Let them be little

Let them be little


First BUMP Pics

The baby bump this time around is surely a lot bigger than when I was pregnant with Annabelle. Sometimes I feel like I look 20 weeks. If you followed my blog at all the first time around, I tried updating that growing belly often. The first pics I posted were at 14 weeks. You can see them HERE.

So, here are the pics taken yesterday...
I look tired, and unmake-uped, but that's exactly how I felt yesterday. And I really wanted Annabelle to join in on the fun. ;) She wasnt interested.

I put on a shirt that I wore last time I was pregnant and probably haven't worn since. But, it's so comfortable! ALL I want to wear is long shirts and sweat pants or skirts! I did not have to buy a whole lot of maternity clothes last time, and I really think I only bought like 5 shirts that were actually considered maternity. I don't like to buy clothes that will only last a couple months, so I did my best not to. I still don't like the idea of spending money on maternity clothes, but might have to. I am a cheap shopper anyways. And, I really want some cute maternity tops that might actually still be cute after baby. I shopped yesterday and got 3 cute new tops! Fun fun!

So,I am 13 weeks! My What To Expect App says I am second trimester, but another site says its still only first. Not sure whech is true or if it really matters much. But, I am thankfully feeling great. Just tired. Real tired.

Annabelle has been so so super cute trying to walk around. Do I say that in every post? She is the cutest thing I have ever seen. She wants to be busy busy busy, and keeps me on my toes. Today, I was SMART, and took a nap when she did. But, I didn't feel any more rested like I hoped. BUT, I should do that more so that I can keep up with both her, and her growing little sibling. :) My kids.

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