Let them be little

Let them be little


sweet sweet sleep.

just wanted to share some good news...
i decided over a week ago to stop waking Annabelle up for her feedings, and just let her sleep. cause, thats obviously what she wanted to do. I was encouraged by a few people to so this, even though it worried me that she would starve. They told me that baby WILL let you know when she is hungry! The first couple nights she slept about 4 hours. The past 2 nights, she has slept about 6 or 7!!! YAY! I try to go to bed as soon as she does so that I can enjoy that amount of sleep as well! it has been SO nice!!! I am so proud of her. I am pretty sure I have the BEST baby ever! I am loving my days with her. I know she is growing, even though still SO tiny. Some of her newborn clothes, which were so big on her, are starting to get snug. And her cheeks are filling out. which is just so cute.

Is it weird, or way TOO SOON that I want another one already? I would not be sad if I was pregnant again!

BUT, i want to soak up every single day I have with her. I want to enjoy every little moment. which I am. I love this little angel so much. In daddy's words, "she is our little buddy." She has the best daddy in the world by the way. He is head over heals. I love watching him with her. I am a blessed girl.

I should go shower because she is snoozin, and i might not get another good chance! ha!

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