Let them be little

Let them be little


Teeth and Rain

Annabelle is getting 5 teeth on the top! Five! So, it's ben a little bit of an interesting week. Poor babe has had fevers, a small rash, and a little more tears. I feel for her. Luckily, she has been sleeping great, so that helps. It has taken her a super long time to get teeth, and now they all want to come at once. whew.

We haven't left the house since Tuesday morning when I took her to the doctor. (because of the strange rash) She was fine apparantly, which is good. It has been rainig for what feels like 4 days straight. It is much needed after the super duper dry summer we had, but, now its just boring. I have errands to run but not important enough to get a teething babe in and out of the car only to get wet. grrr. I am a little stir crazy. Because I am so unmotivated to do anything around here . My house could use a little TLC right now, but I am just not feelin it.

So, I promised some before and after pictures of the piece of furniture I painted for Annabelle's room. I finally got around to it!
This is the pic that was on Craigslist. I did not end up taking before pictures while in the process, which was silly. But, it was UGLY. And needed A LOT of work. I didnt realize how much work it needed till I got it home and started it. And yes, those are mirrors on the front. Gross.



The little detain on the doors.

These were the side tables turned into little shoe holders/benches by the front door! :)

My dad helped me so much, too. He wanted me to be able to do most of it myself cause he knew i wanted to. But, I could tell he knew somethings better than I did. Ha. His help was very welcomed! Did I mention that all 3 pieces were only $20!!! Plus a lot of time and paint. But, pretty worth it I think.

Look at this cute girl in her mini red wagon. Gosh, I love her.


Autumn Dance

I was just going through some books on the shelf, and came across a book that I don't know if I have ever opened. It's an old book called, Mothering by Heart, Celebrating the Moments that Last Forever by Robin Jones Gunn. I think it is a consignment store book from my dad. I opened immediately to the middle, and saw a picture of a little girl with Down Syndrome. (This book is not about DS) My eyes are misty, and I want to share what I read:

"She stood a short distance from her guardian at the park this afternoon, her distinctive features revealing that although her body blossomed into young adulthood, her mind would always remain a child's. My children ran and jumped and sifted sand through perfect, coordinated fingers. Caught up in fighting over a shovel, they didn't notice when the wind changed. But she did. A wild autumn wind spinning the leaves into amber flurries.

I called to my boisterous son and jostled my daughter. Time to go. Mom still has lots to do today. My rosy-cheeked boy stood still, watching with wide-eyed fascination the gyrating dance of the Down syndrome girl as she scooped up leaves and showered herself with a twirling rain of autumn jubilation.

With each twist and hop she sang deep, earthy grunts-a canticle of praise meant only for the One whose breath causes the leaves to tremble from the trees.

Hurry up. Let's go. Seat belts on? I start the car. In the rearview mirror I study her one more time through misty eyes. And then the tears come. Not tears of pity for her. The tears are for me. For I am too busy to dance in the autumn leaves and far too sophisticated to publicly shout praises to my Creator.

I am whole and intelligent and normal, and so I weep because I will never know the severe mercy that frees such a child and bids her come and dance in the autumn leaves."



"Lord, as I hold her in my arms and kiss her tiny fingers
I wonder if anyone in all the world
Has ever been as happy as I am now.
She's like a tiny poem
SHORT but beautiful-
And several years from now she'll be a story.
Lord, I'm trusting you to write the plot.
Then at last she'll be a book-length novel
Translated into many languages.
I am confident of this, Lord
For You are both Author and Publisher."
-Ruth Harms Calkin

Read that yesterday, and it was almost if I had written it myself.

There is nothing on the agenda today, and I love that. The "no agenda" days have been happening more often lately. In the recent past, days like this bothered me, and I felt super bored. Now, I cherish them. :) Today, I plan to not leave the house, make some hairbows, make some food to store in the freezer for Annabelle, and hang out with my little girl. She keeps me busy.

Little girl is 19 months and only has 2 teeth grown in fully. NOW, she has about 2 or 3 coming in at once that I can see and feel. I think this is making her a little more sassy lately. Sassy and grumpy. Makes it difficult sometimes to know when to discipline for behavior or to comfort and have major compassion on her. It's like she wants to say to me, "Gosh, mom, growing is a tough job. Give me a little break." And, most likely I will give a hug rather than a little flick on the cheek. ;)

It's been a while since pictures. So, I finally got around to it:

Playing in the rain.

Passed out on Aunt Rachel's shoulder. This was adorable. We braved a rainy day to go to the Christmas parade in our town. It's tradition. Rain and cold won't keep people from their traditions here! :)

Girlfriend "helped" me decorate for Christmas. Santa hat lasted about 3 seconds.

Just cute.

SERIOUSLY entertains herself in this mirror!

Playing in a box.

On a walk with daddy!

THIS picture is from April at my sister's wedding. I crack up every time I look at it. She looks hilarious. I had put little spongy rollers in her hair, and when I took them out, I did not get what I was hoping for. Ha. It looks like she was as surprised as I was. We made it work.



LOVE this month!!!

So excited that it's December! I love that commercial where the parents leave their daughter's house Thanksgiving night and as soon as she closes the door, it's CHRISTMAS in her house! This season is so cozy. And merry and bright.

The weather here has been behaving, too, and feeling cool as it is supposed to this time of year. We decorated on Sunday, with what little and thrown together Christmas decor we have. :) Annabelle has enjoyed the tree, and has ripped a few ornaments off, but that was to be expected.

This week we have not had ANY ECI appointments, which is sorta weird for a whole week. It's been a chill, and somewhat lazy week. I don't think I left the house at all on Monday, and I really didn't mind. Annabelle is a good sport to whatever the day usually holds, so I am SO thankful for that. She had an ENT appointment yesterday, just to check out her hearing and whatever. Just a protocol, not because we were concerned. She did great. I felt bad having to hold her head and hands down when she got her ears cleaned out, and she was pretty upset with me for doing it. But, we made it, and I am thankful for a healthy girl. SO THANKFUL!

Annabelle is often at my feet all day. I think I have said that before. Today, as I was baking some yummy cookies, she was at my feet and was super curious about the loud mixer. So, i held her while I mixed a little and just talked about what I was doing. (I CAN NOT wait till she can bake with me) She quickly grabbed the bowl of dry ingredients, and knocked it all over the floor. Flour is not super fun to clean up, but she thought it was exciting. :)

We have to watch her all the time, because she likes to be in EVERYTHING. She is still not walking independently, but will certainly get herself quickly to wherever she wants to be. She grabs things from other rooms, and drags them all the way across the house, leaving me wondering how it got there. Today, we were sitting on the couch with daddy. Some change fell out of his pocket, and we didn't think anything of it because we were too distracted playing with her. :) Later, after forgetting about it, we walked out of the room, and only moments later I heard her making a different kind of noise. So, I walked in to see her with change in her hand and teary, red eyes, and she was sort of coughing. Naturally, I freaked a little and did the good ole finger sweep of the mouth, craig patted her back, and nothing came up. She was fine, but was upset with US sticking our fingers in her mouth and messing with her. SO, therefore, she may or may not have swallowed a dime. Looks like mom will be on the lookout in a future diaper. Hopefully she didnt but we just weren't sure. She is fine, of course, and we got our money back. ;)

Hope you are all having a great week! I am off to eat the delicious Greek food that Craig walked in with! :)