All About Chili

A few weeks ago, I went to a chili cook off. I tasted a few different chilis and it sparked my interest in making, or just eating, different kinds of chili. Chili that is a bit creative, and doesn't necessarily fit the mold of the more "regular" chili. But, then, I remember that comfort food. That taste that makes me think of fall or winter. A steamy bowl of good chili, eaten with saltines rather than a spoon! If I want to get creative, I may just call it soup, or "STOUP" as Rachael Ray would say. Tonight, I ate a chili that spent a good portion of the afternoon in our Crock Pot. Crock Pots allow many flavors to mesh into one. I love it. I also love the smell of it wafting through the vents in every room of our house. Yum Yum. It makes me feel warm and cozy just talking about it. It was delicious. Chili is not something I usually make. I have mastered a delicious Taco Soup, though. Anyway, so I searched for recipes and then tweeked em a bit. Craig said it was B.A., so now I need to write down what I did, to do it again.

How do you like your chili?
Ground beef or stew meat?

If you have some yum yum chili recipes to share, I would LOVE some. To experience all of them.

ALSO...We got a Christmas tree! Not real. Off of Craig's List for cheap. We have been married for over 4 years, and this will be our first tree. I am pretty excited! But, we only have like 7 ornaments. Looks like we need to collect.


I cant handle it. No one told me how so stinkin cute EVERYTHING would be when it is Annabelle doing it. :) She wants to crawl SO bad. She has been up on her hands and knees a lot today, rocking back and forth. Thats the beginning of them crawling right? Its adorable. She is trying so hard. It is SO fun to see her discover new things. Gosh, shes amazing. She is just cool. :)

Thanksgiving was awesome. So chill and nice. I got my wish and the weather drastically changed within like minutes or something. AND, it was cold. I love it. AND, I braved a black friday midnight sale and got myself a sewing machine. I cant wait to learn new things!

OK, I wanted to post just real quick. I am gonna go watch a movie and have a glass of wine with my sweet husband. I am a blessed girl.
NOTE TO MYSELF-update baby book!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

There is something about pulling out the "better" dishes that makes me giddy! I love it. We have set the table for 4 today. Us and my great parents. Family is scattered and sisters are with boyfriends. I am thankful for a small group, even though I miss some family! I wouldnt change anything about this year's day of thanks! (maybe except some cooler weather.) I hope you are all enjoying your day with friends, family and calories! I wish I could upload the smell of this house for you. its quite amazing!


blackbird singin...

I have been seriously wasting some time on this computer this morning, and I am sorta loving it. I cant seem to get off because Pandora Radio (Bon Iver) is being really good to me. Every song has been good, and so i dont want to get up. I posted a few Craig's List sales. Uploaded pics to facebook from our trip to see some family the other day. A great trip to celebrate my grandma's birthday, and eat a little pre-Thanksgiving dinner. I love my family.

Not too much on the agenda here today. My mom and sister have the whole week off, which makes me SO happy. I will be a bit less bored this week. :) I love hanging out with them. They are my best friends. call me cheesy. they are. I am pretty excited about this last month of the year 2010. There will be some exciting things happening. ;) And a trip to MN that i am SO looking forward to.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Thanks for reading such randomness.

AND...... ANOTHER, yes, ANOTHER giveaway to enter from TVP. I will forever keep trying.


"We as human beings, have a right to live,live freely, and pursue what motivates us not because man or some government says so,but because these are God-given natural rights." -Mark Levin


Inventory=Christmas Money?

