Let them be little

Let them be little


Milestones and Goals

Annabelle has made me so proud when it comes to baby milestones. Since the milestone scale for DS is SOOO vast, then my goals for her have been from typical charts, which is also vast, but not as much.

I wanted to post a couple videos of her silly "crawling". She has mostly just been lunging forward to get where she wants to be. I had to get theses messed up pigtails too.

I know I said I'm not much of a resolution maker, and i'm not. But, I have been thinking more about how I want to spend my time. I dont want a lot of wasted time in my day. So here is what I want to do with my time:
-Spend LESS on this computer.
-Spend MORE reading. My Bible, good books, books to Annabelle, etc...
-More time outside.
-More cooking
-More cleaning
-More time with people.
-Working out.
-Learning new things~crafts, cooking, about Down Syndrome, about our country.
And when I'm done breastfeeding sometime in 2011, I want to drink more coffee!!!!

Pretty simple. :)

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  1. love the videos Katie!! She's doing so great!!!! so much fun to watch them learn!!! Man... I wish we lived closer... our girls would have so much fun!!!!:)