Let them be little

Let them be little


All About Chili

A few weeks ago, I went to a chili cook off. I tasted a few different chilis and it sparked my interest in making, or just eating, different kinds of chili. Chili that is a bit creative, and doesn't necessarily fit the mold of the more "regular" chili. But, then, I remember that comfort food. That taste that makes me think of fall or winter. A steamy bowl of good chili, eaten with saltines rather than a spoon! If I want to get creative, I may just call it soup, or "STOUP" as Rachael Ray would say. Tonight, I ate a chili that spent a good portion of the afternoon in our Crock Pot. Crock Pots allow many flavors to mesh into one. I love it. I also love the smell of it wafting through the vents in every room of our house. Yum Yum. It makes me feel warm and cozy just talking about it. It was delicious. Chili is not something I usually make. I have mastered a delicious Taco Soup, though. Anyway, so I searched for recipes and then tweeked em a bit. Craig said it was B.A., so now I need to write down what I did, to do it again.

How do you like your chili?
Ground beef or stew meat?

If you have some yum yum chili recipes to share, I would LOVE some. To experience all of them.

ALSO...We got a Christmas tree! Not real. Off of Craig's List for cheap. We have been married for over 4 years, and this will be our first tree. I am pretty excited! But, we only have like 7 ornaments. Looks like we need to collect.

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