Let them be little

Let them be little



My little sister is ENGAGED! Yesterday afternoon, her sneaky boyfriend surprised her in a jewelery store with the PERFECT proposal. It was awesome. I feel really special that I got to be there to witness it and take a little video of it. I am so excited and happy for them. Her ring is AMAZING and perfect! (He restored an old ring of my great grandma's) It's really happening. Their engagement will be a short one, cause, ya know, why drag it out? HA! Craig and I had a quick engagement and I wouldn't have had it any other way. SO, for the next 4 months, all we will be thinking about and working on is LISA and wedding happenings. Will be busy. They plan to get married a week after Annabelle's first birthday! Crazy. I cant wait.

The latest with Annabelle: Craig and I think every day that this is the day she will crawl. She is so stinkin close. She is getting better and better on her hands and knees. Its awesome. I am so proud of her. YAY! :)

Well, as you know, Sundays are our family days, so I dont want to spend it all here. I LOVE Sundays! :)

What a great weekend.

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  1. Lisa(Stabile)Logan sent me to your blog to see the happy engaged couple's picture. I'm so excited for them...and to think I taught them both way back when...who would have thought...great guy Lisa...great girl Jordan...God's many blessings on your upcoming marriage....Ms. Stabile