Let them be little

Let them be little


T Shirts in January. Nice.

5 days in to the new year, and I am happy with the way I've spent my time.
TIME outside:

AND....time sewing!!! I was feeding Annabelle the other day, and was noticing, again, how much i dislike our high chair. The high chair was a 10 dollar purchase from a garage sale, and it looked like it. My only requirement for a high chair was wheels. I was a nanny a couple years ago, and they had wheels on their high chair. I then realized I NEEDED them! Anyway, the cover was pretty ugly. So, I decided to change it, and I have spent a good amount of hours the last couple days, sewing a new, way cute cover on it! Check it out:

I am pretty proud of myself. :)

I also cooked meatloaf for the first time last night, and tonight, a super delicious meal. Balsamic chicken over noodles in pesto-cream sauce!

We also have gotten back on some sort of normal schedule with Annabelle. The Holdays threw her off a bit, which is fine.

I have even fit in a work out a day.

It feels good to be getting things done and spending time wisely.

ON a completely different note:
I had a conversation today about a mom that was very upset with her childcare providers. After only the first day in daycare. It got me thinking about how much I miss being a teacher. I know childcare. Some people know business. Some people know service. Some people know retail. I feel like I know childcare and what parents need and want when they spend good money to have their child taken care of all day. Now that I am a parent, even though its only been 9 months, I feel like I would do some certain things a bit differently as a teacher than I did before. I would be more sensitive towards certain things, and maybe less sensitive too. I have been a waitress, and a barista. Customer service there is NOTHING like customer service as a teacher. (I taught between the ages of 0 and 5 by the way.)
You are taking care of a prized possession ALL day, that is ultimate customer service.

I have no idea where I am going with this. I just miss it, and hope to get the opportunity to do it again someday. Even to give someone, a teacher advice on things. OR, give a parent the appropriate list of questions to as their potential childcare provider, before making the decision to place their child there. I have thought about being a nanny, but it hasnt worked out, and i do not want something full time. By the way, this may sound harsh, or come across wrong, but I hope it doesnt. I am often bothered by the hourly rate that some parents try to offer their nannies. I dont think I ask too much when babysitting. To be offered LESS than minimum wage is offensive, and rude. It bugs me that people take it, because then it makes it harder for the rest of us. I do know that parents think that babysitting is an easy job. A good job. like, You get to stay at home with them. and play. and whatever. Sure, but we are also taking a job, a role as a leader and a role as a parent in place of the parent not there. It's still a 'job'. whether its fun, or easy, or NOT. That's only a BIT of my rant.

ANYWAYS...wasnt planning on all that. The main reason I was posting was to show you my cool high chair, and my beautiful daughter!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. Love your high chair cover! It is so pretty, the fabric is great! And yes, in agreement with thoughts on childcare, although have never done it, but can attest to the fact that even being a SAHM is a lot harder work than going to a job outside the home. I think that maybe sometimes moms who haven't been a SAHM don't really realize how hard it can be. Anyhow, I could get on a rant in your comment space and I will try to save that. :)

  2. Love the high chair cover too!!! so beautiful! makes me want to do that with mine! ;)