Let them be little

Let them be little



 I love being a mom.  I was thinking today about how exhausting it is, and how easy it is to focus on how draining it is to be a mom, and it starts at conception.  Pregnancy drains you.  Right now, I feel like it drains every part of my being.  And, when they are born, it doesn't end there.  But, that's just the way it is.  Kids drain their parents.  BUT, I think it's neat the way God designed it, too, in the sense that they ALSO fill you up!  I love that my life is literally all about my family.  My life is all about pouring out for my children.  It's such a joy.  I have such a blast with Annabelle, and playing with her and loving on her gives me strength and energy to get through the draining moments.  The reward of one smile makes ten frowns and whines worth it.  The reward of the innocent and genuine giggle makes the lack of sleep worth it.  I am so blessed with my sweet daughter and I can not wait to meet and bond with my little man.  It will be such a different experience than my experience with Annabelle, but I look forward to it.  I pray I am a good momma for them.  That Christ lives through me to be to them just what they need!  I want to cherish moments that suck and soak up the moments that are indescribable.  And I want to always know that being with my kids is a blessing and not *always* a chore.  

Pregnancy Update.  (not much new)

How far along? 33 Weeks!  Yipes.
Total weight gain: I think around 20. 
Maternity clothes? Yep.  Not purchasing anything else at all till I'm all done!  Normal or Maternity. 
Stretch marks? No, I don't think so.  I can't see any.
Sleep: Grrrrr.  I have nights that I sleep awesome.  Then nights, like last night, where I was up for a little over 2 hours.  I got up to pee, couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up and had some cereal.  Bad idea since I can NOT lay down after eating ANYTHING at all.  It all just feels like it is coming right back up.  I have been tired all day.  Even after a nap.
Best moment this week:Anytime that has been spent with my husband and my daughter.
Miss Anything? I want to cry with this question because I miss SO much.  Everything, EVERYTHING, is harder.
Movement:  Of course.  So much.  It hurts sometimes. But, still super cool.  We have been trying to guess what we are feeling, a leg, or an arm, or elbow.
Food cravings: No.  Well, maybe.  I have been in LOVE with toasted blueberry bagles lately.  yum.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Heartburn has been a real beast.  And makes me queasy and feel like I'm gonna be sick all the time. 
Gender:  Baby boy.  AND, we have been back and forth on the name for a while, and I think we have pretty much made a decision.  The name that we have called him from the beginning.  But, I know we could change our mind again, cause I have been SO wishy washy about it. 
Labor Signs:
I had some pretty close and intense Braxton Hicks the other day.  It actually had me wondering what the heck was going on with my body.  But, the doctor said this happens, and told me the other things to look out for, which I already knew.  I guess with second pregnancies you feel them more intense than the first.  As long as I take it easy and drink a lot of water, I don't feel as crummy. 
Symptoms: .:(  I'm so uncomfortable and I hate complaining.  Maybe I have already said this, since I have been feeling uncomfortable for some time now.  It's just getting worse.  And, like I said, heartburn is terrible.  I also often wonder HOW there is any more room in there for little one to grow.  HOW???
Belly Button in or out? weird.  pooching. 
Wedding rings on or off? ON!
Happy or Moody most of the time:Sometimes I just feel like a whacko.  I'll put it that way.  And spacey.  "Pregnancy brain" is a real thing.
Looking forward to:  washing and sorting all of his clothes.  I feel like I really need to get some things prepped for his arrival.  Like clothes.  And maybe even packing a hospital bag.  The further along I get, the less motivated I am to MOVE or put forth energy into certain things, so I should probably get it done.

Pic taken the other day. Again, sorry for the bad quality.  I need to take some better belly pics.  


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