Let them be little

Let them be little


Stories of life with TWO...Lately...

Life with two kids is still an adjustment.  I never realized that it would really be so different.  The other day, I told a friend at MOPS that I was just waiting for it to "click".  Waiting to say, "Oh, ok!  I got this!"  (And I still want at least one more.  ;))

Getting out of the house, even for a quick errand, is sort of a task.  We stay home more than I want to because the thought sometimes of leaving just stresses me out a little bit.  Lately, I have MADE myself just do it.  I gotta figure it out, right? 

Before Carter, Annabelle and I went out a lot.  We had a little schedule, too.  She is, and always has been a pretty "easy" kid.  I didn't worry too much about going places.  She is USUALLY pretty easy to please.  Now that we have Carter, we have to make things pretty quick.  He's a baby, and therefore just has more needs.  I do love it that wherever I go, I carry his food with me.  (Perks of being a nursing momma)  The only thing is, finding a decent place to feed him that food.  I am a total supporter of breastfeeding, and think it is fantastic.  But, I am not one who thinks rippin' out your bare boob in public, for all to see, is appropriate.  It's uncomfortable.  Covered up, sure!  Nurse ANYWHERE covered up.  When Annabelle was a baby, I was still very very timid about nursing her in public, even with a cover.  I would find a very secluded space, which often was the backseat of a car, hoping no one could see in.  Now, I don't worry as much.  If he is fussy, I do know that it will help.  He can get a nice meal, and I can continue on in whatever I was doing....usually.  So, I find a place, cover up, and let him snack.  I had to sneak into a dressing room last week to feed him, and then I was able to finish some shopping.  It's so convenient!  This past weekend, my mom and I went to Target for a quick trip.  While in the clearance shoe aisle, BOTH of my kids started screaming.  No, really, screaming.  I didn't know what to do, and was actually a little embarrassed.  My mom was trying to help, but I didn't let it continue for long..I left a basket in the Clearance aisle at Target, and ran out of the store with a pretty unhappy Carter.  Nothing was soothing him.  So, I jumped in the car, and again, let him snack.  My mom somehow made Annabelle happy, and they had a nice little shopping trip.  ;)  I was thankful that mom was there. 

SO, Anyways, taking care of the needs of not just one, but two children is a little bit of work, and sometimes takes some major planning.  Even at home.  Annabelle is learning some patience these days.  Like today, for example.  We got home from running some errands, and Carter had run out of his own patience, and was hungry, and tired of being out I guess.  I had to sit down and feed him.  Annabelle paced a little bit in the living room before asking to eat. (via sign language)  She was trying to say, "snack".  (a word that maybe only I understand)  Poor girl.  But, she is learning patience.  AND, is having to make her needs known to me, which is very good for her communication development. 

Today, I was digging in my purse, which is actually kind of small.  It often has pacifiers, a diaper, dirty Kleenex, goldfish, or a sippy cup in it.  Today, I found half of a stale peanut butter and honey sandwich wrapped in a paper towel.  Pretty sure from a couple days ago. DON'T tell Craig.  Ha ha!  He would be so sicked out.  But, it is a reflection of how much more busy my life has gotten. My house is often messy.  I have to pick and choose the times to actually sit down, and when to just keep going.  There is just NOT enough hours in the day.  OR in the night. ;)  It will click though, right?

Often when I am in public, I get stopped and told how cute my children are. It happens A LOT with Annabelle.   Just a few days ago, Annabelle literally stopped traffic.  I was leaving the grocery store, and someone stopped in the middle of the parking lot in her car and hollered out of the window to me, " O MY WORD!  SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!  LOOK AT HER ADORABLE DRESS AND BIG BOW!"  There were cars behind her who had to stop, so I just waved and hollered back, "THANK YOU!"  Yesterday, she looked quite dirty when we were out.  She has a runny nose, so everything is sticking to her face.  Her hair, food, dirt, whatever.  We had been at the park, so she was pretty dirty.  But still, people stop and tell me how beautiful she is.  She is a ham too, i tell ya!  She waves and cocks her head and puts on quite the grin.  I am glad I am not the only one who sees the beauty in her snotty face.  ;)  She touches people, y'all.  And I knew when she was born that that was a big purpose for her life.  To touch people and change lives.  :)  Did I already tell the story of when I got pulled over for speeding a couple weeks ago?  Well, poor officer had no chance but to give me a verbal warning when he laid his eyes on my two beautiful children in the back seat.  Annabelle was hammin it up again.  She was trying to make friends with the officer, while he was trying to maintain some professionalism.  Need to get out of a ticket?  Take Annabelle with you!  ;)

 When I was leaving Hobby Lobby just a little bit ago, Carter had had just about enough, and was crying.  Like a baby.  A lady in the parking lot walked past my car, and said, "Believe it or not, I miss that sound."  I got in the car, and teared up.  Because as much work as it is to have children, little children, it doesn't last long.  I am all about soaking up every stage of a child's life.  I know I will miss these crazy times.  This loud, messy house.  And I will miss the sweet smell of a newborn and warm snuggles of a sleepy toddler.  And even wiping that snotty little nose.  I might say it every post I write, but I don't take it for granted and would never change a thing.  We are a very blessed little family.  Thank you, Jesus, for my crazy beautiful life. 


Just a couple pictures.

 This picture cracks me up.  The way she is looking at him, while he is screaming in her ear. 
 She was sharing the joy of her favorite toy.  Her purple puppy.
AND...serious cuteness here.  Happy about oatmeal for breakfast!!! 

Hope everyone is having a great week.  :)




I'm tired.  Yes.  But, I also have a full heart that expands every day.


ONE Month

The last post sounds so nice when I look at it.  That silence I had at that moment doesn't happen as often these days.  That's ok, because when it does, I enjoy it so much more!  :)  I actually have a moment right now to write a post.  This moment may be interrupted very soon, but I'll take it while I have it.  I am on my second cup of coffee for the day, and am eating a quick lunch of an almond butter and apricot jelly sandwich. 

O my goodness, a month goes by fast.  During pregnancy a month seems like a year.  When the sweet babe is on the outside of the belly, it flies.  Our little Carter man is growing and has brought lots of joy in only a month.  His little face is getting chubbier, and it's so super adorable.  He is an overall happy little guy.  We are still workin on the whole night/day situation.  He does really well *most* nights, sleeping a good chunk, waking up to eat and then getting back to sleep pretty easily.  Last night was a little restless, and I really couldn't figure it out.  Sometimes I really don't know what he is fussy about, during the day and at night.  But, we will get there.  Carter and I are sharing the dreaded thrush right now, and it is NO fun.  I can't really tell if it is bothering his mouth right now or not, but it certainly hurts me. :/  I think we are at the end of it, and I hope it never comes back. 

For the most part, the four of us are doing great, and having a great time being a little family.   I have moments where I feel really overwhelmed, but have to remember that it is only a moment.  When I was a preschool teacher, I really thought I would never feel too overwhelmed with just 2 or 3 children.  Especially if they were my own.  BUT, I do.  Being mom is, well, it's A LOT.  That's all.  A LOT.   But, I love it, and I would not ever ever, no not ever, want to be doing anything else than raising children.  For reals, y'all. 

Check out some of the latest cute pics...
We went on a date with our Mama Pearl...
 Daddy's favorite moments...
I could cry I love this picture so much.
 My sister Lisa napping with her little baby Justus.
 Me and my sweet kids.  I love them!!!!!!!!!!
 Annabelle reading a book with her great grandma. LOVE it.