Taking pride in this work here, friends. I have had the opportunity to sell some of my creations. Some of my hairbows have been shipped to Minnesota to be sold in a craft fair, and maybe in a sweet little hair salon that my mother in law runs. Some more will be sent to Houston for a good friend of mine to sell some in another craft show. Therefore, I have been taking inventory of these sweet pretties. While going through them, I realized just how many I want to KEEP for Annabelle. But, I have thrown those cutesy ones in the box, knowing I can just make her more. I am really crossing my fingers and toes that SOME of them sell. Christmas money would be pretty fantastic. I cant stop thinking about how excited I am for Christmas, as I sit here listening to 'Swingin Christmas' on Pandora, and drink coffee in my cozy white robe, that says PINK on the back in rhinestones.
So, anyways, Picture overload here, hope you dont mind!!!! I wanted to post some of my latest creations. Opinions and critiques are welcome here. (Please contact me if you would like to buy some. they will make great gifts. I have lots more, and would be happy to take orders. )

Anyway, there's my plug for the day. This week has gone by pretty gosh darn slow to me. The overall mood makes me think of a greyish-purple. Not sad, not depressed, but very calm and steady, like a straight line. My mind has been filled with thoughts of life and family and motherly things. I desire for Christ to be center of everything I do. I desire for my days to go the way He would like them to. I was convicted this week about how LITTLE I pray for people I love. I mean, I pray all day it seems like, just randomly having a small conversation with God about SOMETHING. But, I never really sit down and think of those I love, and PRAY for them. I think about them, I talk about them, I love them, why dont I think to pray? So, I am now asking that God brings it to my mind to really talk to him about people, and specifically talk about them, not just , 'Please help this person'. I also had a random thought the other day. Did Jesus get ANNOYED? We know he got angry at times, for good reason, but ANNOYED? Did He ever dodge someone in a crowd, or want to get out of a conversation that was driving Him crazy? I asked Craig this the other day. (I ask Craig pretty much anything that is on my mind, thinking he has ALL answers) He had a great response. and, now, I dont remember what exactly his response was. Basically he was saying how Christ's mind is not like ours. His was without sin. So, his daily life, and socialization was a whole lot different than ours. But, I feel like I cant help it when someone annoys me. I still just wonder what He did if someone was talking to Him, and they were just being annoying. I guess its true, Jesus thinks differently about people than we do. So, I wish I could think that way too. O man, sorry for this ramble, I am basically just typing as I am thinking.

I may say this every time I am posting, but I can hear Annabelle waking up. I often only have a chance to post if she is napping. And, often her naps are pretty short in the morning, so I take the chance when I get it. She is so amazing. She is turing into such a little girl. We have been working with her a lot lately to be sitting alone and to start crawling. She wants to do both SO bad, but not quite there. I try not to get jealous of the babies who are her age, and a bit ahead of her in these milestones. She will do it. I dont want to push, I just want to help. One thing is for sure, I want to soak in every single moment of this baby stage. She is growing so fast. 7 months has flown. I don't want to wish for the next stage, at all! But, enjoy today for what it has with her. And I AM! Oh so much!


7 months-today

Short and sweet....

I'm not even believing how close the holidays are. Time is flying, right? it's kinda crazy. Not only is that pretty crazy, but, Annabelle is 7 months old today.

SO, I did not win the last entry with The Vintage Pearl. BUT, they are doing another giveaway. $75 gift card. I have entered. yes, I will enter every time!

have a great week!


My friend, Rachel Russo is a fantastic photographer and happened to be passing through my area this week. She took a few minutes to capture some fantastic pictures of my beautiful little girl! I love them and I wanted to post just a few.

She also took some great pictures of the hairbows I have been creating, and I have opened and ETSY store. It is in the beginning stages, and I am seeing it takes a bit of work to make it all happen. I have listed only 4 bows for now to see if they sell. I would love to make some sort of profit from the work I put into these bows!! We'll see! I also just finished my wine cork board last night.

I am pleased with it. Lone blue cork and all! :)
Hope you are all having a great week. Today , I have an itch to create, so that is what my plans are for the remainder of the day!


wooo hoooo

Annabelle usually makes my day, EVERY day! Today, i was in the other room and heard her in her crib, chit chattin away. all of a sudden it sounded like she goes, "woooo hooooooo!!!!" I laughed so hard, and went in to see her, smiling ear to ear. ha ha. pretty cute.

Since this a safe space for me to express some "MOM" things, here I go....Poop. I was told it would change, and of course I knew it would change as food changes. I never knew I would say these following words, especially for many to read: I miss "breastmilk poopies." :)

On that note, hope you are all having a great week so far!


