Let them be little

Let them be little


October 15.

October 15th randoms:

Happy 18 month birthday to my sweet baby.

My husband is THE BEST!

I am an unsettled "nesting" housewife. You would think I was past 30 weeks pregnant or something. I want to change things in this house every day. Pictures, walls, furniture, high chair covers, furniture placement, etc.. The only word I could use to describe it, is unsettled. Hmpf. ( No, I'm not pregnant.)

I also have a million crafts I want to do.

My mom was going to spend the day with me, taking care of me since I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday. Instead, she got a migraine, and I spent the day with my family at my parent's house, taking care of her. It was nice to laze around with the family today. I love them.

Annabelle fell asleep on my dad today after waking up from a 45 minute nap. I was sure she would not go back down, but she did, snoring and all. They both slept like this for well over an hour. It was pretty precious...

A couple weeks ago at MOPS, we had a different kind of meeting and had a self defense class. I broke a board, and won everyone free kickboxing classes for a month...

I miss my cats. :(

I want to go to Colorado for a vacay this winter, and don't see it happening.

I love this picture of Annabelle at her friend's house...

Annabelle is chatty these days. TRYING so hard to say simple words like: Apple, Duck, Mama and Dada. What I have been LOVING is her stories are sometimes complete with hand gestures...

It's been a nice weekend. :)

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