Hairspray, bobbypins and frosting!

My baby is ONE and my little seester is married!! It's been an amazing past couple of weeks. April holds the most incredible memories. I don't even know where to start...

I prayed for good weather and that her celebration would be a blessing to us and to others there. I believe it was. The weather was great, even though I brought kites, and there was no wind. Ha. Annabelle enjoyed a funfetti cupcake with rainbow chip frosting. A staple BIRTHDAY cake in the Schmidt house! We were blessed to be surrounded by people who love Annabelle, and have NANA there all the way from Minnesota!

The whole week of her birthday I couldnt help but bring myself back to what the first week of her life was like. For her and for us. It was hard. The day of her party, I stood up and HAD to thank people for coming. they have no idea what their presence at the celebration of her birth meant to me. OF COURSE, i shed a few tears as I said that at that same hour, a year ago, we were headed shortly behind an ambulance, which was transporting our new born daughter to another hospital. Hardest day of my life. This was also the BEST year of my life. I am in love with my sweet daughter and thankful to God for how she has changed our lives. I pray she touches many lives throughout her life. And I am thankful that God has CHOSEN Craig and I to raise this precious little life.
Shortly after we were able to bring Annabelle home last year, I wrote THIS post. It's been an amazing year.

Spending time with family these past weeks has been so awesome, too! I have GOT to show you one of my favorite pictures...My sister's great BF, Jesse. He tosses Annabelle a little bit, and she just loves it. She has a blast with him, and he wears her out! Wouldnt mind hiring him to come tag along with us to entertain her. ;)

I have a TON of pics to sort through, and there are too many for me to choose to share. One of my favorite moments was when my whole family was here to see Annabelle entertaining herself at bedtime. She just recently started pulling herself up in her crib. One night when they were ALL here for supper, she was SUPPOSED to be sleeping. BUT, was not happy that she was missing the party in the other room. Let's be honest, my family isnt quiet. I like that! ha! Anyway, so she brought the party to her and thought it was just so funny. I loved it.

Since there is just too much to catch up on, I'll just get right to the WEDDING!!! It was amazing. This wedding turned out better than I ever knew that it would or could have pictured. The Lord was in the smallest details and just really blessed the socks off of my sister and her new husband. I want to do the day all over again. Planning weddings are not always fun, as I recall with my own. But, it ended up just being such a GIFT to our family. It's neat to see God's hand orchestrate such a meaningful ceremony. Lisa looked so beautiful. The weather couldn't have been better. And my baby and husband couldn't have been cuter!! Here are just a few of the many pics...

That day is for sure one of my favorite days of life yet.

Today, Annabelle had her one year appointment. She is still measuring small. Just a peanut. Her health is great! Her heart sounds wonderful! And, she cried some sad sad cries after her shots. Breaks my heart. I hate that part. But, she is great. I couldn't be more thankful right now.
This might be silly, but after I rocked Annabelle to sleep after the doctor's appointment, I took a little video. Her little sleepy whimpers were so sad it was cute...listen

This post took me all day to write, and I KNOW I wanted to write more. I started it this morning, and never ever had a chance to come back to it until this evening. I am sure I missed something. It was just a really awesome, super duper busy couple weeks and I loved it! :)

"The Spirit of God that moved over the waters of the young earth, that moved over the womb of a young virgin, still moves today. Just as miraculously. And just as mysteriously. Our response, it seems to me, should be awe, not analysis; worship, not reasoning; joy not jury duty on the way GOD has chosen to work in the world He has created." -Ken Gire



We are happy to have our daddy/husband back. I have finally slept well the last two night! yes!!!!

Annabelle turns ONE in 2 days!
Her Nana comes for a visit from MN in 2 days!
Annabelle's party in 3 days!
Major wedding festivities begin in 6 days!
My sister gets married in 8 days!



Craig has been gone since Monday, and I'm ready for him to be back. I was never ready for him to leave. I have not slept well the whole week. I'll stay up late as possible, to make myself as tired as possible, and it still takes me forever to get to sleep. Like right now, I'm so tired. But, falling asleep without him in the house, or next to me has me unsettled. booooo.

So,I'm over it. I want him back.

We had a shower for my sister today, and my other sister is also in town with her BF. Busy busy. when I think about the next 2 weeks, I am so excited about what it holds. But, knowing it is going to fly makes me just want to soak it all in and enjoy it.

I keep getting that random thought..."Oh, I'll just catch up on sleep tomorrow." OR "I'll just sleep in to make up for the bad night's sleep or the staying up too late." CAN'T. I can't. My life is not my own. No decision I make is made without the thought of my little girl. It's sort of crazy. I realize different things all the time about how a Mom's life is NOT her own. Not at all. But, it's my calling. I'm not sad about it. I would never change it or take it back. Sure, there are times when I would like to just jump in the car and run to the store. But simple things like that can't be done without more thought and more energy. Even though it;'s been almost a year, it's still crazy how a child changes your life.

