Let them be little

Let them be little


October 17.

Today has not been my most favorite day. Bleh. I woke up feeling so nasty. I am not sure if it is my teeth or what. But, it set a very grey tone for the day.

Then, Annabelle had a super cranky attitude at breakfast. Grrr. It frustrates me when I can't figure that out.

I had such great plans of getting stuff done around the house, and it just didn't happen like I thought. ALL I wanted to do, and still do, is lay down and let someone else do everything while I watch episodes of How I Met Your Mother. :)

We had Annabelle's 18 month appointment today. Her well checks have always gone pretty well. We have had to do a couple things differently, and have had routine lab works done because of DS, but nothing major. Her pediatrician puts her on the Down Syndrome growth scale, and she has been *mostly* consistent with growth. She's a little one, y'all. In fact, this growth is no longer consistent, but has taken a major plateau. Even on the DS scale, she is measuring super short. Her weight is just OK. Therefore, the doctor wants to see her back in a month and most likely we will be doing some lab work, again.

It doesn't surprise me that the doctor looked concerned, because I know that she hasn't been growing. I have brought it up quite a few times in the past couple months. I am glad that it is being addressed. BUT, because of the kind of day that I am having, I feel sort of like crying a little. But, I don't want to make my head hurt worse, and I don't want to consider feelings/emotions today because overall, it IS "one of those days". So, anyways, that's the latest.

I am excited that this week is going to pick up and hopefully my long face will too. My mother in law is coming tomorrow and will be here for the week. I am excited to hang out with her! THEN, MOPS on Friday, which I love. THEN, BUDDY WALK on Sunday! This week is going to get better. OH, AND, we are supposed to be getting a cold front, which will also help. Maybe I should jump into the season by buying some temporary happiness with BOOTS! :)


  1. Praying for you guys. i hope you can have peace while you wait for a follow up! Days like this suck. i'm sorry!

  2. By the way, boots sound like a great idea! I got my hair cut on Saturday for the same reason!