The nesting instinct has kicked in around here.  I think when you are a Stay at Home Mom, you are almost always 'nesting ' in a sense.  Your home is where you live and where you work.  Every day.  There is ALWAYS something to do, and ALWAYS something to improve.  Am I right?

But, lately for me, that need and that urge has intensified.  Like I mentioned in my last post, I had the sudden urge to allow Carter and Annabelle to share a room.  I had thought of it, but didn't think we would do it so soon.  But, I wanted a playroom SO bad.  I want a room for their toys and play where I can close the door in the evening if I don't feel like cleaning up the mess.  Which, every now and then, is exactly what I do.
The past few weeks of the kiddos sharing a room has been a learning process for us as parents and for them.  But, I don't regret it, and we are not turning back now.  There are evenings when we have to put on our 'discipline faces' and we are in and out of their room a lot reminding them that it is not play time.  But, it really hasn't been too bad.  They are learning what they can and can not do when it is bed time.  Nap time is a different story.  One of them has been napping in our bed, OR Annabelle just skips naps.  I am ok with her skipping her naps these days because it makes for an awesome bed time!  She is ready for bed when it is time!  But, I am not totally taking naps out of her schedule yet.  Not yet.

Their little room is coming together nicely.  This past weekend, Craig spent a lot of time painting a toddler bed and a dresser.  A project that needed to be done for a long time.  I want to get a few things up on their walls, but otherwise, I am happy with how their little room looks.

Carter's little toddler bed on the left, and Annabelle's bed on the right.  We painted both of them, and I love how they turned out.
My desire for redecorating has increased, too.  I have been making little changes here and there and adding small touches to different rooms. So far, this is the play room...  I left all of Carter's little cowboy and Texas decor in there.

If I keep having these urges to do things in every room of the house, I am going to go broke.  SO, I started selling some of our stuff online.  For example, I wanted a few new rugs.  For the kitchen, entry way and both bathrooms.  So, I sold the old rugs, and a few other things so that I could go buy new stuff!  Pretty fun, and I am not totally broke yet.  Yet. ;)

The Lord has blessed me with energy to keep up with the cleaning and reorganizing I have been doing.  I am so thankful that I haven't been feeling too crappy lately.  Some days are better than others of course.  It has been pretty hot the past couple of weeks, so we have been staying inside a lot more OR been playing in the water about every time we are outside.  Which the kiddos LOVE!

Pretty cute, huh?  I think I am happiest when I see them happy.  Love it.



Summer is going by so quickly, I can't even believe it.  We have been having a great time, and trying to stay COOL and BUSY!  We found a splash pad/park at the beginning of June, and went every week for a few weeks.  The kiddos really really loved it.  Annabelle started private speech a couple weeks ago, and will continue to go once a week until after school starts.  Right now, we are really praying and thinking about what to do this coming year for her and school.  I know it will all come together, and whatever it is will be good for her and for us.  We spend a lot of time with my sisters and all the little cousins love hanging out!  We are blessed to be able to spend such great time with them and to watch the kids develop little relationships with each other.  

At the end of June, we went on a week long road trip to Colorado and Minnesota.  Before we decided that the kids and I would go, I had a bit of anxiety about us three even being a part of this trip.  I was so nervous about being in the car for so long.  ONE because I am in my third trimester, and TWO because I wondered if the kids would do well.  I was also nervous about being out of our comfort zone, and all the exhausting travel, staying in different homes, chasing these very busy kiddos around etc...  I have been SO TIRED this pregnancy, and just expected to not have a great vacation.  But, we ended up having such a great time.  I prayed a lot that we would all stay healthy and happy, and actually feel like we got a vacation.  There was only ONE day out of the whole time that was super hard, but the rest of the time was so great!  The kids had such a blast, and did SO WELL in the car.  We spent pretty much three whole days in the car, and they were so awesome.  I also physically felt the best I have felt the whole pregnancy.  I know that the Lord answered my prayers and will forever be grateful to Him for that!  Spending time with family and friends was awesome, and it made me miss them even more.  

Now we are back to life at home, and back to the yucky Texas summer heat.  I was thinking the other day that summer, even for us, is a good break from real responsibilities.  Besides speech and my doctor's appointments, our calendar is free for PLAY!  I am not sure how the Fall will look as far as school for either kiddo, but I do know that Fall will bring another sweet member to our little family!  :)  THAT alone will add some responsibilities!  EEEEEEK!  

How far along? 29 1/2 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  about 15 lbs.
 Maternity clothes? I hate clothes. Unless they are unrestricted and stretchy.
Stretch marks? No
Best moment this week: This past Saturday, Craig hung out with the kiddos and let me have time to hang out with my mom for a while.  We shopped, had coffee, had lunch, and didn't have to load and unload kids every time we went to a new place.  It was the most relaxing time I have had in weeks and it really recharged my batteries.  My husband is the best! 
Miss anything: Yes.  I miss the same things I usually do.  Running, drinks, and more energy.  Right now I really miss my brother in law, Chad.  We got to spend a whole lot of time with him on our trip north, and it was hard to say good bye to him.
Movement: Yes.  So much.  Especially when I lay down in bed at night.
Food cravings: No.  I haven't had an actual craving in quite a few weeks.  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, but I do have heartburn super bad sometimes!  Well, everyday.  bleh.  Had it bad with both of my other pregnancies, too.  
Have you started to show yet: Ha ha. Duh.
  Gender: GIRL
Labor Signs: Been feeling more and more Braxton Hicks lately.  Nothing 'real' though which is good because I do have 10 weeks left!  I want Skylar to stay in and continue to grow and get smart and beautiful!  :)
  Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? On. Most likely won't come off.  Never did with other two pregnancies.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Ha ha. Well, both, but this question makes me laugh a little.  I was wondering the other day if we still have our regular monthly cycle while pregnant without getting our period.  I was so cranky the other day and everything was irritating me.  Craig's response in this conversation was, "Isn't pregnancy just one big, long cycle?"  Ha, I guess he is right.  What a sport!
Looking forward to: I look forward to going to be every night.  :)  

I have been getting really "Nesty" lately.  Actually, I feel like there is always something about our home that I want to change or to make better.  This past Sunday, I got the sudden urge to make a playroom and move Carter into Annabelle's room.   So, I did.  Craig was out mowing the lawn, and I tried to quickly take apart his crib, and reassemble it in Annabelle's room.  He came in and caught my right in the middle of the project and just smiled, shook his head, and went back outside.  Not only did I move his bed, I took the front of his crib off to make it a "big boy" bed.    Last night as they were playing and laughing together, I wondered if this was a terrible idea.  Tonight, they were both tired enough that they fell asleep quickly and in their own beds.  Right now it's meant to just be an experiment to see how they do, but I am really hopeful that they will do great.  They love being together, and I love that they now have a PLAYROOM!!  For now at least!