Texas. My little girl is not feeling great, and it is her nap time. Today her nap time will just be a small rest time in order to wake her up for this mid afternoon bump. My fault. My fault for scheduling it at this time, and my fault for thinking to call only an hour before to see if she could meet later. But, we have rescheduled twice already in the last 2 weeks. Gotta do it.

In the mean time, I have about 20 min to kill, so here I am.

Do you ever want to keep little tiny moments of memories locked away? I keep thinking about how much I should be taking more videos and pictures, and keep a journal of the little things that Annabelle is doing. I think there is NO way I can forget the way she looked, moved or sounded. I think, there is no way I'll forget that she pats her daaddy on the back when he picks her up. Or that she opens her mouth and sticks her toungue out when we say, "Kisses". How can I forget that she crawled like a little inch worm, or that she rolls her arms SO adorably for "PataCake"? There's no way I will forget seeing her little tiny thighs hanging out of her crib rails while her fingers are laced through her favorite pink blanket. Will I forget the way she laughs and talks at herself in every mirror she passes, or that she has wonderful stories to tell us when she wakes up? Seriously, I don't want to forget the small things. Over the last 16 months, I have loved every little thing, and wish there was a way I could keep all the moments tucked away in a box under my bed, to pull out whenever I wanted.

THEREFORE, I NEED to take more videos and pictures, and write more.

Annabelle at 16 1/2 months...
~ Crawls on her hands and knees as if she has been doing it all along.
~ Has learned the sign for "eat".
~ Has a 'thing' for oyster crackers and those Gerber yogurt melts.
~ Rubs her face along the netting of her pack and play.
~ Tries to talk, and seems to have something pretty important to talk about.
~ Lays her head on Craig's shoulder every time he picks her up. But, doesnt do that for me.
~ Can still wear some clothes between 9-12 months.
~ Still loves music, and rocks back and forth to 'dance' to it.
~ Likes the same kind of pacifier that she did when she was born.
~ Seriously loves milk, but not juice or water.
~ Claps her hands if she hears anyone else doing it.
~ Snuggles her bears and baby dolls with hugs.
~ Has the MOST adorable smile and giggles.
~ Enjoys being in a shopping cart.
~ Could care less about TV until this cartoon about squirrels finding an acorn comes on. (I found the app for my phone and it saved us a few times in fussy, public situations.)
~ Plays with her hair when I tell her she has pretty hair. Sometimes she even brushes it and it messes up whatever "do" I have done.

SO much more than that I want to remember. Gosh, I love her.


In no order.

Since my little family and I got back from our trip to Minnesota, I have meant to sit down and post an entry. Every day seems to be busy and I do my best to keep my priorities in line. Annabelle trumps any priority I might have, of course. When we are not out running around, having appointments or get togethers, I try to make the most of my time at home. I have to do lists in different corners of the house, piles of laundry on the couch, a guest/sewing/craft/work out room that I rearranged and promised to reorganize, a disaster of a bedroom, and dishes that are bottomless. I also have a body that wants to get it's fitness on, but today, I bumped all of that down and stuck a blog post right at the top. (During Annabelle's nap of course.)

Annabelle has gotten to an age, or stage, where attention is a little more demanded than it was before. Although I wake up with great intentions to do a million housewifey things, and have a clean house and supper for Craig when he gets home, the mommmy things have been taking over. Most of the time, I don't mind. Most of the time. So, I stay up a little bit later, but surely don't wake up any earlier. ;)

Summer has been so busy, that I am not even believing that it is nearing the end of August. Our trip to Minnesota came and went, and it was fantastic. Like usual. We LOVE and adore our friends and family there and pick up exactly where we left off, every time we see them. It's awesome that our friends take time out of whatever busy lives they may have, to spend the minutes they can with us. Their daily lives might have to be put on hold, and they are ok with it. It makes us feel loved. <3
I hate distance and miles between our friends, better SUMMER weather, family and my cute little niece and nephew. In a perfect world, everyone would be in the same place, and it would ALWAYS be as fun and relaxed as VACATION.
Grandpa kisses.

Enjoying vacation....

My older sister moved home just a couple weeks ago, and it has been amazing to spend time with her. She has not lived here since Craig and I moved here over 2 years ago. She is always away, in another state, and sometimes in another country. I am so glad she is HOME. It's been a long time. She has been soaking up some Annabelle love and just adores her.

The weather here has been so gross and I am so over it. I am CRAVING everything Fall right now. My sister went back to work this week, and all the students go back next week. Once school starts, if feels as if summer should end, and Fall things should come. I have a feeling that since the summer heat has been SO BAD, that the Fall cool will come a lot later. I hope hope hope not. Like I said, I am craving EVERYTHING Fall. Football, cooler weather, pumpkins, cozy crock pot meals, cooler weather, taking a hoodie when I leave the house, cozy candles, opening the windows, cooler weather, Buddy Walk, fall colors, and I will even take goblins, ghosts and vampires. Whatever works. Fall, I am ready for you.

I would like to get back to this long to do list before the afternoon nap ends, So I am going to cut it short(er). But, before I do, I want to brag about my well deserving husband. He is amazing. He works SO SO SO hard for Annabelle and I, and because of his super hard work, I am able to stay home. Financially not easy one bit, but possible. He sacrifices his wants, and sometimes even his needs. He wakes up early and does not moan and groan and grumble and complain. (And I KNOW he wants to bad!) Ok, sometimes he may vent, but that's needed. Before leaving the house, He takes time to pray for his family and friends, and reads The Bible, even if it is just one verse. He makes sure my needs, and sometimes complaints are met, even before his, after a super duper long and draining day at work. He gets up to take care of Annabelle if she wakes up in the middle of the night, or TOO early in the morning. He ADORES Annabelle. He not only tells both of his girls how much he loves them, he SHOWS us. He never would have to say anything to me again about how much he loves me, I would just know. He is the MOST selfless person that I know, and that challenges me daily. We are blessed.