Hey, so, umm, does everyone else know about this eagle nest that is filmed ALL day EVERY day?????? And I am just finding out???? what??? Ok, so I watched only a few minutes of it today. This mommy eagle, taking care of her babes. This mothering instinct that GOD gave to this eagle, and to me as a momma. Look how big my vocabulary tonight....CRAZY!! (I am so tired.) But, amazed at this eagle, and almost in tears today. Even her life is no longer her own. The food she has is no longer her food, but she has to HELP give it to her babes. Her sleep is no longer her sleep. She has to make sure she keeps her babes warm and snuggled. He life changed when those eggs hatched. I was amazed by watching this. And really wondered if people that are not mommas think of this eagle the way I did.

Whether or not I like it, my life is not my own. I cannot turn my alarm off and sleep in tomorrow. I would like to. But, I LOVE it. I love the role that God had predestined for me and my life. Loving that role does not mean I like the lack of sleep and freedom sometimes. Annabelle's face in the morning, her big, blue, innocent eyes looking at me with a sweet sincere love is something I cherish more than my sleep. The tiny, jammied body that I GET to pick up and snuggle and feed makes my life SO full! To be needed in this way is a feeling I can never explain. It's, here we go again, CRAZY! Thank you, Lord, for my short night's sleep and the sweet little life You have trusted me with.




The month of April is so super busy! I know its going to just fly by! Everything happening in April is exciting and fun and I look forward to every minute! I think APRIL is now my favorite month. It will always be full of the most incredible memories. My sister is getting married, which, of course is the BIGGEST thing!!!!! She gets married on what was to be Annabelle's due date last year. I can't wait for her wedding. I am so happy for her. She is going to be gorgeous.

Annabelle also turns ONE this month! I cant even believe it's been a year. A year ago today, I never imagined I would have SUCH an awesome baby. The days in April that led up to Annabelle coming, I remember were long, and often boring. Uneventful really. I had just moved in to this house only a couple weeks before. So, I spent my days organizing the nursery. Thinking I needed everything in order before she came. I had a hospital bag packed for the "just in case" moment. I dreamed of holding my sweet baby girl! I couldn't even picture who she would be or what she would look like. I worried about labor and delivery. I posted a blog around this week, a year ago, about how I thought I would be jealous of Annabelle, because of the attention that Craig would give her, and how having a baby would change the dynamics of our marriage. It's funny to me now that that was even a concern. Craig has been the most incredible daddy, and continues to be the most incredible husband at the same time. Never could I have thought up such an amazing man. But, it is sort of crazy to think about how different our lives were a year ago......

Ya, having a contraction while taking belly pics in the bluebonnets. This was only a couple days before my babe came!!! :)


Speaking of Craig, he is out of town this week and his girls will be missing him! We dropped him off at the airport yesterday, and I already cant wait to go back and pick him up in a week. We love him!!

I realized the other day that I dont take enough pics of Annabelle these days. I am so serious when I say that I dont want to miss a moment. The days of baby-ness are flying and you can never go back. So, I soak up every little thing she does. I dont want to speed through any stage. I want to capture all these incredible moments. I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone, but that just doesnt cut it. So, I pulled the camera out when she was in the tub the other day. I mean, what baby doesnt have bath pics? I had to get some...

Tell me that's not the cutest 11 month old you have ever seen! Gol darnit, I cant handle this cuteness.

One thing I am so loving these days about Annabelle is how she reaches out for me. When sitting on the floor, she will reach her hands up to me for me to pick her up. And when in someone's arms, she will reach for me to snatch her. And I am also loving when someone reaches for her to take her from my arms, she tucks her head in and snuggles a little tighter against my chest. The little things. I love it.

Showers. Parties. Appointments. Family. Wedding. Home. Life. Church. Playdates. Airport runs. =APRIL.



Happy Friday!

Since Monday, I have wanted to sit down and post a blog, but obviously never did. I wanted to share a verse that I heard in church Sunday that was convicting to me....

ACTS 5:41
...rejoicing that they had been considered worthy to suffer shame for His name.

We have been going through Acts at church, and I never realized how much I liked this book. But, that verse is awesome. "They" were suffering, and thought it great that they were suffering for Christ's name. That is convicting to me.

ANYWAYS. It's been a good week. I just got back from MOPS, and we have an ECI visit this afternoon. Annabelle has not napped this morning, which is usually the case when we have MOPS. So, I have her in her crib to nap before our OT gets here. Naptime is not happening, and I am REALLY hoping that changes. She gets SUPER cranky with our OT when she has not napped. yikes.