Let them be little

Let them be little


Pink Petal White.

Pink Petal White is the color I chose today for Annabelle's almost finished piece of furniture. I have come home a few times this week with primer and paint stuck under my nails and on my arm hairs. It's coming together.

With an 18 month old, it is hard to find time to do all the things you want to do. I was feeling like a failure as a wife, homemaker, and momma this week. I looked at my TO DO list, and had to really prioritize it. I LOVE having Annabelle at my feet all day, I really do. I understand that she is my first priority when I am at home. BUT, gosh, there is so much I want to get done. ;) For some reason, I thought that the older they get, the less demanding they might be of attention. I don't know why I really thought that. But, it seems that little sweetie has gotten more demanding of momma, especially this week. She has been feeling icky, and every time she is a little cranky I wonder if it is teeth. She still has only 2 little bottom teeth, so I am on the lookout.

She had 2 ECI appointments this week. It makes me so proud when both our O.T. and the Developmental Specialist think Annabelle is and looks amazing. She has made so much progress in the last just 2 or 3 weeks it seems. I have to brag on her. She for sure knows the signs for: Eat, music, milk and pray. (and she may or may not have done the sign for "beautiful" the other day.) Our goal was to have 5 signs by the time she was 2! :) She also is 'trying' to say words like: Pray, Dadda, Pops, Duck, Dog, Bye Bye. We basically celebrate ANYTHING that sounds or looks like a word. She also drank some milk out of a sippy cup today. Big step. :) She is communicating and super duper responsive to so much more than she was just a month ago. I am so proud. She also wants to walk SO bad. She uses that little walker and just cruises all over. She can also waddle holding onto just one hand instead of two. Thanks for letting me brag for a minute. Now I'll boast with videos. :)

So, when Nana was here, she was teaching Annabelle some animal sounds. When it came to "Bunny", Nana wiggled her nose, and somehow Annabelle mimicked that as a little growl. SO ADORABLE. So, she has been doing that ever since. It's awesome.

ANNNNDDDDDD......Wagon time with silly daddy....


Nana also was able to give Annabelle her first little trim. It was pretty adorable, and Daddy was doing his best to entertain to keep little one still. Clearly, we only trimmed a little bit. But, it was probably still at least an inch or two. With the length of her hair, it is hard to tell.

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