Let them be little

Let them be little


I cant handle it. No one told me how so stinkin cute EVERYTHING would be when it is Annabelle doing it. :) She wants to crawl SO bad. She has been up on her hands and knees a lot today, rocking back and forth. Thats the beginning of them crawling right? Its adorable. She is trying so hard. It is SO fun to see her discover new things. Gosh, shes amazing. She is just cool. :)

Thanksgiving was awesome. So chill and nice. I got my wish and the weather drastically changed within like minutes or something. AND, it was cold. I love it. AND, I braved a black friday midnight sale and got myself a sewing machine. I cant wait to learn new things!

OK, I wanted to post just real quick. I am gonna go watch a movie and have a glass of wine with my sweet husband. I am a blessed girl.
NOTE TO MYSELF-update baby book!

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  1. Caleb did that rocking back and forth thing right before he crawled. Annabelle will be crawling SO SOON!!!!! How exciting!!!!!