Let them be little

Let them be little



As frustrating as it IS, so cute though!!!! 


Time of My Life

My three kiddos are five and under. There are days where that is really hard. We (Craig and I) are tiiiiiiired at the end of the day. (And in the middle of the night and again in the middle of the night and then again in the morning) ;) 
The ages and needs of our kiddos are demanding. We can't go everywhere we want to go. We can't do a lot of the things that we want to do. We can't let them out of our sight for long. 
Craig and I don't often get to have alone time or carry on conversations.  We are constantly moving it seems. There is also constant noise. Ha. 

I've been pondering this a lot more after being invited to a pool party recently. I avoid certain parties, invitations, play dates when I may have to go alone because it's just easier to not be stressed than to go to certain events and not be able to enjoy myself. I became a whole lot more ok with saying NO after I had Sky.  Craig was able to go to this pool party since it was on a Saturday. And they are great friends, so we wanted to go. I was still a little nervous, and expected to not even be able to carry on a conversation with MY buddies because I would have to have my eyes (or my hands) on them at all times. But, it was really fun. Even with all three kids there. It was relaxing, and not actually stressful, which may have been because I felt more relaxed. Yea, we had to keep watch, but my attitude was just different or something. 

Don't know where I am going with that story, but I've been cherishing the days lately.  Yes, it's constant and exhausting, but when I say I looooooove it, I really mean it. God has given me so much joy in this season of our lives. I am realizing more and more how this is just another season of life. The kids are at an age  where they crawl up on the couch and snuggle us. They randomly run up to us and hug us. They excitedly greet us when we walk through the door.  They give us kisses when we ask. They hold our hands when walking somewhere. They are small enough to pick up and hold. They are small enough to be tossed in the air and squeal with joy.  They get excited to see us when we pick them up from Sunday school. They are gentle, pure, innocent, FORGIVING, compassionate, full of grace, precious precious precious children. 

So, i understand, THIS is the time of our lives. They are growing so fast before our eyes, and while I know we have wonderful moments to look forward to when they get older, I will miss this stage and possibly forget a lot of it. I don't want to forget their little dimpled hands. The sparkle in their precious eyes. Their sweet small voices. Their sweet smells. 

 Carter randomly throughout the day will tell us he loves us. It's one of my most favorite things right now. THIS IS THE TIME OF MY LIFE!