Let them be little

Let them be little


Happy New Year!

2010 was a quick year, and a year that changed my life in ways I never expected. 2010 will be remembered as a cornerstone in the building of Craig and Katie. I will never think of 2010, and not immediately think...ANNABELLE.

Randoms from my year 2010:
I began the year 25 weeks pregnant.
Craig went to MN for a week.
I turned 27.
Took childbirth classes with Craig.
Spent lots of time with Tina.
Had many doctor's appointments.
I stopped working with my precious little students.
Moved homes at almost 9 months pregnant.
Had Annabelle.
Spent a week away from home while Annabelle was in the NICU.
Schmidts came to Texas for loving support and to meet the babe.
Tina and Chad spent a week at our house.
I started working out.
Spent almost every day of the summer with Lisa.
Craig had his first Father's day.
I had my first Mother's Day.
Took a road trip to Minnesota.
Rachel and Jesse came for a visit.
Went to the "Buddy Walk"
Lisa got engaged.
Went to Minnesota for Christmas.

I am not one to do New Year's resolutions, but I do have some "I hopes" for 2011. I have NO idea what the future holds, none of us do. But, I am anxious to see what may happen in 2011.

I know I will be content as long as we follow what the Lord has for us. I pray for health, safety, provision, clear direction, peace and joy.

Happy 2011, friends.

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  1. Just found your blog...your daughter is a sweetie!