Let them be little

Let them be little



My sweet girl has been trying to walk! She has taken some steps all by herself and I couldn't be more proud. She wants to walk so bad. She's amazing. Here is a little video of her the other day. (I'm not sure why the video is crooked.)

Our house smells like fresh air and bleach this evening. Poor babe has had a pretty icky belly bug this week. We have gone through a lot of laundry. I assumed at first that it was all because of teething, which takes a toll on these little ones. But, we are thinking now it must be something else. It breaks my heart when she isn't herself. She is such an easy going little girl, that sometimes it may be hard to tell if she is really hurt or sick. I can tell the past couple of days that she is just tired and feels weak. I know how I feel when I have a sick stomach. I am sure it is confusing to a little peanut. I feel the need to bleach everything and make sure all her things are germ free. Tomorrow may be a day of getting better and cleaner.

The weather here has been incredible the past couple days. Fresh air running through my house perks me up almost as much as coffee. I love January this year. And Texas. This is my kind of winter.

Annabelle got a little haircut this week, and she looks adorable. She was due for at least a trim, but we chopped a little more than that.

aaannnndddd...i had pictures to post, but I have a new computer and can NOT figure anything out on it. so frustrating. I'll get around to it.....

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