Let them be little

Let them be little



"O taste and see that the Lord is GOOD." -Psalm 34:8
I have tasted and see that the Lord is GOOD. Without Him, none of what I HAVE or experience would satisfy or bring me peace. And peace and contentment I often crave.

It bugs me so much when someone says something SO RUDE and inappropriate, and says, "Well, I'm just being honest." I do believe there is a time and place for honesty, I do. Sometimes it is so good. But, there is also a time to hold your tongue. Mostly, I am talking about someone talking about someone else. In my case today, I shared some simple honesty about recent frustrations, not about a person at all. Just life. To my husband, who is the MOST understanding and genuinely compassionate person I know. He gets me I think. God knew what He was doing when he matched us together.

I am frustrated over the simplest of things, like, not having a place to put Annabelle's toys and THINGS, or a play room. Goodnight, that's silly. It's one of those things you don't want to say out loud, because you are truly and wholeheartedly GRATEFUL for what you have, but you may sound so ungrateful. Here's a little more honesty: I also would love to go shopping. And buy cute fall outfits. I would like to FEEL settled in a home.( I have not felt settled in this home since we moved her over a year and half ago) I hate how unorganized I feel. I want fake nails. I felt really chubby today. I want a bigger house. I don't FEEL like being nice to a someone who was SO AWFUL to me. I love TV. I am a sucker for America's Next Top Model and that Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader show. I like wine and beer. I am super excited about Breaking Dawn. There, SIMPLE honesty.

ANYWAY, I have major baby fever. There it is again. Honesty. I do. I have for a while. A friend of mine had her baby this week. Another (many others) are pregnant. Whew. It scares me to have another baby, or to get pregnant, but another one of those things I KNOW will be a blessing and a gift.

Welp, Have a great weekend. I am sorry there are no pictures. It requires me downloading and uploading and waiting, and I wasn't in the mood tonight. I love that girl. I love her tagging along at my feet all day. ;)

Oh, and I love Pinterest!

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