The Vintage Pearl

A necklace from the Vintage Pearl is something that is on my expanding "Dear Santa" list. I have wanted one for a while now. They do giveaways on their blog, and I see giveaways on other blogs too, and I enter EVERY time! The giveaway for today is my favorite one by far. CHECK IT OUT.

Someday I hope to have annabelle worn around my neck, stamped into a beautiful heart, circle or wing.



The Weekend

This has been a great weekend. I never want weekends to end. Friday was such a fun day, spent in the Hill Country with Craig, Tina and my sister lisa. We celebrated Tina's birthday about a month early, but I am glad we got to celebrate somehow with her! We went to a couple wineries, my favorite restaurant and even made a stop in Luckenbach! It was SUCH a fun day. I had planned on taking Annabelle with us, but my mom had taken the day off, and said she would love to watch her all day. I am not YET feeling like I need a day's break from baby, so I for sure missed her all day. At the same time, it was a needed adult only day.

Yesterday...a little girly time doing nails and watching Twilight. :)

Today...a REALLY great message from Charles Stanley. Some mimosas with Tina. You've Got Mail as our morning movie. Bow making. Vikings won! And, now I am working on a wine cork board. I bought an old picture frame a garage sale for like 10cents, a board to cover the back of it at Home Depot, and have saved tons of corks from wine bottles. I did not have nearly enough for the big frame i got, so when we were at wineries the other day, i collected some. I have just enough, and i cant wait for it to be done. Will post a pic. :)

Off to enjoy what's left of the day....


3 minutes of cuteness

if you have 3 spare minutes, i hope this can brighten your day like it does mine. :)


Ten Wednesday Randoms

1. It feels like a Sunday again, cause Craig is home. He did not get scheduled for jobs,which is bittersweet. sweet for me and peanut so we can hang out with him. sweet for him cause he gets a day off, and its icky cold and rainy out. bitter, only cause no work=no dollars for the day. we dont mind. ;)

2. Annabelle tried to take a nap after she nursed earlier. she was quickly woken up by her daddy hollering across the house to ask me a question. (he did not know she was snoozin). So, therefore, she has not had her afternoon nap, and is chillin on my lap as I am writing this post. I love it.

3. I am skipping a work out today to lazily watch movies with Craig, and bake AND eat cookies. not a healthy trade, but a darn good one.

4. I am loving this weather, although icky and grey. It inspired me to light a candle that smells like cinnamon rolls baking, which makes me think of fall. Fall which makes me think of Holidays. Holidays which makes me think of Christmas. I cant wait to be with family in Minnesota. Christmas which makes me think of an item on my Dear Santa list....

I want to make Annabelle's food more often than buying it. Then I know whats in it. This just looks awesome.

6. I am proud of my sister, Rachel. I love her and miss her.

7. I am looking forward to tomorrow evening when my sister in law Tina comes to town. On Friday we will be celebrating her birthday by spending the day in the beautiful hill country, sipping wine and microbrews! I cant wait.
An old pic of us. Im sorry, Tina, i dont know whats on your head, but i like this pic of us. :)

8. Because of elections yesterday, I will share some thoughts. I am not someone is into politics much. I mean, I care about our country A LOT!! I know what I think and believe but don't know enough to have a good conversation with you about it. Im simple, here it is...a.) I dont believe in abortion. (period) b.) I think we should have the freedom to do with our money as we please, and that we should work hard for our money. c.)I respect our country and I find it hard to respect someone who does not respect our country. d.) I respect those who have fought SO hard and died for our FREEDOM. I am sad to see some freedoms slipping away. ONE MORE...e.) *MORALS*. I think there is a right and wrong.

9. I'm terrible at laundry. I mean, i am good at getting it into the washer, then in the dryer, but from there is another story. I gotta work on that.

10. I like Wednesdays cause Modern Family is on, and Storm Chasers, and one other show that I will not admit that I watch.

Annabelle is now getting fussy. She needs her afternoon nap...off i go....